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Picconeemo D/Girl (White) (Fashion Doll)
Hatixhe : 2024/07/21 5:39:07
I'm using this doll body for a splatoon BJD that I'm working on, totally recommend!!!!
Doll Stand B (Gold) (Fashion Doll)
Angel soria : 2024/03/22 5:19:30
hi! one question,you have Doll Stand B (Gold) (Fashion Doll)
[Toho Project] Reimu Hakurei (Fashion Doll)
Mike117 : 2024/01/02 3:55:13
I am searching for replacement hand(s) for Pure Neemo 2 Emotion doll body White or Natural.
Adolf Fitler (Fashion Doll)
Kasper : 2023/12/08 0:18:40
Will you ship to Florida in the United Stated
Debby 1/6 Scale MJD Doll Full Set (Fashion Doll)
Benja : 2023/11/17 12:15:23
Debby de TinyFox, es una muñeca muy hermosa.
Tiene el tamaño ideal, para ser la hermana menor de las Iris Collect de Azone International.
El único detalle que vi, es que sus pantalones cortos, no son simétricos.
Sería genial que pusieran a la venta los "Doll Stand" ideales para ésas muñecas, así como también ropa interior de la marca TinyFox.
Pero aún así sigue siendo muy linda.
Crazy x Noisy Candy Damage Ver. (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2023/07/14 21:40:45
Almost $500 for a 1/6... but it looks incredible. Alo[ooot of work and love goes into this. If only i could buy her!
[Akebi`s Sailor Uniform] Komichi Akebi DX Edition (Fashion Doll)
Akebi : 2023/07/03 22:33:27
Really nice doll with school desk. Doll is wearing summer uniform. You have a second Akebi Doll with winter uniform. Can you make the winter uniform available with the DX Edition or sold separately in addition to the DX Edition?
Picconeemo P (Light Tan) (Fashion Doll)
Pukifee : 2023/06/30 4:29:00
Adult sized body please!!!
Primrose x SugarCups / Chocolala -Little Milky Cat- (Fashion Doll)
Pukifee : 2023/06/11 20:52:58
I need this doll so badly but not at a price gouged price.can anyone help me if they see it anywhere after release? Please thank you so much <3
Primrose x SugarCups / Chocolala -Little Milky Cat- (Fashion Doll)
Pukifee : 2022/11/17 11:54:48
Please..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE restock her ! I need her not want her.
*Bargain Item* 1/6 Collectible Action Figure West Cowgirl Beauty Bounty Hunter B (Fashion Doll)
Reyotic Surya : 2022/08/31 16:42:43
This so I can get a better idea of what I need to do to get
PNS Magical Girl Set (Shiny Pink) (Fashion Doll)
NEZUKOPLAYS : 2022/07/26 23:18:31
So the magical girl set (shiny pink) (fashion doll) looks pretty cool and really beautiful.
Multi Stand Large (Clear) (Fashion Doll)
DC : 2022/07/11 13:46:19
A great Multi-use stand for 1/3 Vinyl dolls, designed to go together in many ways depending on how you wish to use it, offers stable support for displaying Vinyl dolls, High Recommended
Military Costume Set (Dark Gray x Black) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2022/06/14 9:12:46
Really cute outfit! I bought it for my megumi device Asra Ninja. The dress and shoes fit really great. The hat needed small adjustments. I also received my package 4 months after the shipment date; but I know it's because of the situation out there.
45cm Original Doll Iris Collect Petit Koharu / -Wonder Fraulein- Happiness Promenade (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2022/04/15 3:49:05
Olá! Tudo bem? Qual seria o valor do envio para o meu endereço? Obrigado.
Assault Lily Series 062 [Assault Lily] Soraha Amano Version 2.0 Plastic Armor Type (Fashion Doll)
Pukifee : 2022/03/16 23:58:57
The old design is alot prettier but it's so exciting to see a re-release! The price is scary but alot of work goes into these ! ♡
Pure Neemo 2 Feel S/Girl (Sillky Skin Ver.) (White) (Fashion Doll)
Erin : 2022/02/03 16:21:31
Body is nice looking, a good in-between size from the Obitsu 22cm and 24cm. The knees however... are the worst. They can't even hold the weight of the headless body, it just flops backwards with the slightest movement. I managed to DIY the knees to be stronger, but I wish it wasn't necessary.
Even so, I do hope to see this body in a tan color, with matching optional hands.
