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Chi (PVC Figure)
Anonymous : 2020/07/15 2:09:12
DHL shipping fee RIP
Girls` Frontline Suomi KP-31 (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2020/07/14 21:04:19
This particular manufacturer also makes the figure on the smaller size when you get it.
Super Sonico [Bikini Style] (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2020/07/14 20:59:44
nice swim wear with nice pose. but cost a bit too much. should be 11k max price. lets be honest, there is no detailed clothing to make. swim wear ver are less and easy to make.
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Asuna (Undine Ver.) (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/07/14 0:10:36
It's an elf pose.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (PVC Figure)
Cellside : 2020/07/12 20:48:15
I'm buying.
Super Sonico [Bikini Style] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/07/12 0:04:24
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/07/11 1:27:31
O-oh my god... my heart can't take this.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (PVC Figure)
noname : 2020/07/11 0:10:34
Wow amazing sculpt but that paint job is less than satisfactory.
figma Lancer/Scathach (PVC Figure)
Garmagic : 2020/07/10 22:36:54
Thank you @Dyna
SR-3MP (PVC Figure)
Smitty : 2020/07/10 14:14:28
Lackluster paint job but kinda expected after seeing Bellfine's Magical Sempai.
Kyuuketsu Onnakyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu: Lesson with Vampire [Renka Akame] (PVC Figure)
Jay : 2020/07/09 10:39:49
Just got mine. Perfect figure, except for the alternate body that came with it. The legs were very difficult to fit in, I didn't want to risk breaking anything so I didn't try to force the legs in. Apart from that, the figure and box arrived perfectly and with no issues.
figma Vanilla (PVC Figure)
Asary : 2020/07/09 10:29:38
No special part?
Girls` Frontline Suomi KP-31 (PVC Figure)
Hibiki : 2020/07/08 5:35:58
While Funny Knights isn’t the best for their quality, they’re the only ones so far to make a scale figure of Suomi. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s passable.

I’m going to preorder her since she’s my waifu.
figma Lancer/Scathach (PVC Figure)
Dyna : 2020/07/04 13:38:27
U can still find her at Mandarake or Solarisjapan
Hdge Technical Statue No.12 Ca Calra (Calne Ca: Prisoner and Paper Plane Ver.) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/06/29 20:37:58
Oh great.....Miku start taking edgy punk Hentai job now.
Suzufuwa -Suzunari Flower Garden Project- Shie Misaki [Summer Grass] (PVC Figure)
Sai : 2020/06/28 11:56:13
I have the same question than "no name" regarding to dress issue, is this new stock free of that issue?
Panty Alter Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/06/27 22:05:54
Please release more of her! ;u;
Super Figure Action JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 [G.E]
oliefant66 : 2020/06/23 18:59:35
love the figure, but the hole on his back isnt big enough the stand, it just fits in a little bit, still love it tho
A-Z:[B] (PVC Figure)
dburt01 : 2020/06/19 20:45:40
A-Z:[B] (PVC Figure)
dburt01 : 2020/06/19 20:43:55
It looks like the scaled figure was slightly changed at final production. The color of the hair, sweater and gloves look completely different in the packaged photo. Perhaps to reflect the original artwork.
figma Lancer/Scathach (PVC Figure)
Garmagic : 2020/06/18 17:43:41
Can't this figma ever be restocked again, or is it over for good?
If it is, is there a place where I can still get it?
Nagatoro-san (PVC Figure)
Ksiyas : 2020/06/16 11:27:57
It really doesn't look right. I really want a good Nagatoro figure but, this ain't it, chief.
Nagatoro-san (PVC Figure)
Nagatoro fan : 2020/06/15 11:12:40
Been waiting for a nagatoro scale and would probably have bought nearly anything that was released but just can't get over that face. It just doesn't capture the spirit of the character for me.
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2020/06/13 14:28:41
This figure is awesome :) I’m sorry hobby search but I order this figure on cdjapan. Cause cdjapan orders is down payment u place a order. I already pay two coconuts. Now I can save money on December get ps5. :)
Megumin: School Uniform Ver. (PVC Figure)
D : 2020/06/13 1:31:38
@No Name
Ok, Thanks!
Megumin: School Uniform Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/06/12 10:59:18
No. Only items with the green "Small Packet" mark can be shipped with Registered SAL.
Megumin: School Uniform Ver. (PVC Figure)
D : 2020/06/12 1:06:29
Can this figure be sent by SAL Registered?
Holo: Plentiful Apple Harvest Ver. (PVC Figure)
Blancnout : 2020/06/10 17:46:43
Hours after I ordered something on this site, this fig became available to buy. RIP my wallet.
