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Bunny Girl `Shibari` (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2022/01/18 22:27:31
this figure would have been better with cast-off parts but it still looks so good
Hinata Kozue (Yukata no Hina-san) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2022/01/18 7:03:02
The Achilles heel of foot fetish lovers
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2022/01/17 11:38:17
Preordered 😁
Artfx J Levi Fortitude Ver. (PVC Figure)
MONOLITHIC : 2022/01/15 14:59:52
I'm glad they brought this back out because I slept on the original release. I won't make that mistake again.
Pop Up Parade Ookami Mio (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2022/01/15 1:55:50
I hope all the girls also get at least a nendoroid,figma, or a scale figurine
RIO:bone Stocking (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2022/01/14 15:21:28
I wonder when this item will restock... will it notify me if I put it on my wishlist? This would be awesome...
Gasha Portraits Premium Evangelion Rei Ayanami (Set of 4) (PVC Figure)
Sean : 2022/01/14 7:05:36
In Evangelion 3.0 + 1.01 Thrice Upon a Time 2:17:33
Comic Shingeki Taihei Tengoku Cover Girl [Yuka Sakurazawa Ver.1.1] (PVC Figure)
Johnnyboy : 2022/01/14 6:48:44
I love the figure, bigger than i expected. The only gripe i have is that having to remove the pole over time will wear out area's on her chest that get rubbed on, other than that i love it
Majimeka!? Fuukiiin-san Illustration by Popqn (PVC Figure)
aldente : 2022/01/13 22:05:10
No Go: in bikini with boots...
Make feet changable!
Kaerunoko Illustration [Cat] (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2022/01/13 5:06:28
This looks like Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Tsuki Uzaki [Cow Pattern Bikini] (PVC Figure)
MoyToy : 2022/01/13 2:35:26
I hate that this is not cast off. I wish SkyTube did this one.
Magical Girl Misanee Space Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2022/01/12 6:21:13
Super magical space ( o Y o )
9 inch figure
S.H.Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha (PVC Figure)
Ada : 2022/01/12 4:36:47
@Kier: dont count on it. Bandai routinely restricts production quantites on items from Naruto and Saint Seiya in order to limit availability and create that "premium collectible" feeling, which also increases prices.
[Mischief of Princess] Yae Shobi (PVC Figure)
aldente : 2022/01/12 2:57:49
jap. schoolgirl's boots turn me off
[Brilliant Summer] Natsuki Saya (PVC Figure)
aldente : 2022/01/12 2:41:29
plain jeans, like leggings
Yunyun: Light Novel China Dress Ver. (PVC Figure)
Yumiki : 2022/01/12 0:02:32
Great figure, amazing details, front part of the hair has a little bit more depth than seen on the images. 9/10
S.H.Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha (PVC Figure)
Kier : 2022/01/11 23:38:29
More PO please :( wanted this figure for so long
Gasha Portraits Premium Evangelion Rei Ayanami (Set of 4) (PVC Figure)
Bobbi loyd : 2022/01/11 3:27:31
Where’s she in anime ?
Fate/Grand Order Caster/Altria Caster (3rd Ascension) (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2022/01/08 16:55:07
Man, Fate figure prices are really getting out of hand... Almost 30k and the figure has nothing special about it at all, not even a custom base. This is not worth the price.
Queen`s Blade: Beautiful Fighters Melpha -Takuya Inoue Ver.- (PVC Figure)
Roccosiffrudy01 : 2022/01/08 4:16:15
Magnifique figurine !
Ganbare Douki-chan [Kouhai-chan] (PVC Figure)
aldente : 2022/01/07 21:47:42
220 mm is not 1/6, but rather 1/7.
So this figurine cannot be combined with Union Creative's Homeschool Teacher :(((
G.M.G. Mobile Suit Gundam ZEON 07 Ramba Ral & Crowley Hamon (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2022/01/07 18:50:36
"You like a man who has points of articulation don't you Hamon?"

"Yes dear"
Onmyoji Suzuka Gozen (PVC Figure)
jesus : 2022/01/06 13:46:33
jesus christ this is hot
Chess Pieces Collection R Naruto:Shippuden 6 pieces (PVC Figure)
Chess Maniac : 2022/01/04 21:47:01
This is lit,i like it
Setsuna: Light Novel Ver. (PVC Figure)
Darkwraith_Demon : 2022/01/03 22:06:10
Does it just seem like that to me or does it look like the tail is growing out of the body in the wrong place
Graf Zeppelin: Beachside Urd Ver. (PVC Figure)
hurr durr : 2022/01/03 2:02:19
gorgeous figure to add to any collection, but that price is insane! Yikes!