1/6 Rebellious Shiba Inu B1 (Fashion Doll)
Big little armor : 2022/01/28 3:23:19
I see many dolls with many customs. I wish to order just the custom or uniform
for my doll 1/6 M/LL. 27 CM. My current favorite is :
Costume: Yurigaoka Girls' Academy Uniform (Miriam specification) Costume set, loafers **. If this and other uniforms or customs (doll not included) become available I would readily order it.
Thank you
Dolpokke [Assault Lily Fruits] Riri Hitotsuyanagi (Fashion Doll)
pukifee : 2021/12/27 1:24:29
2: Sorry for complaining, Im just heartbroken that I can't afford my hobby or support these sites like i used. But I hope everyone is doing well and safe!!! <3<3 adorable dolly. I hope they'll carry CANDYRURU soon!
Dolpokke [Assault Lily Fruits] Riri Hitotsuyanagi (Fashion Doll)
pukifee : 2021/12/27 1:22:12
1: So adorable but this pandemic is making everything so expensive. I understand these are handmade with love and a new design , but the 1/6th pureneemos and new 1/12 CANDYRURU picco P designs are only $30-$50 more. Assault lilys used to be around $60-$80 Now over $100. This is so expensive for a miniature doll that doesn't have inserted eyes or as much work as an assault lily/pureneemo. The outfit is amazing though.
Sahras a la mode -Twinkle a la mode- Rose Quartz/Sahra (Fashion Doll)
Benja : 2021/09/24 12:56:58
A través de la pequeña princesa Chiika, fue como conocí a Sahra. Otra hermosa muñeca que al verla inspira ternura. Y su gran cantidad de detalles en su ropa, es sensacional.
45cm Original Doll Iris Collect Petit Koharu / Hushhush*Chit-Chat (Fashion Doll)
Benja : 2021/09/23 14:10:56
Koharu es una muñequita muy hermosa, con su cabello plateado y sus ojos claros, le dan un toque muy lindo y alegre a la vez. Koharu junto a Anna parecen las clásicas hermanitas de anime. De todas las versiones que existen de Koharu y Anna, estas son las que más me fascinaron.
Dakaretai Otoko No.1 ni Odosareteimasu. - Junta Azumaya (Fashion Doll)
Livong : 2021/09/19 17:57:55
Dakaretai Otoko No.1 ni Odosareteimasu. - Takato Saijo (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2021/09/19 17:56:26
Harmonia Humming Chino (Fashion Doll)
pukifee : 2021/09/17 1:18:32
Very cute, but for the price I think they should include extra hands for more expression!!! :)
Pure Neemo Flection XS/Boy (Tan) (Fashion Doll)
pukifee : 2021/05/10 11:42:31
Been waiting for this tan skin release for years! ... unfortunately not the xs boy body please stock the female
bodies! ♡♡♡!! I do not want to buy the blythe tan body (recast) :(
Super Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton Pale / Medium Breast (Fashion Doll)
Aero04 : 2021/04/24 21:49:22
This TB League figure has a fine design, the Manga-like head is a goo idea and sets this character apart from the other TB League figures, but... Sadly, she has the exact same face as this Azone Custom Lily figure : https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10586620
45cm Original Doll Iris Collect Petit Anna / Stellar Light Twins (Fashion Doll)
Benja : 2021/04/12 11:35:26
Es una muñeca con detalles maravillosamente cuidados, y sus ojos azules, son muy hermosos, pero su cabello es muy difícil de acomodar.
PNXS Soft Vinyl Strap Shoes (Black) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2021/04/06 18:01:57
The shoes are very cute on my doll but they were very difficult to put on. I was scared of tearing the shoe while trying to put them on so I soaked them in warm water to loosen them up a bit and it helped slightly.I just wish they weren't as tight.
[Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai] Mai Sakurajima (Fashion Doll)
Mikey : 2021/03/18 1:18:56
the doll Mai Sugihama (rascal does not dream of bunny girl) is sold out. I would like to order just the school uniform/custom for the doll. Is this item(s) avail separately thru hobby search or Azone International.
[Kaguya-sama: Love is War] Chika Fujiwara (Fashion Doll)
Erika : 2020/12/24 14:17:52
This was an amazing doll, came fast and she’s really cute! The quality of the face and dress is outstanding. From the USA! I highly recommend! ^^
Momoko Doll Chocolate Cigarette (Fashion Doll)
Marion : 2020/09/06 23:41:23
Very pretty momoko, soft look & nice outfit. Go for it!