Gal Sister President & The Harlem Office Ai Nishikiori (PVC Figure)
hurr durr : 2020/06/10 9:22:19
dam what a milf! instant preorder!
To Love-Ru Darkness Mea Kurosaki Darkness Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/06/05 14:45:04
They can't take pictures of her rear for obvious reasons ...
would raise the age to 20+ (in Japan), and will hurt their business.
I believe there's a fansite that's geared to the more... perverted
tastes, since they show the "goods".
Megumin: Light Novel Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2020/06/02 13:46:21
Wow that left arm really hurts an otherwise nice looking fig. Bummer
Momo Belia Deviluke (PVC Figure)
HJ : 2020/05/28 21:33:04
her blouse is not transparent enough.
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
wut : 2020/05/28 11:28:37
Did anyone mention 'Chinese knock-offs'? Where did you get 'Chinese knock-offs'? Looks like autism was born before human race.
But this figure is kinda plain :/
Chi (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/05/26 5:15:47
You know, I hope this time it actually goes on sale. I have had this on pre-order the first time it went up.
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/05/25 4:34:23
Your complaint about the price is your justification on purchasing
Chinese knock-offs? Seriously, stop coming on here to whine
about the price when you never had any intentions about purchasing
legit products in the first place.
Chiaki Nanami (PVC Figure)
ADMIN : 2020/05/21 22:18:01
*post have been removed for inappropriate content. Please help to keep this a friendly environment for all users.
Sensei wa Marumaru o Osaerarenai [Closed Room Education of Ms. Tomomi Ver.II] (PVC Figure)
... : 2020/05/21 16:02:56
what with all those white areas? where did you see such body 'coloration'?
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/05/21 2:25:43
Very cute. I hate that it's a brand new unknown company making this figure because it could either be really good or really bad. I will take the gamble only because it's Coconut, favorite neko girl.
Nendoroid Daidoji Tomoyo (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/05/18 8:47:29
lmao, at first look i thought she was aiming at gun but then i realized it was a camera :(
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2020/05/16 9:23:20
Stretchy pants. The pants look made rubber. Very cool. 😍👍🏻
To Love-Ru Darkness Mea Kurosaki Darkness Ver. (PVC Figure)
SQUALL4678 : 2020/05/16 3:18:25
Is this a cast off figure
Nendoroid Ayu Tsukimiya (PVC Figure)
Kanon : 2020/05/15 19:43:49
3rd Villager Lincia (PVC Figure)
rey : 2020/05/15 12:06:09
looks cool as prototype, but vertex... :/
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2020/05/14 15:39:56
Very nice. Looks good made. Look perfect with skytube vanilla & Chocolate 1/6. This is 1/6 22cm and vanilla & chocolate is 24cm. But this figure look thick and wide. :)
[Nekopara] Coconut Illustration by Sayori with Stretched Denim (PVC Figure)
ye : 2020/05/14 15:20:52
yeah, sure i just buy figure to store sd cards. just about right to put 10 bucks worth card in 160 bucks figure to fcked up paint. but its okay, what is not okay that is just another non-existing figure maker asking 160usd for kinda generic figure.
Mika Pikazo Illustration [Cat Maid] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/05/13 13:05:32
I would pay good money just for those cats
Kyuuketsu Onnakyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu: Lesson with Vampire [Renka Akame] (PVC Figure)
Another : 2020/05/12 15:21:20
I love this figure. It's beautiful and takes pride of joy in my collection. This one will sell out quickly. I'm very glad I have mine. :D
Lancer/Scathach (PVC Figure)
studioshino : 2020/05/12 11:52:09
One of my favorite figures of Scathach. Her pose is stunning! She stands proudly beside my desktop computer. Control a fully INTERACTIVE + zoomable 360 degree spin(230 frames!) I shot at this link: https://studioshino.sirv.com/Spins/002_TESTING/360%20Figures/FATE_SH/FATE_SH.spin
St. Louis (PVC Figure)
hurr durr : 2020/05/11 23:20:59
absolutely gorgeous, but the price is hideous. Such a shame.......
To Love-Ru Darkness Momo Belia Deviluke Darkness Ver. (PVC Figure)
Killer : 2020/05/10 16:17:36
To Love-Ru Darkness Mea Kurosaki Darkness Ver. (PVC Figure)
Missing : 2020/05/10 14:12:12
Wow, whoever took the photos for this figure is useless...
Mika Pikazo Illustration [Cat Maid] (PVC Figure)
Fissured : 2020/05/10 3:18:54
Would of been an instant pre-order if the apron wearing cats were included.
