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[Terraria, the Earth Goddess] Leafa (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2020/03/11 12:48:32
These prices are ridiculous, for a 1/8 with mid detail hair smh. Not just this company, many others too...
Momo Yaoyorozu Hero Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
hw2013 (MFC) : 2020/03/10 7:18:45
I have Tsuyu, Uraraka, Jirou and Toga. The Mina is already reserved, Tsuyu was perfect on that line, I also liked the Mina Ashido too, both of them are by far the best sculpted in the collection. I'll get Momo to close the Set too, but I admit I didn't like how her face was made.
Momo Yaoyorozu Hero Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2020/03/09 13:37:18
This line of figs has had big hits with Tsu, Uraraka and Toga, but Momo here and Jiro feel so bland. Disappointed.
Anna Hananoi Illustration by Kai Tomohira (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/03/03 10:50:43
@o don't waste it *lick lick*
Momo Belia Deviluke Pajama Ver. (PVC Figure)
Laulaxative : 2020/03/02 15:05:11
Been waiting for her! All I have to say is, "hnnng!" XD
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Tim : 2020/02/28 11:14:36
It wasn't sold out in 1 day. It was sold out in 1 minute. I had it in my cart, and before i can finish entering my payment details it was sold out. Shame on them.
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2020/02/28 2:16:52
How is this sold out in 1 day?
Anna Hananoi Illustration by Kai Tomohira (PVC Figure)
o : 2020/02/27 13:41:51
OMG! What a waste of mustard!
Golden Darkness: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/02/26 14:50:33
Did the manufacturer run out of ideas? This is the same figure with less production cost, but the same high price.
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/02/26 2:48:16
Scalpers win again.
Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Eiko Carol & Quina Quen (PVC Figure)
hogosha : 2020/02/20 3:06:54
Quina is a traffic cone but Eiko is one of the best (my personal favourite ATM) releases of the BA FFIX franchise
Raphtalia (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2020/02/19 23:04:11
It very good made. It a bit heavy. But it one the best Raphtalia pvc out there.
Kurumi Tokisaki: After Date Style (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/02/19 22:00:36
Looks like she just got done having some snu snu with Shido, I dig it. Kurumi is best girl.
Minato Abeno Suntan Ver. (PVC Figure)
MONOLITHIC : 2020/02/16 11:25:56
Got this figure today... Skin is shinier than the production pics, like she's covered in baby oil, similar to the Liliana-san figure by Mouse Unit... Been collecting figures for over 10 years & this is the 1st figure I've gotten w/ so much plastic between ALL points of connection & covering everything. That said, my only complaint is the plastic covering the torso as it goes under her top, which was a PITA to remove w/o taking her top off. When put together, it's a great figure!
S.H.Figuarts Naruto Uzumaki [Best Selection] (PVC Figure)
fumods : 2020/02/16 10:57:32
If it is not delayed, which this particular figure since it is a popular series, then any shops that sells figure will certainly have this. Although the estimate time it goes on sale may be the end of the month.
Fate/Grand Order Ruler/Jeanne d`Arc (PVC Figure)
fredkang : 2020/02/12 16:59:37
i think the release date is 2021? why is it 2011
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/02/12 16:38:57
I think this is the most expensive one by Alter (correct me if I'm wrong)
This is a very difficult sculpture, given the color scheme, the detail,
and the arrangement. Honestly, they could've gone with an easier pose,
but then it would be just like any other. If it's about collective value, then
this is the figure to get. If it's just getting a figure, look elsewhere.
figma Lancer/Scathach (PVC Figure)
Alvin : 2020/02/11 14:30:08
wuih dadanya tajam
figma Ichi (PVC Figure)
Alvin : 2020/02/11 14:29:12
pentilnya mantap :)
figma Rider of `Black` (PVC Figure)
Alvin : 2020/02/11 14:28:09
nggak ada burungnya...mengecewakan :(
Momo Belia Deviluke Pajama Ver. (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2020/02/10 7:20:09
Not a cast off, disappointed.
Sweet Little Demon Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2020/02/10 7:16:46
That hair over the wing looks so bad. Quite disappointed, because everything else looks good.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
LM : 2020/02/09 11:18:16

7% seems low now.