EX Cute Family Mio/Loyal Maid (Fashion Doll)
Mikey : 2020/07/25 0:28:06
Sorry to see this item is sold out. i will ad to wish list. Meanwhile , I would like to order dress or similar for another doll including brassiere, shorts, garter stocking , pannier and shoes.
[Re: Life in a Different World from Zero] Rem (Fashion Doll)
Erika : 2020/07/23 2:44:44
i just want it to restock... will it?
Obitsu11 Playable Set Full-color Ver. (Fashion Doll)
Yoh : 2020/06/29 9:16:37
i ordered these over the non-colored ones
not disappointed at all, infact happy, fits well with my figmas and even other figures
i kinda wish i ordered 2, and wish obitsu made different weapons too
50cm Original Doll Iris Collect Kano / Hobby Search 20th Anniversary Ver. (Fashion Doll)
Bapao76 : 2020/03/03 7:27:47
Cutest waifu ever <3 thx!
Obitsu Eye B Type 20mm (Red) (Fashion Doll)
Bapao76 : 2020/02/21 2:55:01
Cute <3
50 Simple Brassiere & Shorts II (Pink) (Fashion Doll)
Bapao76 : 2020/02/21 2:53:05
Pants fit perfectly, bra too large for m-bust
AZO2 G Bust Lacey Brassiere Shorts Set (Snow White) (Fashion Doll)
Bapao76 : 2020/02/21 2:50:11
Nice set! Good upgrade <3
50 Ellen`s Closet Yumemiru Otome no Kurarori Set (Bordeaux x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
Bapao76 : 2020/02/21 2:15:05
I love this dress. Make sure you hand wash it first, because it lets go of some dye.
50cm Original Doll Iris Collect Kano / Hobby Search 20th Anniversary Ver. (Fashion Doll)
Bokeh : 2020/02/09 19:30:38
Very beautiful, but the quality of Wig and Haori could be better.
Very good price.
Wolf and Spice 1/6 Hybrid Active Figure Holo (Fashion Doll)
Holo fan : 2020/02/04 17:19:46
You should restock it, really
50cm Original Doll Iris Collect Fuko / Girly Sweetheart (Fashion Doll)
KD : 2020/01/14 14:18:29
This is my first 1/3 scale doll from Azone and I'm very pleased with my purchase and for a great price she's very beautiful and looks better in person and the clothes are very detailed and stylish and the quality of the doll herself and the clothes and accessories are just as good as volks. If your someone who's looking into purchasing 1/3 scale anime type doll for the first time but cheaper and great quality at the same time I suggest you check out Azone you will not be disappointed.
48cm Original Doll Time of Eternal Series Alice / Time of Grace IV -Taisho Roman- Black Cat Rondo *Secondary Production (Fashion Doll)
Aylin : 2020/01/12 13:08:51
so beautiful!
FR Nippon Collection / Malibu Mood Misaki (Fashion Doll)
rgr1856 : 2019/12/15 8:36:31
Beautiful doll with a great outfit and sun kissed skin tone. Love her!!!
Picconeemo S Body Joint Reinforcement Version (White Skin) (Fashion Doll)
Zin : 2019/09/27 20:10:03
I love it and i want to buy more of them, for my doll heads T.T Can you restock them? or make back order?
27cm Panty Stocking (Mesh/Black) (Fashion Doll)
me : 2019/08/27 22:24:01
Best 1/6 pantyhose! No seams, thin but durable material.
Picco D Military Combat Boots (Black) (Fashion Doll)
Confusing Name : 2019/08/13 9:14:00
Bought for my Picco Neemo D. Very cute shoes, but don't fit Picco Neemo D feet even though they are labeled as Picco D combat boots. I know this is partially my fault for not looking at the sizing charts, but listing them as Picco D shoes could cause some confusion.
FR Nippon Collection / Lovin` The Night Life Misaki (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/07/31 16:53:38
love her brown eyes and venitian hair the coat is wonderful
EX Cute 13th Series Magical Cute / Happy Shiny Koron (Fashion Doll)
DiscoFirepower : 2019/07/17 23:15:50
Another adorable doll from Azone, only flaw as that her dress was missing one of the 6 buttons on the front. Product description is correct, she makes everyone happy.
