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Gantz: O Reika & Anzu Yamasaki Seamless Action Figure (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2019/12/12 2:04:22
I never liked collecting action figures, because of the gross looking joints, but these look absolutely amazing and you can’t see the joints, because they are well hidden.
Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum (Unassembled Kit)
Alert : 2019/12/09 19:15:24
I think you are the one who misunderstood since some of the part need to repainted (like the black box)
Sonia: Summer Princess (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/12/09 10:13:17
We need more characters from this series. This looks nice with an ok price. Should be a little lower in price. Probably not going to buy it since there are way too many figures to consider these days. If they had a lower price, then it would have been a buy... maybe.
Nendoroid Yoshino (PVC Figure)
Varcorion : 2019/12/06 14:28:35
I ordered this on Sunday and it literally came next friday. Amazing service
Revy: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
dan : 2019/12/03 10:28:52
Arrived broken the bunny ear was torn off
Sakuya Mode Change Ver. (PVC Figure)
monk : 2019/12/01 11:56:20
Agreed. Manufacturers think that we would buy anything and will take advantage of the popularity. The manufacturers greedy face are showing. This figure looks very basic since it has no intricate armor or clothing.
Cow Girl (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/29 22:46:34
Looks very detailed. But this character is annoying in the show. Actually, the voice is annoying. Every show that has that voice as the main character is avoided. It is good that this series only use that voice very little. Good series to watch. Would buy this if it were not for the annoying voice every time looking at it.
Gutto kuru Figure Collection Kurokami Medaka (PVC Figure)
Iryuknite : 2019/11/27 16:16:48
Need more Medaka box action figures pls. I didn't buy one, for god sake.......!!!!!!!
Wan Fu Nyan Illustration by Tony (PVC Figure)
2-3d otaku : 2019/11/26 23:46:00
Very nice, I'm glad Skytube was the one who produced it.
Wan Fu Nyan Illustration by Tony (PVC Figure)
ok : 2019/11/26 15:31:14
waifu nyan, you say? ok, tony, i got it.
Comic Shingeki Taihei Tengoku Cover Girl Saki Nishina Ver.2 Muchi Muchi Athletic Festival! (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/24 12:36:06
To Love-Ru Darkness Momo Belia Deviluke Darkness Ver. (PVC Figure)
bob : 2019/11/22 20:46:18
If allowed to nitpick, I'd say the hair and tail tip parts should receive better treatment or at least same as GSC's 1/4 one. Good job on the foot digits tho.
Saber/Arturia Pendragon [Alter] Dress Ver. (PVC Figure)
Tru : 2019/11/22 20:37:50
Got it around 3 months ago and its fantastic. Details are jawdropping, but the cost too.

Worth it tho
Queens Blade Leina Omega Style (PVC Figure)
翊帆 : 2019/11/22 15:02:56
還有這款公仔嗎 我想要這隻公仔 找了8年都找不到
Kurumi Tokisaki: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
MONOLITHIC : 2019/11/22 6:24:44
That’s one helluva arch & twist. Very impressive.
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/11/21 12:53:34
Accessories shown are not included.

In the description "Accessories: hand parts x 4, fig leaves parts"

Also, hilarious.
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/21 11:11:14
Got this guy and what the hell... he doesn't come with the ax that is in some of the pics. Booooooo!!
Excellent Model Core Queens Blade P-11 Irma (PVC Figure)
iboy : 2019/11/20 13:50:34
So I own this since 2013 I guess. Every now and then I pull it out to look at. It's not the smuttiest. Anymore. But it still does have redeeming qualities.
Sonia: Summer Princess (PVC Figure)
mcnosurge : 2019/11/20 12:47:51
I'm skeptical about Vertex figures in the past. Reviews were mediocre for the ones I was interested in. I don't know how far they've come since the beginning, but they've got my interest for picking up my waifu Sonia. I'd love to see more figures for the Resonance girls.
Nendoroid Dante: DMC5 Ver. (PVC Figure)
llaannccee : 2019/11/18 16:03:53
Didn't expect that Cavaliere will be included. SWEET!!!
Nendoroid Holo (PVC Figure)
Ostap : 2019/11/18 15:42:50
The figure arrived almost in no time. The package is really good and tight, thanks to HS.
The figure itself is really solid, the painting has no problems and the amount of possible configurations makes you want to buy even more of this figure. I really appreciate the quality of service and the figurine.
Hestia: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/11/18 13:58:01
@No Name:
errr... having a taller box will not help you ship these bunnies in a small packet box...
if you try calculating the sizes of past bunnies, you will notice most of them exceeds the small packet size limitation...
