ECMS Summer Campaign

[ If your shipping address is one of the following country, you are in! ]

America (USA) : Max discount rate 20%
Australia : Max discount rate 20%
Canada : Max discount rate 5%
Hong Kong : Max discount rate 20%
Korea : Max discount rate 20%
Malaysia : Max discount rate 20%
Singapore : Max discount rate 25%
Taiwan : Max discount rate 10%
Thailand : Max discount rate 15%

[ What is ECMS? ]
- Usually takes 1 week to 2 weeks for delivery.
- Package can be tracked. The tracking number and the website for tracking will be included in the shipment notice email.
- Offers up to 100 USD for damages or losses caused during shipment.

Wish to save shipping cost but also need insurance and tracking service?
If you are alright with delivery speed (approx. 1-2 weeks), ECMS can be your best choice!


[ Details ]
We offer maximum 25% discount on ECMS shipping.
Discount is applicable for In-stock orders and Preorder item ready to be shipped
out during Campaign Period.

[Campaign Period]
1st June to 31st Jul 2024.

[How to Join]
1) To join this campaign, membership registration is required.
Please sign up form here.
2) Make sure your items are applicable for discount and place an order.
Once you place an order, select ECMS for shipping option.