Just hope that the quality is worth the $$
Saber, Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou -15th Celebration Dress Ver.- Premium Box (PVC Figure)
2+3d otaku : 2020/02/08 5:53:05
Those figures are so beautiful! I want them!
S.H.Figuarts Naruto Uzumaki [Best Selection] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/02/07 17:27:49
I will be visiting Japan for the second time on June 2020, where can I find this Naruto figure, please?

Nendoroid Master/Female Protagonist: Light Edition (PVC Figure)
ns : 2020/02/07 14:21:03
Doesn't feel worth it without the crazy riyo Gudako face
Nendoroid Kaguya Shinomiya (PVC Figure)
Shirogane : 2020/02/06 23:09:57
Meh it's not that impressive .....................

Kurumi Tokisaki: After Date Style (PVC Figure)
Wallet-crier : 2020/02/06 13:00:44
Why is everything coming out in June/July god damn. I'm still getting her. She's gorgeous.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Abelnightroad : 2020/02/05 6:54:35
Well... Yer lucky with only 7% tax... We in Italy have 22%. So by the end of the day it will be something around 470€ so about +520$. XD
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
LM : 2020/02/03 18:35:11
~USD350 + around USD25~30 for shipping to my country. Will get hit by 7% tax and that is ~USD27. Almost USD410 for a figure. That is like 40% of my salary.

Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/02/03 8:10:34
The real killer is that unlike our Japanese bros, we don't get free shipping for this. So that's another 7-8k yen. Not having a "light" version was a real miss here.
Lancer/Cu Chulainn (PVC Figure)
Ezra : 2020/02/01 17:32:44
Great level of detail for this scale, very pleased with it! Wish they'd make more Cu merch.
Racing Miku 2017: Thai Ver. (PVC Figure)
Ezra : 2020/02/01 17:28:43
Very cute, beautiful colors. However, she's a lot lighter than in the promo photos, as seen when compared to the picture on the box.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/02/01 7:54:49
I would have accepted the "strict quality standard" excuse until I got my Jeanne Alter. After that one I don't trust their standards anymore.
Nendoroid Light Yagami 2.0 (PVC Figure)
Marbles : 2020/02/01 5:58:18
I like this Nendo and the series of manga. I hope they re release the others again.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2020/02/01 1:24:41
I thought she’d be closer to $200. This will be close to $400 with shipping and not even a 1/4 scale wtf!
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Melon : 2020/01/30 13:07:22
I agree that the price is awful but it's #8 in top orders right now. Unfortunately these prices will continue to rise as long as suckers keep ordering them. lmao
Nendoroid Beam Kirby (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/01/30 8:11:24
I really like this Nendoroid, he looks great with the other Kirby Nendo's I hope they make more!
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Ash : 2020/01/28 23:36:07
That waiting time though...theres also graf zeppelin beach one coming out. Oh God.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Nerd : 2020/01/28 19:14:34
Many say "why is Alter products so expensive?" but many also does not know that
Alter has the strictest quality check among all the figure companies,
to a point they discard a large portion of their products that doesn't meet
the quality standard.
As a result, they've become a high quality brand that is out of reach for many.

