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How to use 'Wish List'
- What is Wish List?
  Wish List is a function that allows you to register your favorite
  items.You can save the trouble of searching for the product
  every time, just by registering the item.
Searcha and Rutie and Ramel
- About Wish List
  To use Wish List, you must login each time.
  You will be able to register up to 1000 items of your interest.
  In the product information page, you will be able to see the total
  amount of customers that have Wish Listed the product,
  so can use this as reference when considering purchase
  of an item.
- To add an item to Wish List
  1. Click Add to Wish List button if you are on the product
      information page.
     Otherwise click the Add to Wish List button if you are on the
      product list page.
  Add to Wish List image1
Add to Wish List image2

2. The Product will be added to Wish List.
Add to Wish List image3

3. Once the item is added to Wish List, the Wish Listed button will appear on the product
     information page, and the Wish Listed button on the product list page.
Wish Listed image1
Wish Listed image2

- To delete an item from Wish List
  1. Click the "Remove" link on the Wish List page.
To delete an item from Wish List image1

  2. The item will be deleted from Wish List.
To delete an item from Wish List image2

- To View Wish List
  1. Click Wish List at the top right of the screen.
To View Wish List image1
2. Your registered Wish List will be displayed.
To View Wish List image2

  That's it for instructions on the use of Wish List. Please make use of this feature!