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Eevee Friends (PVC Figure)
case : 2020/05/09 21:28:29
this one 🥰
G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Mew & Mewtwo (PVC Figure)
case : 2020/05/09 21:27:26
St. Louis (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/05/04 19:14:02
I don't care how intricate and detailed the ship parts on her are, nearly double the price is not worth it. I sometimes wonder if the prices are justified or are just overpriced for the sake of making more money.
Momo Belia Deviluke: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/05/04 5:13:18
I want the bare leg set so bad, but 3080ti .-.
Kazusa Touma (PVC Figure)
anon : 2020/05/03 14:44:08
terrible design, looks absolutely nothing like the anime or visual novel, my goodness!
Alter Ego/Okita Souji (Alter) -Absolute Blade: Endless Three Stage- (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/05/03 2:39:09
The detail is solid, but I think the little artifaces attached to the
bases are cheesy. And to those adding low scores just because
of price, collection hobby is obviously not for you. If you want toys
to play with, look at the cheaper Nendoroid or Figma options.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
zeroke : 2020/05/01 17:02:23
looking at the new azur lane figure alter released , they sell a version without the ship, and as we can see, the ship is actually at a price of one figure lol. I dont think alter will lie about the price, the ship is mostly a pain in the ass, more annoying than the person.
St. Louis (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2020/05/01 16:26:59
Onibana Muzan Onihime Illustrated by Mochi (PVC Figure)
EB : 2020/04/29 4:35:32
I can't wait!
After-School Arena 5th Shot Shadow (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/04/21 18:14:58
250mm? Consider that tall base she is rather small D: too small for that price. Pistol is plain as f... as well.
Figuarts Zero  Hanma Yujiro (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/04/19 7:07:05
4月7日までに新しいものを入手できますか? 私のボーイフレンドはこの正確なモデルを望んでおり、彼は3ヶ月未満で州を去っています
Akeno Himejima (PVC Figure)
TheWeeknd666 : 2020/04/17 19:19:44
Great Akeno figure more of her sadistic side and less flirty side
Mamako Oosuki: School Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
o_o : 2020/04/15 10:09:07
problem is it don't look 'wet', its looks exactly just glossy latex. also is she got wet in that episode where this image comes... i don't remember.
Mamako Oosuki: School Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
passerby : 2020/04/14 21:11:41
did u not no school swimsuit becomes glossy when they become wet?
april 2021... yeah, thats some wait.
Mamako Oosuki: School Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
o_o : 2020/04/14 13:38:20
That ass... I mean pose.
But swimsuit is ugly, heck why with all glossy? Glossy school swimsuit? srsly?
april 2021 -______________-
Onibana Muzan Onihime Illustrated by Mochi (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/04/13 18:45:31
Lost stars for me due to the fact that it doesn't come in a cast off part for her breasts. I have guests who come over and like to have the option to cover them up. Top of that, the manga she is from involves NTR, which is another nope from me. Lost 2 stars for these two reasons.
Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Seiya (First Bronze Cloth) -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/04/10 1:51:02
Sold out in 3 minutes. Thanks scalpers.
Anna Hananoi Illustration by Kai Tomohira (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/04/08 3:37:16
So there I was, mustard on my tiddies...
Emilia: Wedding Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/04/03 4:21:55
After Paying for over $22,500 worth of purchases from this company in just the last 3 years. I send a request for help with one damaged product, the day it arrived & they can't even bother responding to the email.
figma Merlin (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2020/04/02 13:07:21
I want flying Fou kick parts
DH-E001B Equipment for 1/12 Scale Movable Figure: Set B (Ghost) (PVC Figure)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/03/31 13:04:01
Stealth set with suppressed weapons. It even has a Sam Fisher-esque trifocal NVG/NOD.
Kano Ebisugawa Illustration by Piromizu (PVC Figure)
AZ : 2020/03/31 9:34:21
Considering the high quality result of this figure, I'm surprised its not a Skytube Premium. She is just amazing!
Risa Momioka (PVC Figure)
2+3d otaku : 2020/03/31 4:33:25
A rare case where the To Love-Ru figure actually resembles the manga version!
DH-E001A Equipment for 1/12 Scale Movable Figure: Set A (Assault) (PVC Figure)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/03/30 15:10:16
Weapon set but with full gear for any figma.
Hopefully they'll make a gear set with a M1014/Benelli M4 too. Current Little Armory lineup has too little semi-auto shotguns.
UDF Crayon Shin-chan Bum Alien (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/03/26 19:51:27
Yoshiko Tsushima (PVC Figure)
kotaro7446 : 2020/03/22 21:31:32
Very relevant figure in my vote. I prefer to choose this way, that very gorgeous look. Very good figure, best job!!!