Unfortunate, but i guess business is business and you know you will get quality.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
infinitybelt : 2020/01/28 9:00:55
How is this 27,000 yen and Alter is asking 37,000 yen for Prinz? How!?
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
infinitybelt : 2020/01/28 7:18:30
This price is insane! I don't know what Alter is on about, but I don't see anything here that warrants such a steep price tag. She looks exactly like her art in the game, but the pose isn't dynamic, she's not battle scarred or anything, and there is no extra flourishes. With a price like that she should resemble a Goodsmile Fate figure or something, but all I see is what I always see, but with an obscene price increase.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Bilbo : 2020/01/27 14:00:43
Why can't they offer her without the ships for a reasonable price?
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2020/01/27 5:27:19
I'd pay that much maybe if it was a 1/4 scale
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Muno : 2020/01/26 6:16:36
My husband really wanted this. But after seeing the price, we were both like hell no.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Alter PLZ : 2020/01/25 7:11:00
Alter company, please note that you can buy 2 to 3 decent scale figures with that price tag.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2020/01/24 20:55:36
Agreed. As much as i wanted this, and as detailed as she is, i cant justify spending over 37,000 on one fig. I was hoping more in the 25,000 range.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
anon : 2020/01/24 18:32:20
yea thats really pricey
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
Tru : 2020/01/24 16:02:07
That price is just nuts.
Vanilla Race Queen Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/01/24 15:52:19
Nice figure but How tall is this?
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
C-3PO : 2020/01/23 14:26:57
She looks amazing instant pre order, but I can already hear my wallet weep 🀧
Jibril: Little Flugel Ver. (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/01/23 5:16:34
The moment I saw her I fell in love. The way she's sticking her tongue out is so darn adorable!
Kaworu Nagisa -Plug Suit Ver.- :Re (PVC Figure)
BrokeAF : 2020/01/22 14:56:13
Cool figure. Definitely recommend it.
Chinese Girl Koharu (PVC Figure)
Fox : 2020/01/22 6:09:00
Awesome, Fantastic and Beautifully crafted! I loved!
Jibril: Little Flugel Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jes : 2020/01/22 1:50:22
Mother of god this is extremely cute!
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
fredkang : 2020/01/20 12:56:59
the waiting time though will take quite long >.>
En Morikura Illustration [Hello Summer] (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/01/19 5:33:46
+1 for the engrish
"to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate"
Well, nothing more holy and sacred than swimsuits adorned by
the supple and tender maidens on the beach during summer time.
4th Villager Priscilla (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/01/19 5:27:09
Where's the 3rd villager?
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/01/19 5:21:31
I'm still on the fence, since I have to consider the shipping charge.
But as Maruzana pointed out, it's actually a good deal. I was expecting
more at 40,000円.
Nendoroid Sora (PVC Figure)
Yan : 2020/01/18 23:31:37
was just thinking the same. fingers crossed for more of these
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
Maruzana : 2020/01/18 11:15:26
Pricey, but it is actually cheaper than I was expecting. Already reserved.
Golden Darkness Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
An user : 2020/01/17 20:21:38
Re-release it!!!
Nemesis (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/01/17 13:50:22
Head is too big ... wow, they weren't even trying. This is
a Koto figure, too, which is disappointing.
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/01/17 12:55:29
And I thought Jalter figure won't get any expensive than Alter company... smh
Great figure but expensive af
Nemesis (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2020/01/17 4:55:17
The hair sculpt killed it for me....
Pop Up Parade Shiro: Sniper Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jewels : 2020/01/16 3:05:01
Does this come with another support stand? I've known too many that 'lean' with one peg ending up warped over time. A second support usually comes with most, but not added in photos.
Saint Cloth Myth EX Merak Beta Hagen (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/01/14 8:14:52
The bots win again.
G.E.M. Series Magi Aladdin (PVC Figure)
Uknown : 2020/01/13 17:45:55
hi can I buy this Aladdin Figure. I really hope can buy to his. please contact me. +60169421582 ok

because very like magi and serious to buy this
Jibril: Great War Ver. (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/01/13 6:03:02
Loli Jibril? Yes, please! I love og Jibril but her younger self is just as cute and adorable.
Dragon Ball Gals Cheelai (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/01/11 10:38:54
Is she doing the "White Power" hand gesture?
Suzufuwa -Suzunari Flower Garden Project- Shie Misaki [Summer Grass] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/01/11 8:06:04
Unfortunately there is a issue with the dress option parts...is this restock QC issue fixed? Thank you
Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Freija Crescent & Beatrix (PVC Figure)
Hogosha : 2020/01/10 11:11:20
Much better release than Steiner and Vivi but ot better than the first one. Hope for a good Eiko.
Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Vivi Ornitier & Adelbert Steiner (PVC Figure)
Hogosha : 2020/01/10 11:09:59
Steiner has pinky eyes and both figures comes with few paint issues... Isn't forgive at this price point to be honest
Only for very fans of ffix or wider wallets.
Hurdle Girl Illustration by Kekemotsu (PVC Figure)
C-3PO : 2020/01/09 15:28:19
Woahhhh that booty 😍
Nendoroid King Mickey (PVC Figure)
Marbles : 2020/01/09 8:43:13
His design is awesome. However his joints suck. Be careful they will break.
Nendoroid Mickey Mouse (PVC Figure)
Marbles : 2020/01/09 8:41:35
The joints are very bad on this Nendo much worse than King Mickey. Buyers be aware and extra careful BC the joints break if you press too hard.both my arms broke at the ball joins.
Nendoroid Reg (PVC Figure)
polygon : 2020/01/06 9:41:09
@: D:
cos they tape the effect sheet behind the background cardboard, so you will need to pull out the background cardboard from the box.

