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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Kaigyoku / Gyokusetsu Amount Magnet Satoru Gojo (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2024/07/17 23:28:14
 (Chou Yougen 2022 Natsu) 【MST (Masato)】 Soushuku Souhi (Jujutsu Kaisen)
TV Anime [The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2] Satsuki Nakano: Angel Ver. (PVC Figure)
anon : 2024/07/12 21:15:17
Satsuki... lmao
Kaoming Illustration [Ao Nanjo] (PVC Figure)
Frank : 2024/07/12 1:19:17
Paintwork on bathing suit, goggles and her eyes are quite horrible. No love for essential details. The whole figurine lacks kind of skilled designer commitment. Only good thing is the shiny finish on her body. But that's not enough.
Mirage C04-Atlas Foxeye Ver. (Plastic model)
av : 2024/07/07 4:42:56
just stop....let bandai handle with super quality and price
30MM Extended Armament Vehicle (Tilt Rotor Ver.) (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/07/06 8:35:02
nice model soft plastic
Elira Pendora with PIKL Summer ver. w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
Tael : 2024/07/04 21:33:11
Should have made it all black.
Bunny Girl Eileen (PVC Figure)
Skyounkin : 2024/07/04 14:56:11
Did I call this or what??
Option Foot Parts Set for Eileen (PVC Figure)
Skyounkin : 2024/07/03 20:33:04
YEAHHHH! Snail Shell delivering what their customers want!! Hell, YES!
Street Fighter M.Bison Action Figure (Completed)
DCSG 81 : 2024/06/26 17:19:26
One of the best from Jada Toys releases with the cloth cape with bendy wire, just wish it is slightly taller.
Check out my review here: https://youtu.be/lP8vXnUr3rI
Mafex No.203 Winter Soldier (Completed)
DCSG 81 : 2024/06/26 11:54:37
Another strong release from Mafex, just no guns accessory.
Check out my review here: https://youtu.be/gdUvgu9IhsM
Mafex No.215 Knight Crusader Batman (Completed)
DCSG 81 : 2024/06/26 11:34:18
Awesome looking figure, must have if you dig the classic Batman look.
Smart Daughter Eos/Moon White (Plastic model)
Rue : 2024/06/25 12:24:17
Low quality, brittle plastic. Parts snapped in half during the construction process.
[Guilty Gear Strive] Baiken (PVC Figure)
PeteTheGrouch : 2024/06/22 8:51:08
Ehhh, kinda 'mid', tbh...

Maybe if it was about $50 cheaper; as it stands, though? Hard pass.
[Read the cautionary note] Hokuro Ryuseigun [Otoko no Ko Momo] (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No name : 2024/06/16 22:31:44
Replying to the other “no name”

She has a penis. It’s just censored in the photo

Plamax Naked Angel: Suzume Mino (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:23:18
what i can do make mei nagano debut jav?
YF-19 Battroid `Macross Plus` (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:19:25
copycat bandai?
GA GAN01 SunShine L (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:16:59
just stop make ac lol...just let bandai make it boom!!!
Koppel B Tank (Heritage Color Light Blue, Simple Rod) (Model Train)
Captain Breakfast : 2024/06/14 10:21:05
Of what purpose is it to present an item which is …A) Not compatible with conventional N- scale power supply systems. B) Purports to have Detailing Parts available which are Not shown. C) Is Not even available as it is “out of stock “
RPG-02 Sister Muse Asdo w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/06/13 11:47:15
Peterbilt 281 1955 (Diecast Car)
ltb : 2024/06/13 11:18:58
Toyota GT-One TS020 (Model Car)
Park : 2024/06/12 12:56:23
The most underrated model kit. It is a steal on this price.
Scarlet (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/06/02 8:08:34
I don't play this game or know this character, but I just love her hat.
Pop Up Parade Magia Baiser L Size (PVC Figure)
Char747 : 2024/06/01 1:44:04
I hope they remember to paint her nails the appropriate deep purple...