Kano Ebisugawa Illustration by Piromizu (PVC Figure)
Mogura : 2020/03/21 13:36:14
[Terraria, the Earth Goddess] Leafa (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/03/20 10:56:37
This is based on the LN volume 17 cover (Terraria), while
the yet to be released Solus is also on the same cover. abec
also created a box art (for the Blu-ray set) which the juxtoposition
in the final image presented here is based off of, although the
PVC figures are not based on that representation (the box art
came out after the figures were commissioned)
[Stacia, the Goddess of Creation] Asuna (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/03/20 10:45:58
This is based on abec's design, not the anime version. You can have
your own opinion, but to say that it doesn't "live up" to a standard shows
you have no idea about the original artist and the subject matter at
hand (plus, it's really insulting to abec) This is off the LN cover volume 16.
[Terraria, the Earth Goddess] Leafa (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2020/03/20 10:37:48
What's ridiculous is your perception of price. This is the cost and as
evidenced by the fact that these figures are always in high demand
shows how much you undervalue the work that goes into it. Perhaps
you should comment on something that you actually have a clue about.
Date A Live [Origami Tobiichi] Angel Ver (PVC Figure)
XiNule : 2020/03/13 22:58:08
Well, I did wait for her to come home for so long time.
The figure is absolutely a must have, she is a pure perfection, all data a live fan should have her at home.
figma Futaba Sakura (PVC Figure)
Brandon : 2020/03/11 16:41:35
Hermosa figura,llegó a la semana,voy a seguir comprando, gracias!
[Terraria, the Earth Goddess] Leafa (PVC Figure)
Kami : 2020/03/11 12:48:32
These prices are ridiculous, for a 1/8 with mid detail hair smh. Not just this company, many others too...
Momo Yaoyorozu Hero Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
hw2013 (MFC) : 2020/03/10 7:18:45
I have Tsuyu, Uraraka, Jirou and Toga. The Mina is already reserved, Tsuyu was perfect on that line, I also liked the Mina Ashido too, both of them are by far the best sculpted in the collection. I'll get Momo to close the Set too, but I admit I didn't like how her face was made.
Momo Yaoyorozu Hero Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
ROBBERGON : 2020/03/09 13:37:18
This line of figs has had big hits with Tsu, Uraraka and Toga, but Momo here and Jiro feel so bland. Disappointed.
Anna Hananoi Illustration by Kai Tomohira (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/03/03 10:50:43
@o don't waste it *lick lick*
Momo Belia Deviluke Pajama Ver. (PVC Figure)
Laulaxative : 2020/03/02 15:05:11
Been waiting for her! All I have to say is, "hnnng!" XD
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Tim : 2020/02/28 11:14:36
It wasn't sold out in 1 day. It was sold out in 1 minute. I had it in my cart, and before i can finish entering my payment details it was sold out. Shame on them.
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Tom : 2020/02/28 2:16:52
How is this sold out in 1 day?
Anna Hananoi Illustration by Kai Tomohira (PVC Figure)
o : 2020/02/27 13:41:51
OMG! What a waste of mustard!
Golden Darkness: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2020/02/26 14:50:33
Did the manufacturer run out of ideas? This is the same figure with less production cost, but the same high price.
Saint Cloth Myth Unicorn Jabu -Revival Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2020/02/26 2:48:16
Scalpers win again.
Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Eiko Carol & Quina Quen (PVC Figure)
hogosha : 2020/02/20 3:06:54
Quina is a traffic cone but Eiko is one of the best (my personal favourite ATM) releases of the BA FFIX franchise
Raphtalia (PVC Figure)
J Loewen : 2020/02/19 23:04:11
It very good made. It a bit heavy. But it one the best Raphtalia pvc out there.
Kurumi Tokisaki: After Date Style (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2020/02/19 22:00:36
Looks like she just got done having some snu snu with Shido, I dig it. Kurumi is best girl.
Minato Abeno Suntan Ver. (PVC Figure)
MONOLITHIC : 2020/02/16 11:25:56
Got this figure today... Skin is shinier than the production pics, like she's covered in baby oil, similar to the Liliana-san figure by Mouse Unit... Been collecting figures for over 10 years & this is the 1st figure I've gotten w/ so much plastic between ALL points of connection & covering everything. That said, my only complaint is the plastic covering the torso as it goes under her top, which was a PITA to remove w/o taking her top off. When put together, it's a great figure!
S.H.Figuarts Naruto Uzumaki [Best Selection] (PVC Figure)
fumods : 2020/02/16 10:57:32
If it is not delayed, which this particular figure since it is a popular series, then any shops that sells figure will certainly have this. Although the estimate time it goes on sale may be the end of the month.
Fate/Grand Order Ruler/Jeanne d`Arc (PVC Figure)
fredkang : 2020/02/12 16:59:37
i think the release date is 2021? why is it 2011
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