Hestia: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/18 11:43:52
Since this is not exactly big and tall, maybe a buy - only If it is small packet shipping. The store should think about buying some tall shipping boxes that meet the small packet size.
Sakuya Mode Change Ver. (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/11/18 11:37:09
It is decent, very basic looking. Too many figures of this character already. How about giving another character some figures. The price is high, considering that there is no clothes to paint or sculpt. Only some cheap ribbons which is not very difficult or use up a lot of plastic..
Ping Hai -Merry Summer- (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/18 11:30:32
The scale is very small for the asking price. It Needs to be at least 26cm. Will skip this one. Too many other pre-orders already. It is a competitive world, so all manufacturers need to price them at a good price to continue their business. There are too many manufacturers trying to get in on the money these days.
Hestia: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
JumpMan'81 : 2019/11/17 15:04:14
@Bilbo I'm not a Hestia fan but she is the mascot of my fav light novel series. I'm all *eyes* for *Aiz*
Ais Wallenstein: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Bilbo : 2019/11/17 10:49:03
Today I bury my wallet...
Hestia: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Bilbo : 2019/11/17 10:48:38
My wallet! It's on fire!!!
Sakura Igawa Suntan Ver. (PVC Figure)
Bilbo : 2019/11/17 10:47:57
Yes please
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
TheBugMan : 2019/11/17 10:05:42
Out of the box the little Goblin has nice stiff joints for holding poses and even standing without a display stand.
Color is darker green than the photos show, but that may be due to bright lights used in promo photos.
Mine came with two RIGHT hands for the finger insertion pose with kinda upsets me specifically how I wanted to pose my Goblin.
Mine had missing green paint on the tip of Goblin's nose
Overall average 5 out of 10 for duplicate hands and missing paint
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
TTF larson : 2019/11/17 1:13:36
very beautful jeanne d'arc Avengers very good job
very happy =)
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Ghost Type are All Gathering! (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/11/16 11:27:38
Ahhh~~ cute!
but my gengar looks so weird!
very confused feelings jpg
Holo: Plentiful Apple Harvest Ver. (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/11/16 11:16:39
the 10th anniversary's one is the best one so far! This one seems pale in comparison imo.

might wanna wait for this one instead, but still a draft only
T2 Art Girls Knight Princess of the Wheels of Silver Arianrhod 1/6 Pink ver. (PVC Figure)
momo : 2019/11/15 0:09:48
easily one of the top 3 figures on my list of all time
G.E.M. Series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Nezuko on Palm (PVC Figure)
hw2013 : 2019/11/14 22:04:41
Simply the cutest thing I have so far.
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Ghost Type are All Gathering! (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/10 12:48:08
3 previous G.E.M.E.X figures have extremely poor QA, don't expect this to be any better
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Mew & Mewtwo (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/10 12:44:06
bad quality, obvious seamlines, bad paint job, zero QA
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Eevee Friends (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/10 12:42:29
look for actual pictures of vaporeon, it's like the tail is surgically attached!
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Ho-Oh & Lugia (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/10 12:41:41
bad quality, obvious seamlines, bad paintjob, zero QA
Kyoka Jiro Hero Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
hw2013 : 2019/11/09 9:45:53
9/10 https://myfigurecollection.net/picture/2329042&context%5B%5D=uploadedBy%3Ahw2013
figma Edelgard von Hresvelg (PVC Figure)
C-3PO : 2019/11/08 17:53:52
Lady Edelgard 😍😍😍
Atelier of Witch Hat Coco (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/08 6:51:14
Her hair is more blonde than green in the manga.... idk why they made it this way...
Matoi Nidy-2D-Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/05 14:36:30
Too bad, there are too many figures right now reserved, can not buy any more. If it were lower price like 12000 then maybe. It is competitive now since we are over saturated with figures. The only driving point for customers to even consider buying more is a lower price point and at least good quality.
Hoteri (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/11/05 14:26:29
The ears are weird looking. They were trying to get a unique look on the ears. Since there are many with pointy ears. It does not look good even considering that, The head is somewhat flat too. Everything looks decent aside from the head and its features.
Hoteri (PVC Figure)
whoa : 2019/11/05 13:26:08
her ears :O
Black Sister: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/04 13:28:42
Another character that does not have many figures made. Freeing is sure making a lot of these type of figure for different series. It is too bad it is not Small Packet friendly because the store does not have a standard shipping box for these tall and narrow type figures.
Purple Sister: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/11/04 13:25:33
It is good that they are making different characters from the series. The usual picks have been over used to produce figures. This looks very good and has its own look to the usual suit and long ears.