[Is the Order a Rabbit??] Chino (Fashion Doll)
Flavasweet : 2019/07/17 10:45:29
She is soooo cute!! My only wish is that she had real clips instead of ribbon pretend clips.
CCS 19SS Momoko (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/07/10 4:05:46
This doll is beautiful, a lot prettier than the pictures show of her. She has a lovely body tone and she's classy. I haven't tried to put the sweater on.
Soft Vinyl High Cut Sneakers (Red x White) (Fashion Doll)
kearney : 2019/07/07 4:53:57
extremely soft and very thin, be careful when using as the thin material may rip/split, paint is likely to rub off from over handling as well.
Momoko Doll Boring Days (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/04/26 3:27:19
This momoko doll is by far prettier than the photos of Sekiguchi. the outfit is very beautiful with tartan pants and jacket. She is very hard to photograph. Her hair has two tones of brown. She has pink shadow on the side of her eyes. Her lips are a smooth pink. It is a great surprise.
[Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight] Ai Enma Obitsu Uniform Project Collaboration Model (Fashion Doll)
ary : 2019/04/25 11:20:15
no straw doll??
Fresh Ruruko 1902 (Fashion Doll)
Flavasweet : 2019/03/14 22:27:58
She is absolutely adorable and a must have. Always well made.
1/6 The King of Fighters `98 Iori Yagami (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/03/08 10:13:13
Holy...please, some one buy SNK back from chinese.
50-04 Head (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2019/03/07 4:33:43
Cheeky boy
[Sword Art Online] Yuki Asuna (Fashion Doll)
Mike : 2018/12/25 22:33:17
To bad most of the stuff is not longer available. Because sold out.
All of them should be still available for persons outside Japan.
It is just bad when you see the Orignal Price and then the Moon prices from some which it seems got a bunch of them and sell them with prices over 1000 US$.

This sucks for new buyers.

Pico EX Cute - Blue Bird`s Song IV / Miu (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/06 17:46:13
So sweet and little Miu! And Tiny perfect clothes!
Alvastaria / Milo -Reticent Barefoot Technician- (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/06 17:39:44
Milo is so kawaii Alvastaria boy! So elegant and cute!
PNS Sugar Dream Tote Bag by MAKI (Pink) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 21:13:36
Beautiful pink bag with a little pink rabbit so lovely with mint ice cream!
PNS Sugar Dream Puff Sleeve T-shirt by MAKI (Pastel Lavender) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 21:09:30
This pastel lavender T-shirt is so cute with the beautiful mint hair unicorn!
PNS Sugar Dream Osatou Ribbon Frill Skirt (Pastel Pink x Pastel Blue) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 21:04:08
Kawaii pastel colors skirt!
PNS Polka Dot Socks B Set (Pastel Pink x Cream, Pastel Lavender x White) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 21:01:32
So sweet pastel pink and pastel lavender socks for Pure Neemo!
PNS Sugar Dream Osatou Ribbon Shoes (Cream) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 20:57:04
Cute vanilla/cream shoes!
Pico EX Cute - Romantic Girly IV / Chiika (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 20:43:18
This Picco Chiika is so adorable and the clothes are so romantic and lovely!
Pico EX Cute - Angelic Sigh IV / Lien (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 20:23:39
So sweet Lien doll with so cute and tiny clothes!
Kinoko Planet [Ribbon Frill Blouse] (White) (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 20:07:19
Very lovely white blouse with removable pink ribbon!
Alvastaria / Ravi -Small Apprentice Reporter- (Fashion Doll)
Nadia : 2018/12/05 19:47:54
Very cute Ravi doll! I love Alvastaria series!
[Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow] Emilia (Fashion Doll)
fyi : 2018/11/29 9:43:48
Looks pretty good. These figures never look like the actual character, but this may be a buy.
[Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow] Emilia (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/11/28 18:46:15
Wonderfully crafted!
EX Cute Family Marshmallow Rabbit / Fuka (Fashion Doll)
Mcnosurge : 2018/10/16 13:59:44
Pantheon The Goddess of Wisdom Athena (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/10/15 17:12:50
Scarlett Johansson is Athena? Really?? o_O
Pantheon The Goddess of Under World Hades (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/10/15 17:09:59
Hades turned into a woman.... how much they know of Greek-Roman civilization?
>_< Nice figure indeed.
50cm Doll [Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight] Ai Enma (Fashion Doll)
Sra llorente : 2018/10/06 5:02:18
Quiero esta muñeca por que me gusta y la serie me encanta
GAC Toys 1/6 Westerner Beauty 017 Sexy Face D (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/09/16 8:42:19
How good is the face compared to the preview pictures?