Otherwise this looks good!
Azur Lane Janus: Fear of Changing... Clothes Ver. w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
NotBob : 2024/05/31 22:50:16
Not to say that I don't like it, but why bother wearing clothes if they're transparent anyway?
Bunny Girl Eileen (PVC Figure)
skyounkin : 2024/05/30 8:21:28
Barefoot options for her too, please!
Pumpkin Princess w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
skyounkin : 2024/05/30 8:20:55
I need bare foot options for all my Snail Shell ladies!!
Snake-eye Reconnaissance Type Seapig (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/05/29 8:05:09
re-issue surprised its not got a pair of hands version (same as the prowler version) and still no normal 1/20 prowler fireball SG version either (had to make my own & inc this with hands looks better)
Asuka Langley (PVC Figure)
PeteTheGrouch : 2024/05/29 1:31:30
It's been a long journey, but, at long last, she's finally here... sure, it took three months of waiting, a return trip to Japan, plus an extra £50 delivery... but, in the end, she was ALL worth it!

Best part?

Those robbing bandits at Parcelfarce didn't get their extortion tax outta me THIS time... Win-win. ;-)
[Read the cautionary note] `Pucchi Niku` Lolita China Girl Minmin (PVC Figure)
Interwebs : 2024/05/29 0:20:16
This figure is disappointing because it cannot be removed from the base due to glue. It is otherwise high quality.
Elf Village 14th Villager Mama Tiana (PVC Figure)
Dead wallet : 2024/05/26 1:49:41
yup, love me some tiddy elf village figures but that price is a bit overkill i think.
[Read the cautionary note] Hokuro Ryuseigun [Otoko no Ko Momo] (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/05/25 22:27:02
Is she taking a duke?
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Futanari Shoujo Shizuku (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/05/25 22:25:39
Wat happened to hobbysearch?... its loaded with p*doph ile and confused incel figures now... garbage
chitocerium I-hydra (Unassembled Kit)
anon : 2024/05/25 7:47:35
scale 1/1?? for 6000yen?! no way lol
Pop Up Parade SP Exodia the Forbidden One (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/05/24 12:46:00
Details came out Amazing, bout time we got one of these if Kotobukiya wont continue the giant monster line
Pop Up Parade Summoned Skull L Size (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/05/24 12:39:25
God dayum he came out beautiful
Rafale C Multirole Combat Fighter C01, Farnborough Airshow, September 1992 (Pre-built Aircraft)
Fox : 2024/05/21 22:31:49
Awesome! A beautiful and detailed model! weaponry complete!
Cross Frame Girl Gaofighgar (Plastic model)
exia 2.0 : 2024/05/21 16:08:31
waiting bandai 30ms cross frame for this
Mega Man X Zero (Plastic model)
Av sod create : 2024/05/21 2:23:33
what the ..... bandai where are your frs?
MAGI ARTS x INFINOTE Yuko Yashiki Bunny Girl Deluxe Edition w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/05/19 15:48:51
This would have been much nicer if they kept the proportions of the artwork.
Elf Village 14th Villager Mama Tiana (PVC Figure)
hurr durr : 2024/05/19 0:58:50
love me some milf elf waifus. but the price?!? god damn, 300 hundo plus. the other girls in the series were about 0nly 20k/28k yen plus, not double. granted its very beautiful n detail, but double the price?!?
Pumpkin Princess w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
gvaughey : 2024/05/18 23:32:38
I saw concept art for this figure, like, 3 years ago! I genuinely thought that they'd given up on the idea. Glad to be proven wrong. Instant pre-order.
MODEROID SIDE:R Blitzschlag (Plastic model)
Av : 2024/05/18 19:46:09
tgis this crazy price
bandai this time for take it
Option Foot Parts Set for Succubus Lustia (PVC Figure)
skyounkin@gmail.com : 2024/05/15 11:18:27
Snail Shell knows their customers. LOL
But I prefer the goat hooves.
Lineark White-Glint (Plastic model)
av : 2024/05/10 18:15:50
no one will buy it....waiting bandai 30mm white glint!!!!
bye bye koto😂 your price so expansive
`70 Mitsubishi Galant GTO-MR (Model Car)
PLM : 2024/05/10 1:00:59
Very simple one page instructions and a good, easy build for beginners. Loses a couple stars as this model contains no decal sheet, so the body stripe that came standard on the MR trim and any badges have to be painted by hand
Hina (PVC Figure)
noname : 2024/05/03 4:44:36
Painting is not good on this item, easily scratches off.
Skin tone consists of 3 different shades, so hands/top of body/bottom of body dont match up.
Many uncleaned flashing issues as well as parts joining gaps.
I would not recommend this figure, especially at the initial price point. This is no where near comparable to the promotional material.
Mine came with the head detached and it does not easily pop back in.
Hina (PVC Figure)
noname : 2024/05/03 4:37:53
Painting is not good on this item, easily scratches off.
Skin tone consists of 3 different shades, so hands/top of body/bottom of body dont match up.
Many uncleaned flashing issues as well as parts joining gaps.
I would not recommend this figure, especially at the initial price point.
RPG-01 Succubus Lustia (PVC Figure)
skyounkin : 2024/05/01 7:03:49
Snail Shell knocks another one out of the park! I love me a cute succubus with goat hooves!
Amamiya-sensei (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/04/27 20:31:45
Autistic garbage.
USAF Fighter F-15C Eagle 44th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron `Vampire Butts` (Plastic model)
No Name : 2024/04/25 19:38:52
Your title says "Vampire Butts". It should be Vampire Bats.
Concept Masterline Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Faputa (Completed)
EB : 2024/04/24 19:40:40
I want this without the enormous base ;o;
Pop Up Parade Alucard L Size (PVC Figure)
NotBob : 2024/04/24 17:01:08
So what about this is actually L size? It's only 185mm in height?
DIGSTA [Yakuza] Goro Majima -Fierce Fight- (PVC Figure)
Katie McMurry : 2024/04/19 0:30:36
24 hour Cinderella san
Space Police (PVC Figure)
Stanley Ipkiss : 2024/04/18 20:08:33
Man they gave her that Tonka truck, that wagon, that dump truck, that oonga boonga woonga. My goodness
Pop Up Parade Zero Two: Pilot Suit Ver. L Size (PVC Figure)
Katie McMurry : 2024/04/16 1:32:31
Wow she is so cute with that pose! Totally fits her personality.
YF-19 Battroid `Macross Plus` (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/04/13 9:16:27
bandai 1/72 scale have not made a YF19 or VF19 or the NIGHTMARE & delta wing in a variable version ? plastic kit
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Futanari Girl`s Teeth Brushing Jane (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/04/13 1:42:03
We are going extinct. Please no more
Guilty Gear -Strive- Jack-O w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2024/04/05 3:09:25
@No Name
It's not intended to be a love doll, especially at the price.
Pumpkin Princess w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
RX-0 : 2024/04/03 14:15:39
I've been waiting for this.
Pumpkin Princess w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
skyounkin : 2024/04/03 12:02:50
She looks so freaking cool!
MyTRAM Classic BLUE (Model Train)
Bill : 2024/04/02 1:36:00
I wish to order an extra powered chassis for myTram # 1-806-1. I believe the item number is 1-806-1B. I was sure I located this part on your website but I can't find it now. Can you please give me information as to where I can order this item?
...Thanks Bill
Guilty Gear -Strive- Jack-O w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2024/03/27 8:47:05
It’s a fair price
Guilty Gear -Strive- Jack-O w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/03/27 7:36:46
Would've preferred a bigger scale, tbh...

