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Rafale C Multirole Combat Fighter C01, Farnborough Airshow, September 1992 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2024/05/21 22:31:49
Awesome! A beautiful and detailed model! weaponry complete!
AN-225 Mriya Antonov Airlines UR-82060 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2023/06/23 22:44:57
Awesome model!
Zero Fighter Type II 3-112, Lt. Minoru Suzuki, 12th Kokutai, China 1941 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Robert : 2020/10/17 2:52:51
A6M Zero's first air-to-air happened on 9/13/1937 over Chongqing: 12th Kokutai Zeroes met 34 Polikarpov I-15 + I-16 fighters led by Maj. Louie Yim-qun and Maj. Zhèng Shaoyu; the Zeroes claimed 27 of the Chinese fighters, the Chinese lost 10 pilots killed and 8 wounded; Lt. Gao Youxin did latch onto the tail of a Zero and thought he shot it down, but in fact all Zeroes safely returned to base with 4 Zeroes damaged... both Major Louie and Zhèng survived the Battle.
020. AC-130U Spooky II Gunship (Pre-built Aircraft)
1999 : 2020/08/14 12:27:27
I have been receive AC-130U Spooky II Gunship (Pre-built Aircraft) It Missing parts and have defects Wrong installation at 105 mm cannon please consider after buy it
F-14D VF-31 Tomcatters AJ100 No.164342 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Federicoraf : 2020/04/10 16:27:39
How big is the model, length, wingspan, scale?
Thank you
Su-24M Russian Air Force White 16 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/23 5:28:28
Where's the weapons? My god, and the quality control? Trash of the trash! I gone lured!!!!!
Spitfire Mk.Vb `Jan Zumbach` (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/21 19:23:40
Very beautful!
English Electric Lightning F.6 XS927/N, RAF No.74 Squadron `The Tigers` (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/14 19:38:40
Fantastic model!
A-6E Intruder VA-196 Main Battery NK500 1996 Last Cruise (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2019/03/12 7:04:28
Great model, but missed one bomb...
Maneuver Combat Vehicle (Prototype) No.1 TRDI (2013) (Pre-built Aircraft)
No Name : 2017/12/11 16:18:00
it's great
10 Posts ( show 1-10 )