Some places I see that the face is older looking. Not pretty like shown.
Does GAC toys live up to expected in the pictures shown?
GAC Toys 1/6 Westerner Beauty 017 Sexy Face A (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/09/16 8:39:38
How good is the face compared to the preview pictures?
Some places I see that the face is older looking.
Attack on Titan - Eren Yeager (Fashion Doll)
ukEzio : 2018/09/05 23:54:40
He's awesome! I love him so much. Details of his costume are so amazing, boots are so cool. I like his face a lot. That's my first Azone doll and I'm very impressed, he's one of my favs dolls from my collection :D
Pure Neemo Flection Full action S (Natural) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/08/29 19:46:47
Hello, will this body be in stock again please! I prefer this body style much more than than the new Pure Neemo 2 style body. Thank you!
1/12 Lil` Fairy -Small Maid- / Allen (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2018/07/23 18:59:19
My sweet discoverer and his first journey to Egypt. :-)
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Cleo Super Deluxe (Fashion Doll)
Curtis : 2018/07/08 11:46:19
Nice stuff. Why could they not make a version without the extra set, bonus, and furniture. It could be more affordable. Some do not need all of that stuff.
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/06/24 10:59:51
Reviews are becoming numerous, and still i see "Not Fixed" as release date.. what's wrong?? I have to worry o_O
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/06/19 10:16:01
Update: AnthonysCustoms on Youtube reviewed the figure, pointing out the good, the bad and the weird. Turned out smaller than Zangief, not a big problem for me. I recommend check his review. Still in love for the figure. :)
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Athena (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/05/26 19:14:41
Awesome! Simply perfect figure!
TB League 1/6 Collectible Action Figure Cowgirl (Fashion Doll)
The Collector : 2018/05/26 13:20:07
27cm Female Body Soft Bust L (Whity) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/05/06 13:24:07
Please restock~~~This body is sturdy and poses very well and I also like the skin tone.
Pico EX Cute - Angelic Sigh IV / Lien (Fashion Doll)
Candiednickle : 2018/05/05 6:14:23
She is Gorgeous! Picconeemos are the best . So tiny and poseable 💖
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/04/12 10:36:06
… is that the best you can do?

Wow, it's slightly bigger than Zangief, and much cooler imho (no offense to Zangief fans).
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Cleo Super Deluxe (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/03/17 20:14:44
GM626 Heinz Wilhelm Guderian Generaloberst (Fashion Doll)
Jhango : 2018/03/13 11:11:15
It's PERFECT! It's a great work of art!
CCS 17AW Momoko (Fashion Doll)
Hazel : 2018/03/13 0:23:27
This doll is one of the most beautiful CCS momoko I have seen. Her face is very sweet and delicate. The outfit is great with several possibilities.
50cm Cocktail Dress (Green) (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2018/02/07 16:37:44
Hi, can this item be shipped in SAL small packet?
[Re: Life in a Different World from Zero] Rem (Fashion Doll)
Hime : 2017/10/09 0:57:00
Rem is very cute and her clothes adorable.
Now I'm waiting for Ram.
Erwin Rommel Generalfeldmarschall Atlantic Wall 1944 (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2017/08/26 19:38:00
The Desert Fox in person! Simply Perfect!
Alvastaria / Meryl -Day of Departure- (Fashion Doll)
No Name : 2017/08/26 3:13:00
Hello!!! I have a question. You can tell when sending to Belarus to specify a low cost. This is the minimum for customs clearance.
PNS Animal Raglan Dress (Pink x White) (Fashion Doll)
Talolili : 2017/08/20 5:23:00
Super cute t-shirt. Fits my Momoko perfectly.
EX Cute Family Wakaba / Lovey leaf (Fashion Doll)
xoxxox : 2017/07/15 5:22:00
Does she come with hand parts

EX Cute Otogi no Kuni / Miu & Prince of Frog (Fashion Doll)
xoxxox : 2017/06/17 1:44:00
She's cute is she suppose to be the princess and the frog thing
AZO2 Frill Bikini Set (White x Pink) (Fashion Doll)
chocolatecheesecake : 2017/06/15 17:25:00
@cheese cake heaven:
the item is for 1/3 dolls, so unless your doll is around 50cm tall, it wouldn't fit...
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