Formidable (PVC Figure)
7jaws7 : 2022/01/02 4:49:45
no pun intended but that base is very plain. high quality figure for sure, but at that price you have to be one of Formiddable/Kugimiya Rie's biggest simps to buy this
1st Villager Archeyle (PVC Figure)
Pete : 2022/01/01 9:40:37
Must be popular. This has some reruns a few times already. Looks nice, but not very high on must buy.
Holo (PVC Figure)
Pete : 2022/01/01 9:34:50
The figure lacks actual work being done on it. The usual from Freeing had to be painted and other materials used. This cost the same as those but with less work being done.
Holo (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/12/30 5:05:03
200 for a 1/4 holo is amazing for a freeing figure unfortunately the figure leaves much to be desired, which is sad cause hey a nude holo should get ppl eager to buy it
Unionism Quartet Silveria Bunny (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/12/30 4:58:36
actually a design better then freeing overused plain design. tho smaller but way better looking and from a series but its still a lot of money, i may have picked this up if i collected the bunny suit girls as this one would be a definite must have
Holo (PVC Figure)
Moonlight : 2021/12/29 23:56:35
Some figures ARE overpriced, but ~$220 for a 1/4 scale ain't overpriced (in concept). Now if it was a 1/7th scale it'd be the usual FREEing (and Alter) song & dance.

Don't think I'd pick this up even if I was a huge Holo fan, though. She's a cool character but I only buy figures for stuff I'm obsessed with, it's hard enough on my pocketbook just doing that. But her face looks weird enough it... doesn't even really look like Holo.
[The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!] Jahy (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/12/29 7:01:44
2 well detailed figures for the price of one oh hell yeah, base could have looked nic er but for that bundle its fine with me
Girls` Frontline AN94 Wolf and Fugue (PVC Figure)
anon : 2021/12/28 14:12:20
I'm kinda disappointed with the face... HobbyMax may have been faithful to the illustration but forgot to make her look good from more than one angle. Tmw they put more effort into a piano.
Holo (PVC Figure)
inari : 2021/12/27 4:13:11
its a 1/4 holo figure, 15th anniversary event, and shes fully naked and high quality af...this will be a crown jewel to any holo collection and will basically get you three times your investment if you plan to hold and resell
Chitocerium XCII-Urania (Unassembled Kit)
pukifee : 2021/12/27 1:39:07
Illustration Revelation Yueji Mingke (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2021/12/26 12:51:38
With that price they should have added a little more - the rest of her feet would be nice.
Illustration Revelation Yueji Mingke (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/26 7:31:46
no legs look kinda weird...
[The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!] Jahy (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/26 4:35:35
Agreed w/ the price point for essentially 2 figures. The booty crack peeking out from the short shorts line sold it for me.
[The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!] Jahy (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/25 17:32:53
Oh god, this looks so good. And the price is unbelievable for a 2 in 1.
Muramasa Sansei (PVC Figure)
NordicWolf94 : 2021/12/25 10:09:32
One of the best PVC in 2021! I Love the details on this figure and its posing. Hope 2022's figure is the same or better. Because I think this will probably be hard one to beat. It fit really well into my collection and got a special place where she is best seen.
Illustration Revelation Yueji Mingke (PVC Figure)
v : 2021/12/24 16:55:21
just wish she had legs...
Illustration Revelation Yueji Mingke (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/24 14:57:47
Gorgeous... and probably not too hard to mod her a pair of lags...
[The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!] Jahy (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/12/24 14:29:38
Juicy loli 😋
Holo (PVC Figure)
fyi : 2021/12/24 12:54:50
There is no usual boring suit from Freeing, but now with nothing with the same high price. Less color and less everything and trying to get more money.
Pop Up Parade Kagura Nana (PVC Figure)
Bames Rolfe : 2021/12/24 5:52:53
The Pop Parade series have always been very hit or miss with quality... But I guess for the sake of disposable income, it wont be a bad buy if they follow up with a Kano (regardless of which persona)
Holo (PVC Figure)
Anon : 2021/12/24 5:26:06
If only this wasnt made by FREEing so it could be affordable.
Ena Saito & Chikuwa (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/12/23 12:34:14
Best girl
Nure Megami Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
HJ : 2021/12/23 0:59:19
Let's castoff and tie a blue ribbon.
