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8/4 Hobby Japan Toyota Century has opened pre-orders.
8/1 First Gear Komatsu PC210LC-11 has opened pre-orders.
7/28 Look Smart Scuderia Ferrari SF1000 has opened pre-orders.
7/22 Hobby Japan Honda NSX-R (NA2) has opened pre-orders.
7/21 Autoart Nissan Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette 1982 #11 has opened pre-orders.
7/17 Inter Allied Toyota Corolla FX-GT (1987) has opened pre-orders.
7/14 Spark Model Styrian GP 2020 has opened pre-orders.
7/9 Tomytec Hiace Wagon Living Saloon EX has opened pre-orders.
7/7 Minitec Ford Fiesta WRC has opened pre-orders.
7/2 Kyosho Lamborghini Miura SVR (Red) has been RESTOCKED.
7/1 Spark model Porsche 956 No.14 2nd 24H Le Mans 1985 has opened pre-orders.
6/24 Ignition Model Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ Green Metallic is now in stock.
6/23 Ignition Model Vertex S15 Silvia White has opened pre-orders.
6/19 Vitesse De Lorean DMC - 12 Back to the Future has been RESTOCKED.
6/16 Lionel Racing Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR 2020 has opened pre-orders.
6/11 Tomytec TLV-N48g Honda Civic Si 20th Anniversary has opened pre-orders.
6/9 Inter Allied Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition (2019) Racing Orange has opened pre-orders.
6/5 One Model Honda Civic Type-R FK8 has opened pre-orders.
6/1 Make Up NISSAN GT-R 2020 has opened pre-orders.
5/25 TSM Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 HKS has opened pre-orders.
5/21 Tiny Mercedes-Benz Vito has opened pre-orders.
5/20 Autocult Green Monster Stage V Mitas has opened pre-orders.
5/14 Tomytec TLV-N190c Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution VI has opened pre-orders.
5/11 Peako Apollo IE Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 has opened pre-orders.
5/8 Make Up McLaren Honda MP4/7A Monaco GP 1992 No.1 Winner is now in stock.
5/1 Spark Model Alpine-Renault A310 No.87 24H Le Mans 1977 has opened pre-orders.
4/27 Almost Real Land Rover Defender 90 has opened pre-orders.
4/24 Sun Star MG Metro 6R4 has opened pre-orders.
4/21 Make Up LB WORKS R35 GT-R Type 1.5 Special Edition has opened pre-orders.
4/16 TSM Shelby Cobra has opened pre-orders.
4/14 Good Smile Racing Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon 2019 has opened pre-orders.
4/10 TSM Toyota Supra (JZA80) Black has opened pre-orders.
4/9 Autoart Dodge Viper ACR has opened pre-orders.
4/2 Old Time Model Volkswagen Jetta GT has opened pre-orders.
4/1 Acme Ford F-350 Ramp Truck with #11 1969 Ford Trans Am Mustang has opened pre-orders.
3/30 Greenlight 1988 Pontiac Trans Am GTA has opened pre-orders.
3/26 Hobby Japan Subaru Impreza WRX (GC8) STi Ver. II / Sports Blue / Decal is now in stock.
3/25 Post Hobby Honda Prelude XX (AB1) has opened pre-orders.
3/24 TSM Nissan GT-R R32 Nismo S-Tune Silver has opened pre-orders.
3/17 Make Up Honda NSX-R(NA1) 1994 Option wheel ver. is now in stock.
3/12 Tomytec Townace Wagon Super Extra has opened pre-orders.
3/10 Hiko Seven Toyota Hiace DX 4door High Roof has opened pre-orders.
3/5 LB PERFORMANCE LB-Works Huracan LP610 has opened pre-orders.
3/2 TSM Bentley New Continental GT has opened pre-orders.
2/29 Tarmac Works BMW M3 E30 Macau Cup Race 1991 is now in stock.
2/27 Hobby Japan Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT APEX (AE86) / Open Headlights has opened pre-orders.
2/25 Look Smart Ferrari 250P has opened pre-orders.
2/21 OttO mobile Alpine A110 First Edition has opened pre-orders.
2/19 Look Smart Ferrari 312 B2 has opened pre-orders.
2/18 PMA Mclaren Ford MP4/8 - Ayrton Senna - Winner Japanese GP 1993 has opened pre-orders.
2/17 BelAZ 75180 Mining Dump Truck has opened pre-orders.
2/12 One Model Nissan Silvia S15 has opened pre-orders.
2/10 One Model 1/64 Mitsubishi EVO IX has opened pre-orders.
2/7 Tomytec TLV-N The Era of Japanese Cars 15 Nissan Skyline GTS-t TypeM (Silver) is now in stock.
2/1 Ignition Model Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86) 3Door TK-Street Ver.2 White is now in stock.
1/31 Hobby Japan Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT APEX (AE86) has opened pre-orders.
1/27 Kyosho Nissan Fairlady Z-L (S30) has opened pre-orders.
1/23 Ignition Model Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Version (GC8Kai) Blue Normal is now in stock.
1/22 Autocult Serenissima 308 Jet Competizione 1965 Red has opened pre-orders.
1/20 TSM Eva RT Test Type-01 X Works GT-R #33 Super GT GT300 2019 has opened pre-orders.
1/15 ixo Kenworth K100 Aerodyne 1976 Red / White has opened pre-orders.
1/14 TSM LB WORKS Nissan GT-R R35 is now in stock.
1/9 Tomytec Galant GTO MR has opened pre-orders.
1/6 Spark model BMW M6 GT3 has opened pre-orders.
1/4 Tamiya Master Work Collection has been RESTOCKED.
12/28 Kyosho Lexus UX250h `F Sport` has opened pre-orders.
12/27 Make Up Honda NSX-R(NA1) 1994 has opened pre-orders.
12/24 LB PERFORMANCE Liberty Walk LB Works Aventador LP700 is now in stock.
12/23 Hiko Seven Isuzu Erga Mio 2018 Police Department Vehicle is now in stock.
12/19 Topmarques 1/43 BMW 323 Alpina has opened pre-orders.
12/17 INNO Models Toyota Altezza RS200 ADVAN has opened pre-orders.
12/12 Tomytec Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary has opened pre-orders.
12/11 Schuco Porsche 356 A Green is now in stock.
12/9 M2 Machines 1970 Nissan Z432 - Gloss Black w/Red Stripes - Gloss Black has opened pre-orders.
12/4 One Model Mitsubishi Lancer EVOII is now in stock.
12/2 Peako Baris Toyota Supra Supreme JZA80 Black w/Carbon Bonnet has opened pre-orders.
11/27 Kyosho 1/64 Subaru BRZ / Toyota86 is now in stock.
11/25 TSM Mini GT Acrylic Display Case is now in stock.
11/21 Goodsmile Racing & Type-Moon Racing 2019 SPA24H Ver. has opened pre-orders.
11/18 Post Hobby Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III (CE9A) has opened pre-orders.
11/14 Tomytec Legacy Touring Wagon has opened pre-orders.
11/12 Greenlight Rahal-Letterman Lanigan Raching 2019 #30 Takuma Sato has opened pre-orders.
11/7 Kyosho 1/64 Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 has opened pre-orders.
11/5 Make Up Toyota GR Supra RZ 2019 has opened pre-orders.
11/1 PMA Lancia Stratos Lancia is now in stock.
10/30 One Model LB-Works Honda NSX Red (Special Package) is now in stock.
10/28 Spark Model Porsche 911 GT3 R No.912 EBM Winner Bathurst 12H 2019 has opened pre-orders.
10/25 Hobby Japan 1/64 Subaru Impreza WRX has opened pre-orders.
10/23 Auto World Gohst Busters Ecto 1 has opened pre-orders.
10/21 One Model Nissan GT-R R35 HKS has opened pre-orders.
10/16 ignition model Honda BALLADE SPORTS CR-X Si has opened pre-orders.
10/15 Greenlight Bespoke Collection - The A-Team (TV Series) GMC Vandura has opened pre-orders.
10/10 LB PERFORMANCE LIBERTY WALK LB Works Aventador LP700 has opened pre-orders.
