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Mercedes-Benz 11/40 Hitler After His Release from Landsberg Fortress 1924 (Diecast Car)
nozi : 2022/04/07 12:40:39
this will be fun to purchase and microwave
Toyota Corolla 1996 AE100 White (RHD) (Diecast Car)
Reneco : 2022/01/17 7:53:03
Toyota corolla 93 red
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A) White (Diecast Car)
Evo : 2021/08/29 5:12:59
Beautiful 10/10 ordered a blue one too
Hyundai I20 WRC #20 Winner Rally Sadegna 2016 Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul (Diecast Car)
diecaster : 2021/08/17 16:33:44
wow! awesome!
Bugatti Divo Red (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2021/05/12 17:34:49
A beautiful car!
Lexus LX570 (White) (Diecast Car)
Richard : 2021/05/12 5:14:59

I need it
Lada 1300 1975 1000 Lakes Rally #63 S.Brundza / A.Zvingevich (Diecast Car)
simone : 2021/04/09 20:30:16
lada 1,3 1000 lakes rally. lada 1,6 safari rally 1982.
Lada 2105 VFTS 1983 Acropolis Rally #37 H.Ohu / T.Diener (Diecast Car)
simone : 2021/03/24 23:45:09
hello my simone to have model lada 2105 vfts acropolis rally n. 37, thank you.
1978 VW Type 2 Champagne Edition II Bus Brown (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2021/02/21 15:32:02
No review, but that's not a type 2- it's a '78 type 4. I had and drove a real one for ten years.
Honda Integra Type-R DC2 #16 `Castrol` Super Taikyu N1 1996 (Diecast Car)
Rajeev Kumar Singh : 2021/02/13 19:05:01
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Bianco Canopus (White) (RHD) (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2021/02/05 3:10:08
Is there a White AVentador RdstR like that in 1/24 or 1/18 scale? 🇮🇹
gF USA ☮️
Toyota Hilux TRD Customize (2017) Crimson Spark Red Metallic (Diecast Car)
Jon : 2020/12/08 3:40:11
Does this have Rubber wheels?
Toyota MR2 (Black) (Diecast Car)
Kitty : 2020/12/03 11:18:32
When are you going to have more?
Toyota Celica GT-FOUR ST185 (Gray Metallic) (Diecast Car)
All-Trac : 2020/10/08 16:43:57
Before this 1/64 ST185 reaches production make sure they make the right fuel filler. The road car has fuel filler with door like most production cars, while the ST185 rally car has the one that cut the spoiler. (Pop Race ST185 1993 Safari Rally has the right one).
Gap is too big between the main spoiler on the trunk & the side part spoiler on the quarter panel.
Mystery Machine w/Scooby & Shaggy Figure (Scooby-Doo) (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2020/09/26 0:29:37
shooby dooby doob doob
Mitsubishi 3000GT GTO Caracas Red - LHD (Diecast Car)
arifmoney : 2019/12/15 18:09:13
hi tell me once this be ready for sale
RWB 993 Rough Rhythm Martini #11 (Diecast Car)
serena evans : 2019/11/08 4:28:48
serena evans 444
F40 LM Beurlys Barchetta (Blue) (Diecast Car)
jeffrey : 2019/09/10 12:10:59
hey am looking for my diecast
Pandem R35 GT-R White (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2019/07/15 0:44:56
Stop putting it on Pre-Order list if you do not allow us to get one!!!. Limited models like this that only available for reseller and thereafter going on sale 2x the price is the worst market ever
Pandem R35 GT-R Gold (Diecast Car)
Anonymous : 2019/05/16 20:13:12
This model is really looking great but almost impossible to order from here.Can you at least provide pre alert on pre order ?(let said list it up first and stating a time when the pre order start) Every time I see the item and it has always closed for order already. It is a very bad customer experience.
Honda Integra TypeR DC2 Silver (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2019/05/16 5:36:56
Hello, will this ever be available again? I own this car in real life 😁
Pandem Civic (EG6) White (Diecast Car)
Happyfane : 2019/04/23 23:28:12
That is great detailed. More than a lot of fun !
Rocket Bunny RX-7 (FD3S) Green Metallic (Diecast Car)
Happyfane : 2019/04/22 15:12:27
Detailed fun :)
Too little qty for each color. Please offer us more.
Renault Trafic 2014 Red (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2018/11/30 19:58:05
Renault Master açık kasa kamyonet arıyorum
Mazda Bongo 1000 Route VAN (1968) White (Diecast Car)
No Name : 2018/07/28 3:42:10
Porque es que no reproducen elvmazda bongo van modelo 1968, pudiendo reproducirlo a escala y obtener buenas ganancias
Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador (Metallic Sky Blue) (Diecast Car)
Jack : 2018/03/14 0:16:27
May I know how heavy is this? how much it costs to ship to Hong Kong?
Toyota coaster Long wheel police vehicle (Diecast Car)
Carmen : 2017/08/08 20:53:00
Dear Sir/ Madam
Hi, is it same as my picture? The car's number is AM7250?
I'm student from Hong Kong. Can u make the low price for me? Please 😢🙏🏻. I really really like it .
Thank you so much
27 Posts ( show 1-27 )