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About Pre-order Sale

If you pre-order items you want...

you will have a priority to purchase items that are likely to be sold out after the release. (*1)
you will not miss the release date. (*2)
you will receive the discount.
The release dates of pre-order items should be used only as a guide.
Release dates often vary in the hobby industry.Also, sales prices and specifications can vary due to manufacturing reasons.

Note that even if two items were scheduled to be released in the same month but it turned out that one of them
were to be released in the next month, two items would be shipped separately, even if you chose the "Ship together" option.

We are making every effort to acquire the pre-ordered items!

We take the following measures to acquire the pre-ordered items.
Checking production situation and in-stock information frequently.
Tying up with multiple distributors.
However, there are some cases in which items are in short supply and thus we cannot provide customers with the items.

What if the pre-ordered items became in short supply...?

We will inform customers about the short supply and the cancellation of the pre-order.

How to cancel pre-ordered items

Please see our cancellation guidelines.

For more information, please contact us here: