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Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
@ @; : 2023/08/26 19:28:33
the power quality sharp just for first time use. I building one box GK model
I just use for clip detail small parts like hairy edge but
after I building my sec GK feel clip cutting not sharp anymore
( not very God; )
Compressor Kalon Set (Compressor)
No Name : 2022/11/04 2:53:34
Will it restock???
Classy`n Dressy Tenir Tweezers Standard (Hobby Tool)
random : 2022/09/08 18:54:12
@No Name:
it only says it uses Swiss made stainless steel, the item itself is not made in Swiss...
Classy`n Dressy Tenir Tweezers Standard (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2022/09/07 16:53:24
Imprecise and poorly made dollar store quality tweezers pretended to be Swiss quality.
Classy`n Dressy Tenir Tweezers (Bend Tip) (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2022/09/07 16:53:08
Imprecise and poorly made dollar store quality tweezers pretended to be Swiss quality.
Classy`n Dressy Tenir Tweezers (Thin Tip) (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2022/09/07 16:52:55
Imprecise and poorly made dollar store quality tweezers pretended to be Swiss quality.
KK3 Super Tiny Nozzles (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2022/08/30 17:18:54
I am in urgent need of KK3 Super Tiny Nozzles. Please do intimate its availability
Etching Nipper (Hobby Tool)
Mark : 2022/01/13 0:16:59
Brilliant tool so much easier
L Joint (Material)
Aspen : 2021/04/05 10:10:00
Simple joints and exactly what I was looking for!
Cap Support1 (for 3mm Ball Joint) (BJ-03) (Material)
Aspen : 2021/04/05 10:08:14
I bought these not realizing that it was the actual ball joints that are 3mm, and the pegs are only 2mm. I have little use for them now, but that's my fault and won't be reflected in my star rating.
Ultimate Joint Series Mechanical Hand 144 Angled G-Gray (Material)
No Name : 2021/01/04 22:16:30
Item Size/Weight : 18 x 11 x 0.9 cm / 27g
is this the smallest size i could get these hands
Mr.Adhesive Brush Set (10 Pieces) (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2020/11/09 16:09:46
This brush is 6mm shorter than the brush that came with the 40ml liquid cement and the stem is made of hard plastic which cracked as soon as pushed into the cap. The quality is so poor, it should never be released.
Mr. Cap Opener (Hobby Tool)
klapan : 2020/05/10 12:37:22
A very, very necessary thing!
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
timmy : 2020/04/09 13:17:20
@No Name:
if you used this the same way you use the tamiya nippers, yeah you might break it...
the tamiya nippers requires some amount of force to cut parts, but they are more durable.
this one is much more delicate, and the fact that you managed to break the blade means you applied way too much force on the blade...
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2020/04/09 12:49:42
After using my Tamiya nipper for many years I decided to move on to this God Hand. A piece of junk. First use after about 3 hrs it broke! I am not new to nipper but this quality is really a great disappointment. The only good thing is that it really cut very clean with little to no stress mark.
Line Engraving Carbide Protect Case (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 15:02:03
There is just one small inconvenience that I must take off the pink covers before closing the case.
Olfa Art Knife Pro (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 14:58:55
This is an Olfa knife so I don't have anything to complaint. I just want to show other potential buyers the set of knives coming together with the knife.
HG Reverse Operation Tweezers (Straight Type) (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 12:47:12
Its tip is sturdy so it can hold small part well.
Vallorbe Files (Flat) (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 12:44:33
It's made in Swiss and has the roughness as #400-600 sanding paper. Its width is 5mm and its thickness is about 1.1mm so users can use it to file small parts.
Sticker Tweezers (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 12:28:50
Cheap but Japan-made high quality, smooth black coating and feeling sturdy in my hand.
HG Micro Chisel Single (Blade Width 0.8mm) (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 12:22:07
It's made in Taiwan but the quality is the same with Japan-made chisels. It's made from steel so users may bend it a little bit while carving on plastic parts unlike tungsten-made chisels are absolutely rigid. I broke an expensive tungsten chisel once so steel chisel like this might be better. Users can use pin vise to hold it, such as Tamiya 74112 like my image.
Super Punch Compass Titanium Blade Special (Hobby Tool)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 12:09:11
Pros: easy to use, the blade is sharp enough, in the image I cut a 2mm circle.
Cons: the blade is glued and small so replacing it will be not easy. It should have a built-in ruler to help users know what diameter they're cutting.