En Morikura Illustration [Santa Girl] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/22 13:23:25
Well, she is cute AF!
Onibana Muzan Onihime Illustrated by Mochi (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2021/12/21 9:27:25
D-d-d--Delayed.....but really this was originally a Jan 2020 release you cannot tell me that they don't have them ready to go, if I had to guess I'd say orchid seed are waiting for a cheaper shipping window 🤔
Reisalin Stout (PVC Figure)
Yay_hoh : 2021/12/20 23:54:43
There's an indescribable vulgarity in this thigh.
Asuka Shikinami Langley Ver.Radio Eva Part.2 (PVC Figure)
pukifee : 2021/12/20 2:31:07
Beautiful. She looks so comfy and cool like the wind is really there
Onibana Muzan Onihime Illustrated by Mochi (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/18 6:48:21
Another delay?!!! Holy god, is this thing being made out of gold?? Jesus christ...
Nendoroid Petite: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Ring Set (PVC Figure)
: 2021/12/18 4:31:37
Nure Megami Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/17 12:11:36
Mataro & Skytube delivering another divine beauty
Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei & Asuka -Twinmore Object- (PVC Figure)
Nashqua : 2021/12/16 23:08:02
I love this figure so much!! Every evangelion fan will love it. The details and paint job is so good and worth it
Nure Megami Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
Hank : 2021/12/16 22:36:35
Epic booba
Nure Megami Illustration by Mataro (PVC Figure)
amazed : 2021/12/16 14:38:48
WOW her feet are so pretty!
Pop Up Parade Yami Yugi (PVC Figure)
Sakura : 2021/12/14 20:53:22
For a 3k Yen/$30 figure this isn't bad, but I feel it could be a little better.

The two points I think worth noting are the Millenium Pendant's chain is stiff plastic (I would have preferred it being molded onto the figure instead of needing to be attached) & the skin tone is almost sickly. I have two other Yuugi figures and both of them have a much better peachy tone to the skin. However, both were more expensive and I think it may just be a series/price point difference.
Tsuki Uzaki [Cow Pattern Bikini] (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2021/12/14 13:55:37
Still waiting on the spin off with Tsuki as the focus.....
Setsuna: Light Novel Ver. (PVC Figure)
Rorch : 2021/12/14 13:52:37
Aww drat, delayed till March and I suspect that it will be delayed again in March
Nendoroid Chandra Nalaar (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/14 12:13:13
This figure is awesome... I am not into Magic at all and don't know the character, but I might get her anyway.
Reisalin Stout (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/12/14 12:07:00
Yumeko Jabami: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/12/13 11:09:19
yeah she looks like she got stung by bees
Asuka Shikinami Langley Ver.Radio Eva Part.2 (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/12/13 11:07:31
Yumeko Jabami: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
alp : 2021/12/10 23:53:30
Is it just me, or does anyone else think her face looks... off? It kind of looks pudgier than her anime counterpart.
Lancer/Minamoto-no-Raikou [AQ] (PVC Figure)
alp : 2021/12/10 23:51:19
Great character, but why does her face look so weird? After years of waiting for this version to be released, why did the sculpture settle on THIS face?
Persona 5 Haru Okumura (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/12/10 21:11:19
Best girl 😍
Super Sonico Summer Vacation Ver. -Sun Kissed- (PVC Figure)
pukifee : 2021/12/09 17:17:11
She was wearing a different bathingsuit, that's why the lines are different. It's more artistic than having tiny bits if tan lines peeking through the current bikini XD
Formidable (PVC Figure)
pukifee : 2021/12/09 17:03:23
The hair... omfg!!!!!! ♡♡♡ im broke but wow, if i had the money I'd get her!
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Man of Culture : 2021/12/09 11:28:17
Alter's quality doesn't disappoint, but the lumbering cost for this figure and the changeable head is even outpacing inflation and setting a bad precedent for the figure industry. As much as I want it, I hesitate to support the rapidly increasing price gouging between the manufacturers...
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Ah Jeez Dude : 2021/12/09 6:23:14
Those are some highly priced breasts
Formidable (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/08 16:17:58
Remember Prinz? Everyone on the fence is going to be crawling back paying over MSRP in a couple months after preorders close.
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Break : 2021/12/08 9:15:43
I about this is 26,000 yen why is so expensive ha!
I guess it so many choices for consider.
Formidable (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/08 7:28:09
LET'S GOOO!! understandable price due to inflation
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Bames Rolfe : 2021/12/08 3:48:47
No amount of voluptuous animu cleavage is enough to convince me... But for such a price, it has to be a full cast off, where it comes with a complete separate body to swap parts with for me to even consider it. Sorry, Alter, maybe next time.