Akagi (PVC Figure)
あるびの : 2019/11/03 9:44:57
No need to be condescending there. And you said doesnt make any sense; most figurines have their head or other parts detachable for easier assembly, so, he/she is asking a perfectly legitimate question.

It is very likely that the tails are detachable. From the images, it seems like the plane track and tails are connected via pegs, and from a packaging perspective it'll only benefits from that.
Nure JK Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
momo : 2019/10/31 15:56:51
an incredibly amazing figure that replicates the Japanese JK beauty perfectly
Nure JK Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
Qun'mi : 2019/10/30 23:45:09
This is awesome!
Pop Up Parade Saber/Altria Pendragon (Lily) Second Ascension (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2019/10/30 18:29:38
a saber that can't shoot beams is no saber
Pop Up Parade Saber/Altria Pendragon (Lily) Second Ascension (PVC Figure)
nadenade : 2019/10/28 15:31:31
saber without her saber is no saber.
figma Kasumi: C2 Black Ver. (PVC Figure)
Mugen Tenshin : 2019/10/26 22:57:42
Kasumi!!! 😍😍😍
[Fragrant Olive Sword] Alice (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/25 18:19:20
Why the price is so high compare to other figure? It’s 1/6 not 1/8.Anything special which I missed out?
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
Cellside : 2019/10/25 6:04:52
She looks great imo, I thought about getting it but I noticed that Flare basically used The bottom half from their 2B figure and reused for this model. Not that the bottom half of these figures are bad but I don't like having similar styles in my collection.
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2019/10/25 4:44:00
Love design on the character. The legs got muscle. I put my reservation on this pvc 👍🏻
Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) [DX Edition] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/24 23:41:01
People who havent preroder and paid are definitely suffering now.
Precious Collection Witch and Hundred Cavalry Metallica & Hundred Cavalry (PVC Figure)
Mantis : 2019/10/23 15:26:04
I love it !
The box is so big, and yeah her face is kinda funny but I really like this pose. The base it's huge and doesn't fit at all, I don't see the point of that, anyway...
Megumi Kato: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/10/21 8:48:13
guess u rnt buying it then, cos this one is very unlikely to fit small packet.
as earlier release Utaha senpai was the same size and cant be shipped with small packet.
Megumi Kato: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Pete : 2019/10/19 10:53:28
If this is can be shipped small packet, then I will buy.
Weapon Shop Cattleya White Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
oh wow : 2019/10/16 10:39:40
Shiro (PVC Figure)
jim : 2019/10/15 12:00:16
I wish this was a 1/6 scale, otherwise, beautiful re-release.
Akagi (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2019/10/13 5:28:37
I'm pretty sure the tail is not detachable because if you've played
the mobile game Azur Lane, that is not an accessory. That is the
character. It's like asking if you can detach wings off Dark Angel
Olivier. LOL
Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) [DX Edition] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/11 19:52:18
i hope it gets rerelease or restock
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
PERVERT : 2019/10/09 23:54:22
She needs a bigger ass.
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2019/10/07 11:08:44
@fyi This is only the first figure of her, there will be better ones. Hopefully Alter, or good smile picks her up. I don’t mind paying more if the figure is done right, and Kotobukiya is a hit, or miss, but I do agree the thighs look stupid here. She looks better in game, more anatomically correct. The art work is trash.
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/06 10:00:54
Looking from the front, the thigh looks like blobs. They should make the stockings larger to lessen the weird blob.
Asia Argento: Lingerie Ver. (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2019/10/02 10:55:48
The first Asia Argento pvc.
It very nice
Eichi Mudo Design Omame-chan [Natsuno Shodoshima] (PVC Figure)
Roliman : 2019/10/02 5:54:08
I own a LOT of loli figres, and am almost disappointed in half of them. The Illya and chloe micromizugi are the best ones I own, but not any more. WOW, this loli is HUGE in scale. Not only that, I really wasn't expecting anything from her thanks to the bad pictures. However, she looks so much better IRL, the pictures do not do her justice. She is my BEST ravioli figure to date. Extremely secksy, and cast-off shoes EVERYTHING.

I had to say Ravioli because the L word is unacceptable lol.
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2019/10/02 5:16:12
THICC Thighs save lives
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2019/10/01 13:44:24
Nice :) 👍🏻🥰
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/10/01 11:46:09
Sure, it is very accurate to the picture. It is good that the sculptor is paying detail attention to the picture. Still look a little weird from paper to sculpt.
Pop Up Parade Goblin Slayer (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/01 10:21:23
Wow....this is a GREAT figure for the price!!!
