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Hobby Search Cancellation Policy
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Cancellations by Hobby Search

There are some cases in which we must cancel orders or parts of orders.

- We get more preorders than we can provide
- The item is not in stock and we cannot procure it
- The manufacturer cancels the release of the item

Cancellations by the Customer

A Cancel button will appear on the "My Account" for items that can be cancelled.

Cancellation period for orders are as follows:
Preorders Preorders can be cancelled within one week from time the order is placed.
Orders placed 00:00-08:30 can be cancelled until 08:30 of the same operating day.
Orders placed 08:31-23:59 can be cancelled until 08:30 of the following operating day.
(Times listed in Japan time, GMT+9)

For period outside the above, orders generally cannot be cancelled. If there are strong
requirement for cancellation, please make sure to contact us as early as possible.
We may be required to charge 10% of the product price as cancellation fee in such case.
Also, we may decide to close your account if cancellations outside the rules are repeated.

*For products marked "Cannot be cancelled", we are unable to accept
  cancellations regardless of the cancellation period, so please check before ordering.
*For items that have come into stock, we cannot accept any cancellations
  even if the order is within the cancellation period.

Other Cancellations

There are specific cases that fall outside of the above for which orders may be cancelled.
- Duplicate orders or incorrect item counts. Please notify us by email before
  the following business day.
- If you have selected "notify of stockout by e-mail" and you receive a
  stockout notification.
- If the price of an item differs greatly from when the preorder was placed.

For any of the above cases, please contact us from your account page contact form (located at the top right of your account page).
* Returns

We do not accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are final.
Please contact us from your account page regarding problems with items on arrival, such as broken or missing parts, or wrong items etc.