If its not there, you may need to contact GSC.
Nendoroid Reg (PVC Figure)
D : 2020/01/05 7:29:39
Yes, I investigated the whole box ..... but to no avail....:\
Hurdle Girl Illustration by Kekemotsu (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/01/05 4:45:42
I dig this figure. She's one pretty and smexy gal.
Nendoroid Reg (PVC Figure)
polygon : 2020/01/04 8:46:25
@: D:
errr... did you check behind the cardboard between the back of the box?
Nendoroid Reg (PVC Figure)
D : 2020/01/01 2:27:42
Bought on sale. Everything is cool, but for some reason there is no background in the box, but there is a stand :(
Pop Up Parade Shiro: Sniper Ver. (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2019/12/31 22:01:57

Yeah, what's up with those leggings? Who thought it was a good idea to make them look like boots and not socks? Besides that weird design choice she's extremely adorable. Immediate pre order for me.
figma Mio Honda: Cinderella Project ver. (PVC Figure)
ojandora : 2019/12/31 3:35:22
definitely the better of the other two NG.
still wished for more hand options, like a relaxed open hand.
Hurdle Girl Illustration by Kekemotsu (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2019/12/31 1:06:50
My God the booty on this girl.
Asuka Soryu Langley -Gothic Lolita Ver.- :Re (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2019/12/31 0:26:40
Just looked at pictures of the old one and this here is far superior. Clearly shows the evolution of mass market figure production.
[Overlord] Albedo so-bin Ver. (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/12/28 4:02:16
Evelyn Celebrian (PVC Figure)
Blazerker : 2019/12/28 2:15:26
Would like to see a lighter skinned version
Otherwise perfection
Asuka Soryu Langley -Gothic Lolita Ver.- :Re (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/12/28 1:25:21
This appears to be a re-release, but perhaps slightly improved painting. Not bad, but the original still looks lovely and is half the price.
Pop Up Parade Shiro: Sniper Ver. (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2019/12/26 13:31:02
Leggings are oddly shiny/glossy, but otherwise she looks great!
Prinz Eugen [Iroasenai Egao] (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2019/12/25 0:38:19
Finally my Waifu is getting some attention. It’s been 80 years.
Nendoroid Lucio: Classic Skin Edition (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/12/24 4:42:22
This nendoroid is perfect in all details.
figma Bikini Armor (Makoto) (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/12/22 23:10:57
otoko no ROMAN
[Stacia, the Goddess of Creation] Asuna (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/12/21 11:19:57
I like the original design but the face, hair and armor sculpt quality doesn't love up the the best asuna figures like the blue haired elf one.
Kyuuketsu Onnakyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu: Lesson with Vampire [Renka Akame] (PVC Figure)
UwU : 2019/12/20 14:22:11
First Fei figure ever D:

Instand preorder, no hesitation.
Evelyn Celebrian (PVC Figure)
Bilbo : 2019/12/19 11:08:34
Evelyn Celebrian (PVC Figure)
Worker : 2019/12/19 0:34:23
Instand pre-order.

Just came home from nightshift and have seen my dreams come true Ω©(^α΄—^)ΫΆ
Evelyn Celebrian (PVC Figure)
MONOLITHIC : 2019/12/18 22:47:36
Face + body + brown skin = WINNER!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ½
Evelyn Celebrian (PVC Figure)
mcnosurge : 2019/12/18 15:02:26
Sukebe na ElfπŸ˜‹πŸ˜ Evelyn. Instant preorder. Didn't even hesitate. She looks so gorgeous. Hope the mass production looks as close to the prototype as possible.
Miru Tights [Gogatsubyou? Sensei ga Naoshite Ageyokka?] (PVC Figure)
wow : 2019/12/18 13:02:27
19k, Carl. And no tights... just secretary sitting on desk. wow.
Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi Mio Akagi (PVC Figure)
mooncake : 2019/12/18 10:30:33
@No Name:
you do have a point, but im sure many would buy it regardless just for the cast off option this item has.
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