Perfect Vise No.1 (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2019/11/05 11:33:41
@No Name:
mine came in pretty bad packaging too, the manufacturer clearly did not realize how stupid it is to use thin plastic box to support such heavy tool... at least the product was nice n sturdy, very good.
Perfect Vise No.1 (Hobby Tool)
No Name : 2019/11/02 12:12:05
The product is good but the item and packaging overall feels like it is used or refunded by another customer
Runnner Stand for Plastic Model Black (Hobby Tool)
McDuck : 2019/09/26 23:14:13
The runners don´t stand very well, also the white idetification letters didn´t fit like they are supossed to.
1/12 Sozai-chan Flesh (Parts)
jimbo : 2019/07/05 3:52:16
great for customizing but the joints can be a bit annoying as they like to come apart (the more you handle it the more this may happen), this wouldn't be so bad but the joints are 3 pieces rather than 2 (either half of the mechanism held together by a pin rather than a simple half and half where the joint is held together by friction), other than the joint issue there are no other problems I could find and the figure is excellent for my needs.
Mirror Surface Finish (Material)
freedom : 2019/05/20 9:48:57
not sure what u r trying to show with that photo, but i found this product very useful.
Mirror Surface Finish (Material)
Hey2040 : 2019/05/20 5:37:18
This is a piece of garbage...! Is too thick. This does not work for wimdows of a car.
See pcture above.
Softback Sanding Sponge Stick Full Set (220-4000, 8 Sticks in 1 Pack) (Hobby Tool)
Cee : 2018/12/30 7:01:04
This set is very good, they can be used wet and dry depending on your needs and facilities.
The sponges are quite thick and a decent length 15-20cm in length. This allows for long single sanding strokes and work very well for curved surfaces.
The sticks have a hard Center with sponge a firm sponge material, coated in an electrostatic applied sand grain.
Since the set is 220-4000 grit it covers all bases, but imo you only need 400-1000 + 1500-4000.
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
Cee : 2018/10/10 9:38:01
I bought these 9 months ago and they've built 30 MG,10 RG/HG, 2 PG gunpla and they're still going well. They aren't as sharp as they once were, but still do a better and cleaner cut than most other cutters with this much use. I oil,rust proof ,clean weekly and they defiantly need it and it pays to maintain them.
Would I recommend them? YES!
Are there cheaper options that do just a good job for a shorter time? YES!
Would I buy another one MAYBE! (I want to try other brands)
File Set Standard (5 pieces) (Hobby Tool)
jiji : 2018/08/23 10:25:01
should have more details about its diemeter
Carbide Scraper (Tough) (Hobby Tool)
Buddy : 2018/06/16 1:11:29
Tough & Sharp. Depending on how you use it, it can be an indispensable tool
HG Stainless T rulers (Hobby Tool)
Buddy : 2018/06/16 1:08:33
Very good quality T-ruler, measurements are in mm. Measures 25mm x 100mm
Super Punch Compass (Circle Cutter) Titanium Blade Special (Hobby Tool)
Buddy : 2018/06/16 1:02:27
It can be difficult to use once you have decided to replace the included blade. The blade and the needle must line up together to properly cut a circle.
Shineblade (Hobby Tool)
Buddy : 2018/06/16 0:59:54
I recommend this tool for anyone. The rough side cuts aggressively while the smoother side almost polishes the surface.
Mr. Clean Stick II (Hobby Tool)
Dale : 2018/06/15 16:53:18
its meant to be for cleaning up or correcting painting mistakes etc., as it can be dabbed in paint remover and still be somewhat hard.
Mr. Clean Stick II (Hobby Tool)
Chip : 2018/06/15 9:16:47
I bought this out of sheer curiosity, and I still don’t know what it is for, or what it is meant to do!
Truss Set Silver (Display)
Kirito-kun : 2018/03/24 11:25:57
this is best for 1/12 figures, so it may look a little thin for the 1/6 dolls.
The width is about 14mm, so if you are fine with that then you just need to get a few copies to have enough parts to build the size you need.
Truss Set Silver (Display)
cat : 2018/03/24 5:26:16
Can anyone say what SCALE or size doll/figure this set would work with? I'd like it to work with a 1/6 scale doll (about 11") but I think it may be too small...
The Nipper SGOT! (Hobby Tool)
zomg : 2017/12/21 1:40:00
4. no safety cap
Why? No srsly? Such a small yet handy addition.
The Nipper SGOT! (Hobby Tool)
zomg : 2017/12/21 1:26:00
Some facts about this so called "sgot" nipper:
1. very oily from package.
2. made in china.
3. stopper is NOT adjusted, you need adjust it manually or you will ruin blade in first 1-2 model kits. And since stopper have specific hexagonal hole its pain in ass to adjust it without special screwdriver.
Not worth its price, get cheaper wave's hg nipper instead. Wave's hg nipper cut just fine compared with this one. I dunno about godhand's one tho.
New Fando 350g (Material)
HardCandy : 2017/08/18 20:41:00
The best material for creating GK=)
Ultimate Joint Series Mechanical Hand 100 Angled Dark Gray (Material)
L : 2017/08/14 7:46:00
The connection part is too weak
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
EJN : 2017/07/03 23:22:00
Purchased 2017/05/23 and spring retention pin has broken or fallen out.
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
nah00 : 2017/06/13 0:38:00
Believe the hype, these are every bit as good as they claim to be. You'll still need to keep your other nippers for cutting the gates holding the part in away but for cutting the gates off of the part itself nothing beats these. Using them to cut out 1/700 helicopter blades was a world of difference from my old Xuron nippers which would tend to bend or break the blades. These just let the part just drop right out with no chance of breakage.
Mr.Nipper GX < Single-Edged > (Hobby Tool)
Herrick Kwok : 2017/06/09 17:38:00
Although its design is similar to the God Hand one, and also single blade nipper, the performance is totally different from that of God Hand.
The blade is not sharp enough, and there is a difference in the level of the 2 sides of the nipper. The gate can't be completely removed, remaining around 0.2mm on the part.
Finally, still have to use design knife or sand paper to remove the gate, which means this stuff is totally useless in improving the efficiency
I don't suggest buying this nipper...
The Nipper SGOT! (Hobby Tool)
Char A : 2017/05/25 23:17:00
Very good nipper. It would be on par with the God Hand if not better (I own both) at a fraction of its price. God Hand has gradually increased its price due to the hype & restricted supply. It makes you feel that God Hand such a rip off. Why pay more for the same quality?
God Sponge File 5mm-thick (Set of 5) (Hobby Tool)
er86 : 2017/02/10 1:03:00
The black ink stains the fingers!
BMC Chisel 0.2mm (Hobby Tool)
Tsorovan : 2016/12/05 12:31:00
Expensive, but good quality. I can still see the heat marks on mine, so I know the tip was properly treated to keep it sharp as long as possible. When I hear other people talk about trying cheaper chisels, BMC is the standard that they're compared to.
The Nipper SGOT! (Hobby Tool)
Ffreakz : 2016/11/18 7:21:00
Very good nipper,don't hesitate!!! Blade more strong than the God Hand SPN-120 and comparable cut quality.
Mr. Easy Nipper (Hobby Tool)
FigureGunplaFan : 2016/09/01 11:23:00
What is this? a nail clipper? LOL
HG Fine Nipper (for Gate Cut) (Hobby Tool)
Ovasahiza : 2016/04/02 5:27:00
If you've never owned the God Hand, this is a pretty decent nipper. I'm not very fond of the screw and bolt that you need to adjust so that you do not ruin the blade. I held it up to the light so I can see how much more or less to turn the screw. Performance wise, what I can do with a God Hand nipper with one cut, I accomplish with Wave HG Fine nipper with two cuts -virtually indistinguishable i.e. you can't tell the difference. Keep in mind the Wave HG Fine nipper is less expensive.
HG Fine Nipper (for Gate Cut) (Hobby Tool)
fz : 2016/02/20 17:06:00
One of the best nipper i have tried!
It shown a cleaner cut, if you do on the right technique.

The minus is, the blade is quite thin so you need to be careful. But not worry, it is come with a guard so the blade will protected.

Great Item! Recommended tools for replacing godhand series.
Action Base 1 Black (Display)
Gomaro : 2015/11/26 1:07:01
thanks for the info mate :)
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Single-Edged) (Hobby Tool)
ned : 2015/08/23 20:46:15
Mechanical Chain Base 003 (Display)
No Name : 2015/02/27 3:28:17
Kotobukiya delivered a modular, snap-fitting, color-molded do-it-yourself Mechanical Chain Base 003 kit. Panel lines, cable wiring, circuit boxes, doors, aircraft carrier-like platform, bomb trailer, fuel truck, etc. were re-created in a small scale. Not sure about the scale, but the base fits any 1/144 kit. The 1/144 Kampfer Amazing found Zephyranthes in its crosshair in the 2nd last photo. 1/72 aircraft like VF-11B in the last photo is too big for 2 bases. 4 bases will fit it nicely.
Mechanical Chain Base 006 (Display)
No+Name : 2015/01/28 7:42:02
Mechanical Chain Base 006 by Kotobukiya is yet another underrated product. Small package. Japanese instructions. Color molding. Assembly required. Snap fitting. Modular design (connect multiple bases). Customizable accessories interchangeable with other bases'. The foot rests can rotate. Engraved panel lines. I airbrushed, weather (Tamiya) & sealed the surface. Optimus Prime wasn't included.
Zio Chain Base 03 Lunar surface Scene Set (Display)
No Name : 2015/01/27 8:45:31
Lunar surface Scene by Kotobukiya is underrated. Small package. Colored parts. Japanese instructions. A space background. Assembly required. Clear flame effects. 2 rocks. 4 artillery shells. Modular design (attach more bases). Compatible with action bases. The craftsmanship of the crater & moon surface was top notch. I airbrushed, weathered & sealed the surface. The Votoms gashapon wasn't included. Dioramas compliment your mecha collection.
M.S.G Trailer Base 002 (Display)
Marmoi : 2015/01/26 1:18:25
seem to be a nice addition for support vehicle
Kosutte Gin SUN (Paint)
Nejdet : 2014/11/12 21:31:38
I used this material on a test piece and the results are mind blowing. but i do have a few suggestions. first, always place a blank sheet of paper under the container before opening it. Secondly, follow the instructions and dont use it on moving parts. thirdly, the black gloss paint that needs to be applied to the part first should be sprayed for. once you follow the directions the results are amazing. the material creates a reflective surface where you can literally see your reflection.
Kosutte Gin SUN (Paint)
Alexei UA : 2014/04/17 21:20:29
Excellent stuff!!!
Kosutte Gin SUN (Paint)
chocolatecheesecake : 2014/03/10 14:00:47
they should be able to send the item to mexico or any other country that you can register with. contact their customer support if you are unsure, they usually reply within a couple of days.
Kosutte Gin SUN (Paint)
Tatanuki : 2014/03/08 19:56:05
Hi!... I'm from Mexico and i very interesting to used the Kosutte Gin-SUN... Can u export me some pieces to Mexico?
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Double-Edged/Taper) (Hobby Tool)
Ovasahiza : 2013/07/05 0:53:51
By far the best nipper I've used thus far. I use it with a cutter I got from the Tamiya Basic Tool Set to make the rough cut from the spruce. Then I use the GodHand Nipper to make a precise cut. Once you do this combination, there's no need for sanding any excess part. The cuts are that clean!
GM05 Gundam Marker (Metalic) Gundam Silver (Paint)
Hong : 2013/03/29 21:29:33
The marker was disappointing. The paint was grey sometimes when you are trying to use the sliver ink. Even you want to buy another random sliver marker, it was still grey.

So, good luck for finding an actual Sliver one if you can.
Gundam Age Marker Set (Paint)
someone : 2012/07/25 18:49:17
umm im kinda a noob here and im not sure what these are for can someone help and if you do can you tell me the colours and the black one at the end to the left please thank you
Action Base 1 Black (Display)
natsu67801 : 2012/04/10 11:49:50
Go with the clear one...all of my black AB 1s are really loose, but the clear ones are stable (I built them the exact same way)
T Case (DL) Stage Basic Black (Display)
No Name : 2011/07/03 7:38:10
Great display case, can easily fit 2 12cm figures inside, back panel can be a bit wobbly making reassembly a bit tricky. The lid of the case can connect to the bottom of the case, making it easy to stack 2 or more of these cases stabilly.
A-12 Select Tool Set (Hobby Tool)
phadz13 : 2010/09/15 15:01:22
hmm i just got the my package but as soon as i saw this kit it seems to be missing the file thingie under the pliers i think. i will post the photo tomorrow as soon as i get back from my work.
RS-380PH Motor (Motor)
dcm_Marecheq : 2010/08/19 3:47:14
I'm using it with 1:10 scale buggy. Works fine despite the fact that this type of engine is a little too small for 1:10 scale models. I bought the engine as "Graupner Speed 400" but there were manufacturer's markings under the sticker.
Nice try Graupner ;-)
70 Posts ( show 1-70 )