Currency Exchange
Price: 1,620JPY
Currency Approximate
US Dollar11.98USD
Australian Dollar17.23AUD
Brazil Reais61.43BRL
Canadian Dollar15.44CAD
Chinese Yuan80.92CNY
Great Britain(UK) Pound9.93GBP
Hong Kong Dollar94.08HKD
Japanese Yen1620JPY
Malaysian Ringgit53.41MYR
Mexican Pesos242.88MXN
N.Z. Dollar19.07NZD
Russian Ruble726.46RUB
Singapore Dollar16.53SGD
Sweden Krona121.99SEK
Swiss Francs11.44CHF
Taiwan Dollars360.8TWD
Thailand Baht424.08THB
Please use the listed values only as an estimate.
The actual charged price may differ, as the
exchange rate you will be charged depends on
your payment company (PayPal / Credit Card Company etc.)
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