I mean, there's a whole bunch of models out there in 1/6 or 1/4 with this now iconic pose; yet, the first time we get the character herself, it's this dinky size?

Dunno, just seems kinda a waste to me...
Yuuka -Daily Life Of A Treasurer- (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/03/27 1:16:22
Will the figure weigh 100KG or more?
Doll Stand B (Gold) (Fashion Doll)
Angel soria : 2024/03/22 5:19:30
hi! one question,you have Doll Stand B (Gold) (Fashion Doll)
Rela Cot Spy x Family (Set of 10) (Shokugan)
No Name : 2024/03/21 11:30:50
Let's fly fly fly gumayusi
PalVerse The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie (Set of 6) (PVC Figure)
anon : 2024/03/20 9:18:04
sad, doesnt really resemble the characters... ;;
Silent Hill 2 / Misty Day, Remains of the Judgment - Red Pyramid Thing - 1/6 Scale Statue (Completed)
hino : 2024/03/19 5:59:33
amazing statue as usual from gecco, the little booklet included its a really nice detail for the fans that wanted to see the process.
it has a good weight, wich makes it really stable
Autonomous Doll Bamil illustration by Kanko (PVC Figure)
skyounkin : 2024/03/13 12:23:35
Oh, wow; when I originally saw her I thought she was an actual possible doll and for 1/6th at that price she would be a steal. Still a cool figure though.
Pop Up Parade SP Fluted Armor (PS5) (Completed)
skyounkin : 2024/03/05 12:52:27
Wow... he is over 8 inches tall? Coool! Here is hoping we get a Maiden in Black as well!
Little Demon Lilith (PVC Figure)
EcchiNeko : 2024/03/05 4:25:51
Amazing figure. It looks great, and is well made.
MODEROID SHIKON (Dual-pilot Model) (Plastic model)
Av : 2024/03/02 2:29:53
waiting bandai...gsc meh
Revoltech Sally (Completed)
R2D2 : 2024/03/01 16:13:58
The segmented hair Q_Q
Vermeil: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
anon : 2024/03/01 5:37:12
wooooooow~ niiiiice
ZB-26 The 1000th Paper Crane -Wounded Ver.- (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/02/29 4:53:44
I think panties won't hurt you))
Final Fantasy VII Bring Arts Cloud Strife (Completed)
R2D2 : 2024/02/28 23:50:18
For this price I expect all the swords.
Nendoroid Freddy Fazbear (Completed)
No Name : 2024/02/22 10:36:48
Hindenburg (Plastic model)
Phantom2max : 2024/02/21 10:28:50
Very good model despite the age and low part count,highly recomended.
Figure-rise Standard Amplified BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER (Plastic model)
No Name : 2024/02/20 6:23:48
Gold is a mix of transparency and deep reflection, very easy to clean up with Nanofile, to get a shining result. Same with midnight armor, has dust flakes within. The fastest and cleanest model kit to tool with, thanks to innovative injected (metal-like) PS mixture!
Cyber Forest Fantasy Girls FF0119 Mad Wolf (Plastic model)
skyounkin : 2024/02/19 10:50:46
LOL- Cute Guts picture.
Delta ED Ver. (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2024/02/19 0:25:29
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Futanari Shoujo Maaya (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/02/18 0:20:01
a lot of money for NO cast off options...
* one star for her face expression
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Futanari Shoujo Maaya (1/6 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/02/18 0:19:26
a lot of money for NO cast off options...
* one star for her face expression
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Vanessa Group Caress Ver. (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/02/18 0:01:01
HOW to buy a figure which is not fully shown?
are these accessories (hands) detachable?
[Read the cautionary note] Nikukan Shoujo Zakuro Kirigaya (1/4 Scale) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2024/02/17 23:44:14
her face expression RUINS the voluptuous body - what a pity
[Read the cautionary note] Kantoku [Nagisa] (PVC Figure)
thang1160 : 2024/02/14 18:13:51
That's not PVC
Private Ownership Container Type UR4 (Japan Oil Transportation) (5 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 19:46:18
MODEROID ED-209 (Plastic model)
Rod : 2024/02/11 17:01:27
Really nice kit! Excellent quality. It's big! :-D
20D Container Model Rail Contest 2022 Wrapping (2 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 1:02:56
Private Ownership Container Type UM12A-105000 (Cream) (2 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:57:20
Container Type UF15A Style YANMA COOL Old Color (3pcs.) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:52:16
Koki200 ISO Tank Container [Nippon Riku-un Sangyo] Carrying (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:47:52
UR17A-70000 JOT SUPER UR (Early Color / with Eco Rail Mark) (3pcs.) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:44:05
U19A Loginet Japan Lashing Container (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:40:03
UR19A-15000 Style Container JOT Red Line (Support the Environment Century) (3pcs.) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:34:33
Container Type UF15A `Yanmar Cool Container` (3 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:25:08
U32A Style Mizushima Rinkai Railway (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:20:52
U19A Style Chuo-Tsuun (Loginet Japan) (3 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:17:17
U28A Type Naniwa Transportation (Fashion Service Car) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:14:02
20f Container U31A-800 Type Seino (3 Pieces) (Model Train)
non : 2024/02/11 0:08:15
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