Megumi Kato: Pillow Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/10/01 6:03:38
Cast off?
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2019/09/30 16:14:37
the illustration this figure is based on has that big thigh thin shin thing going on,
so the sculptor was just very accurate to the original illustration.
To Love-Ru Darkness Golden Darkness White Trance Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/30 9:40:48
That is a high price. The size looks like something less than a one-eight figure. Some of these manufactures are just cash grabbing based on popularity of : the show film, the character and overall figures.
Rebuild of Evangelion Rei Ayanami (Tentative Name) (PVC Figure)
Lucas : 2019/09/30 9:35:08
This is a must buy! A gret addition to any collection.
Ryza (Reisalin Stout) (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2019/09/30 9:30:00
The figure overall looks good. But the thigh is weird disproportionate as it goes down to the feet. Either decrease size of the thigh a little , or increase the size of the lower portion to match the thigh. It just looks weird and off. The price is also too high. around 15K would be better. I think Kotobukiya should start making figures from video games instead of the marvel and DC comic. Maybe Kotobukiya can make a figure on this character. They usually do a good job and at a good price too.
To Love-Ru Darkness Golden Darkness White Trance Ver. (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/09/29 14:20:00
I just notcied she costs more than the 1/6 scale but she much smaller??? I hope that's an error
Snow Miku: Snow Princess Ver. (PVC Figure)
jim : 2019/09/29 5:44:23
Sensei wa Marumaru o Osaerarenai [Closed Room Education of Ms. Tomomi] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/28 9:46:37
AND she is released on time. I can't wait to get her, ::drools::
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
Sen : 2019/09/27 21:32:23
Looks fine to me. What's odd about it?
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
amd : 2019/09/27 13:08:38
anatomy looks odd... the pelvis area...
Goblin-kun (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/09/27 11:29:35
To Love-Ru Darkness Golden Darkness White Trance Ver. (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/09/27 11:06:29
Love it
Snow Miku: Snow Princess Ver. (PVC Figure)
Bryan : 2019/09/26 11:34:31
Must buy!
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
Na Nome : 2019/09/25 21:25:21
she's hot ! i kinda like , would buy for sure !!
i like this version of Mari, better than animation
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
lolwut : 2019/09/25 13:31:29
Asuka is released already. Also rei is just re-release. She realesed already tool.
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2019/09/25 3:01:42
Why release Mari before Asuka? Guess if they did Asuka after Rei, no one would want Mari...
Sensei wa Marumaru o Osaerarenai [Closed Room Education of Ms. Tomomi] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/24 23:13:34
She does come with a topless version.
Next Black (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/23 6:40:40
I would absolutely LOVE Next white and Next Green. They just look so cool!
Rebuild of Evangelion Mari Illustrious Makinami (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/22 9:19:27
The design is far better than the official character design. Yeah, do not like this character either. But the way they made this figure... it changes in a way that I may even consider buying it. Also trying to find a flaw as an excuse not to buy it.
The artist and sculptor did a job that surpasses the original art. Some may like the original design compare to this.
Rikka Takarada (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2019/09/21 10:33:38
I don't like the way they painted the hair lighting effect on.
I will wait and see it in person before scoring.
figma Kazuma (PVC Figure)
Im lovin it : 2019/09/21 10:23:47
I love how over the top the faces are. If you like posing figmas for gags and jokes, this one is pretty good.
Snow Miku: Snow Princess Ver. (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2019/09/21 5:20:44
Looks good
Toy`sworks Collection Niitengo Premium Fate/Apocrypha Black Faction Rider of `Black` (PVC Figure)
Kirua : 2019/09/20 17:46:46
He's s m o l l
He's c u t e
He's p e r f e c t
Totally recommend this fig!
For its price, it's a very fair choice.
Snow Miku: Snow Princess Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2019/09/19 19:06:20
unequal leg length
Nier: Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) [DX Edition] (PVC Figure)
EB : 2019/09/19 2:51:35
Yay! I was able to get one!
Rimuru Tempest (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2019/09/18 12:26:41
Man, that metal bar is really jarring on an otherwise pretty nice fig
Shining Wind [Kanon Shiina] (PVC Figure)
WiseSilverWolf : 2019/09/18 4:06:37
I still have the 2009 version of the figure, back in 09 the figure was awesome I loved the pose, the colors, and how attractive the character looked (I still love them) but her hair color fades over time even if you store her away from sunlight with led lightning. On mine the color of her hair has turned from a red color to a white/pink color over the years. I know that its a 10 yr old figure but if it keeps fading her hair will turn white in a few more years.
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