10/8 Inter Allied Takumi Fujiwara AE86 Trueno has been RESTOCKED.
10/7 Post Hobby Toyota GR Supra (A90) RZ has opened pre-orders.
10/2 Post Hobby Honda Accord Wagon SiR Sportier has opened pre-orders.
10/1 Topmarques PORSCHE 944 TURBO S has opened pre-orders.
9/26 Make Up Titan64 series has opened pre-orders.
9/25 PMA Porsche 911 is now in stock.
9/20 Inter Allied Toyota SPRINTER 1600 TRUENO GT has opened pre-orders.
Toyota Century (UWG60) Eternal Black `Kamui` (Diecast Car)
Hobby Japan
2,646 yen
Volvo 850 T-5R Estate BTCC 1994 #14 (Diecast Car)
Pop Race
2,430 yen
Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ Red with Mr.Orido (Diecast Car)
Ignition Model
4,116 yen
Nissan Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette 1982 #11 (Masahiro Hasemi) (Diecast Car)
29,520 yen
Honda NSX-R (NA2) Championship White (Diecast Car)
Hobby Japan
2,646 yen
Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 Black / Grey (Diecast Car)
Tarmac Works
3,200 yen

Diecast Car Reservation Items List

1969 Chevrolet K10 (Gold / White) (Diecast Car)
1969 Chevrolet K10 (Gold / White) (Diecast Car) Greenlight 1/64 Parallel Import Item
1969 Chevrolet K10 (Black / Gray) (Diecast Car)
1969 Chevrolet K10 (Black / Gray) (Diecast Car) Greenlight 1/64 Parallel Import Item
MP4/8 1993 No,8 A.Senna (Diecast Car)
MP4/8 1993 No,8 A.Senna (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/18 GP Replicas
MP4/8 1993 No.7 M.Hakkinen (Diecast Car)
MP4/8 1993 No.7 M.Hakkinen (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/18 GP Replicas
F40 Red (Diecast Car)
F40 Red (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/43
F40 Yellow (Diecast Car)
F40 Yellow (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/43
F40 Black (Diecast Car)
F40 Black (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/43
F40 Blue (Diecast Car)
F40 Blue (Diecast Car) Topmarques 1/43
Calsonic Skyline (#12) 1990 JTC (Diecast Car)
Calsonic Skyline (#12) 1990 JTC (Diecast Car) Ignition Model,II Ado Company 1/43
1973 Chevrolet Fleetline Coca-Cola w/Tree (Red / White) Christmas Ornament (Diecast Car)
1973 Chevrolet Fleetline Coca-Cola w/Tree (R... M2 Machines 1/64 Parallel Import Item
1974 Chevrolet Stepside Coca-Cola w/Tree (Red) Christmas Ornament (Diecast Car)
1974 Chevrolet Stepside Coca-Cola w/Tree (Re... M2 Machines 1/64 Parallel Import Item
1976 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Coca-Cola w/Tree (Red) Christmas Ornament (Diecast Car)
1976 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Coca-Cola w/Tre... M2 Machines 1/64 Parallel Import Item
Massey Ferguson 135 (Diecast Car)
Massey Ferguson 135 (Diecast Car) Universal Hobbys 1/32
Ford 7810 (Diecast Car)
Ford 7810 (Diecast Car) Universal Hobbys 1/32
Ford TW-35 4x4 (1983) (Diecast Car)
Ford TW-35 4x4 (1983) (Diecast Car) Universal Hobbys 1/32
Case Puma CVX 240 2017 (Diecast Car)
Case Puma CVX 240 2017 (Diecast Car) Universal Hobbys 1/32
RWB 993 Pearl White (Diecast Car)
RWB 993 Pearl White (Diecast Car) Ignition Model 1/18
RWB 993 White (Diecast Car)
RWB 993 White (Diecast Car) Ignition Model 1/43
RWB 993 Pearl White (Diecast Car)
RWB 993 Pearl White (Diecast Car) Ignition Model 1/43
Model Cars No.293 (Hobby Magazine) Neko Publishing A4 Wide Model Cars
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