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L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex] (Plastic model)


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Series:Hexa Gear
Original:Hexa Gear
Release Date : Late Jun., 2022
List Price : 8,910yenabout65.91USD
Sales Price : 7,695yenabout56.92USD
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JAN code : 4934054028573
Item code:HG077
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L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex] (Plastic model)
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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Full length: approx 415mm.

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[Product specifications]
-There are two types of head units, a large (normal) type reminiscent of a large carnivore and a small (ANOTHER HEAD) type for recombination, so you can assemble it in your favorite style. * Both large and small can be assembled individually. (Only one set of cross laser fangs is included)
――As one of the main gimmicks of this product, the artificial muscle unit of the neck adopts a slide mechanism and can be flexibly moved to follow the movement of the neck main unit.
--The mouth crushing unit [Emperor Bite] opens and closes up and down, and the generator of the internal imperial lower is represented by clear parts, so you can enjoy roaring poses.
――The large blade [Cross Laser Fang] equipped on the head can be opened and closed at the base and can be freely posed.
-The air maneuver raster attached to the shoulder has a flexible base, and a shield using clear parts can be attached.
――The movable gimmick of the main body aimed at the supple movable expression of the cat family. With feedback from [Weird Tales] and [Bolt Rex Lars], each joint can move up, down, left and right, and 5mm joints are used to achieve both playability and a movable gimmick.
-The [Tactical High Energy Laser] equipped next to the console has an arm structure with a flexible base that allows you to pose freely.
――The shoulder part has a structure like a scapula, and the base of the shoulder can be expressed in two stages.
--The long tail [Trick Blade] is a universal joint in which each joint can move up, down, left and right, and the [Judgment Ram] at the tip can rotate the revolver part.
-The cockpit grip has a rotation mechanism at the base, and the console unit itself can be removed. The steps of the seat unit have a movable base and can be adjusted according to the position of the governor's feet.
--A 5mmφ hole is provided under the abdomen, and an acrobatic display is possible with the separately sold [Flying Base Neo]. Since there are two hexagonal holes under the waist, it can be used for a wide range of actions.

・ El Ozi body x 1
・ Head unit Large (normal) type x 1 set
・ Head unit small (ANOTHER HEAD) type x 1 set
・ Intangible shield effect parts x 2
・ Archive card x 1

[Aircraft commentary]
--Humanity was scared. At the end of the self-evolution that I once met ...
――You have to get rid of that `existence` that threatens your position. We need new fangs.
――The battle between the Liberty Alliance and the Variant Force will enter a new phase by encountering its existence.

--Codename [LOZ] will start development as a successor to the main battle hexagear [Road Impulse]. However, in the middle of this plan, the plan was to steer in an unexpected direction. The reason was a report from the Night Stalkers Corps. At the same time, the Variant Force also embarked on strengthening its troops, including the Expander, so there is no doubt that there was an incident that had some major impact on both camps during this period.

--Initially, it was planned to be completed as [Road Impulse MK-2] with enhanced functions of the base machine, but all the equipment including artificial muscles was replaced with the latest technology, and finally Liberty. It will be completed as an ultra-high performance machine that can be said to be the culmination of the Alliance's Zoatex Hexa Gear. The main weapon [Cross Laser Fang], which extends greatly from the head to the rear, is a development of Monokeros's large charged tactical sword [Moonlight], and [Imperial Lower] is inherited from Weird Tales.
――It is not only weapons that have high performance. As you can see from the naked frame state, the supple and powerful movement of the latest artificial muscles that rise beautifully is also a feature of LOZ. By introducing a large amount of hexagram, we realized extremely high motility that surpasses the Rayblade impulse even though the aircraft has become larger.

――In addition, since it does not have [non-standard weapons] that boast insane performance such as [Ray Blade] and [Spade Roar], all the weapons installed are sufficiently powerful but reproducible first. This is a big difference from the two aircraft mentioned above.
――Furthermore, the armor such as the external armor introduced in this section is only a part of the hexagear called LOZ, and there are multiple types of [specialized type] according to the application. However, the basic style that emphasizes versatility that allows you to fight regardless of the target of annihilation is the state that can demonstrate its true character as the name of [Road of Zoatex].

――The Rayblade Impulse, which had the highest mobility and attack power of the Liberty Alliance's hexagear, was born, but now that LOZ is born, its existence is an old-fashioned weapon that is not even reproducible. It became a treatment. The Rayblade Impulse left by Dr. Heinlein was once said to be a `unique` symbol of destruction `that cannot be replaced, but even that is forgotten, and LOZ is a new legend. The day may come when it is called [White Beast].
-There is no doubt that LOZ is a suitable aircraft to call itself the Beast King, but it goes without saying that the governor itself was also required to have high performance in order to fully demonstrate its power, and it was strengthened from its preciousness. It will be preferentially deployed to excellent governors including soldiers. It is no exaggeration to say that Hexagia is now the governor's choice, and this aspect seems strangely like a variant force that follows SANAT.

[We are the ones who survive.]

[Weapon on board]
・ Cross laser fang (large blade on the mouth)
・ Emperor bite (jaw)
・ Tactical high energy laser (shoulder laser cannon)
・ HDICS (Intangible Shield)
・ Air Maneuver Raster
・ Trick blade (tail)
・ Judgment ram (tail tip pile bunker)
・ Plasma claw (nail)
・ Gravity controller
・ Imperial lower
・ Resonant excitation system

--Design: Proslink Co., Ltd.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 40 x 33 x 9 cm / 882g
Explanation in Japanese

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L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex] (Plastic model)
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