Searcha and Ramel

Hobby Search twitter genre list

We will be tweeting the latest product information for each genre!
You might also find announcements of useful information!
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- About Hobby Search Twitter accounts
Searcha and Rutie and Ramel
  We have different accounts for each genre and will be tweeting
  various information.
  So let's follow the accounts of your interest!
  You will also be able to tweet from various other pages such as
  the product page.
- About Follow button and Tweet button buttons
  1. If you become a follower of an account by clicking the
      Follow button button below the profile on that account,
      this will be added to your timeline.
  Follow button image1

  2. The number of followers will increase if you follow the account.
      If you click the number above the "Followers" text, the list of followers of the account will be shown.
Follow button image2
  3. If you click the Tweet button button next to the product name of the product page,
      the page title and the compressed URL can be tweeted, enabling you to easily share the link.
Tweet button image1

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