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Rhune : 2021/12/08 1:10:43
Prices are way out of hand.
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Shikikan Ahripopstar : 2021/12/08 0:46:50
so lovely
Formidable (PVC Figure)
Bob : 2021/12/07 21:07:15
At that price, those planes better fly
Belfast Oath of Claddagh Ring Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/07 20:58:37
Shipping expenses ar UNAPPROPRIATE!
Formidable (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/07 20:25:16
Don't get me wrong, it's a nice model & all... but that price tag? Oof..!
Gokubi Girls Slender Glamorous [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst] Yomi Bare Skin Jersey Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/12/07 17:39:29
Cannot believe this was rated 3 stars for her not being "slender" enough. This is a great price!
Gokubi Girls Slender Glamorous [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst] Yomi Bare Skin Jersey Ver. (PVC Figure)
Puki : 2021/12/07 17:38:09
Slender can mean any part of the body, say arms or waist . She is thick and beautiful with slender waist ! ^^^..
Gokubi Girls Slender Glamorous [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst] Yomi Bare Skin Jersey Ver. (PVC Figure)
Rhune : 2021/12/07 6:09:37
Slender? I don't think so.
Prinz Eugen (PVC Figure)
lei : 2021/12/03 14:28:40
one of mihoyo figures. 28k yen, mihoyo has much more detailed figures but less cheaper.
Super Sonico Summer Vacation Ver. -Sun Kissed- (PVC Figure)
Vankor : 2021/12/03 13:50:17
Why wouldn't you make the tan lines match the suit she's actually wearing? This just looks strange to me.
Comic Shingeki Taihei Tengoku Cover Girl [Yuka Sakurazawa Ver.2] (PVC Figure)
pukifee : 2021/12/02 12:36:21
Noooo, I want this one but already got the brown hair one :( why wait so long to make s different color !? T_T
Nendoroid Doll Catgirl Maid: Sakura (PVC Figure)
Kat : 2021/12/01 10:23:03
Awesome Nendoroid doll! It came early, the box was in perfect condition (great for collectors) and her clothes are adorable. She’s pretty easy to move and it’s price is appropriate. The one thing I have to say is that the shipping fee is large. If you want better care if it you have to pay a lot more.
Darkstalkers Bishoujo Felicia (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2021/11/29 21:11:46
Wow... This really takes me back. Too good a job done Koto , I'm in trouble here lol.
Shion: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Pete : 2021/11/28 12:20:13
The head and pose is good. But the same outfit again is like they are not even trying and a high price on something that took no design work being done. Do not defend that high price on something that took out someone's design job. Some people probably want all the figures to be consistent. That's some people, but most will want some actual design work done. Boring and high price as usual.
figma Drossel (Charming) (PVC Figure)
Savage patch kids : 2021/11/28 8:31:59
I hope more gets made. I really want one
Darkstalkers Bishoujo Felicia (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/11/26 2:44:24
beautiful definitely a buy
Shion: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/11/25 2:21:08
how is her design so boring cant freeing make unique outfits anymore, am i the only person that remembers when some outfits had designs or weren't just a plain bunny outfit
Tsuki Uzaki [Cow Pattern Bikini] (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2021/11/25 0:24:18
Can you say "MOO"? lol
Minna no Oniku Takagi-san (PVC Figure)
Wew : 2021/11/24 14:24:43
Cute butt!
Pop Up Parade Inugami Korone (PVC Figure)
gaijin : 2021/11/23 12:39:53
sennou sennou, korone no sennou, kawaii korone no sennou chu~
Genshin Impact Ganyu Plenilune Gaze Ver. w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
Pete : 2021/11/20 11:42:23
This looks good just like in the game. But it is better that to not play the game since characters are very generic as in tropes and the same voice casting that people can tell what they sound like. The voice and dialogue gets annoying after a few hours. Have to pass on this since the game has made most of the character annoying.
Pop Up Parade Kyojuro Rengoku (PVC Figure)
LHattori m : 2021/11/17 10:00:07
Lol the face just like a monkey 😅
Genshin Impact Ganyu Plenilune Gaze Ver. w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
N.E Alpha Paracite : 2021/11/17 1:39:58
ive pre-ordered all the genshin figures not cause i play the game cause i dont its just the character designs are soo damn good, shame its a gacha game. but damn are these figures tasteful
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