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Kampfer Kampfer Bangle / Red (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2021/10/18 17:55:58
my email is


phone number
+1 2152370266
Kampfer Kampfer Bangle / Red (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2021/10/18 17:54:40
seller if u see this, can u please contact me . I will give you extra money USD if you can make me one of these. please contact me
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Animarukko Acrylic Key Ring Maria (Anime Toy)
LadyTerentia : 2021/10/08 7:30:15
Soooooo cute and precious! The sheep kigurumi suits her perfectly!
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X Animarukko Acrylic Key Ring Katalina (Childhood) (Anime Toy)
LadyTerentia : 2021/10/08 7:28:46
Bought this for my friend who loves cats and who is cosplaying as Katarina. She loves it and says "Katarina in a kitty kigurumi is like my new favorite thing!!"
Little Busters! -Refrain- Tapestry A (Assembly) (Anime Toy)
1999.co : 2021/10/03 14:05:58
Good morning my love I love you brother EU the day y you please send to
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ranga/Gobuta Front and Back Cushion (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2021/09/28 17:40:12
Ranga is my favorite character of the series so I HAD to get this. Suuuuuper cute, it's like a super cute pillow. From the photos you would think it's kinda flat front and back, but it's actually not flat. It's not filled all the way, but it's not too little filling either. I really love it. I wish they could make more ranga items.
Character Universal Rubber Mat Senren Banka [Rena Liechtenauer] (Anime Toy)
Benja : 2021/09/24 12:44:42
Esta alfombrilla, tiene un dibujo tan bien definido y es tan suave, que preferí conselvarla en su empaque, para no ensuciarla.
Hobby Search 20th Anniversary Searcha & Ramel Acrylics Key Chain - Illustrated by Tsunako (Anime Toy)
Benja : 2021/09/23 14:35:34
Espero que muy pronto saquen la versión de Searcha y Ramel en figura de PVC. Sería como un sueño hecho realidad.
Petit Sample Antique Shop Kuronekodo (Set of 8) (Anime Toy)
nnn2804 : 2021/09/09 3:01:42
Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live Trading Can Badge Be My Partner Ver. (Set of 12) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2021/08/28 14:36:58
i am looking for this badge. Are they re-releasing the Uta no Prince-sama Be My Partner can badge sets?
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Trading Door Opener (Set of 13) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2021/05/27 2:24:08
The prize is just ridiculous
Plush Doll Bakuten!! Nagayoshi Onagawa (Anime Toy)
lychee : 2021/05/23 10:01:34
could you reopen the reservations for the order?
[High School DxD Hero] Bed Sheet (Rias & Asia & Himejima) (Anime Toy)
J Loewen : 2021/02/08 12:35:31
I change my mind. Using the bed sheet has a flag on a wall :)
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Climax Dakimakura Cover Yukino Yukinoshita (Anime Toy)
customer : 2021/02/02 1:09:31
Poor drawing quality. Vector graphics
Dreamcast Dry T-Shirts Orange S (Anime Toy)
randall28 : 2021/01/05 9:36:14
does this item has print on the back?
Kantai Collection The third Torpedo Squadron Suirai-damashi T-shirt White L (Anime Toy)
Kumo : 2020/12/14 19:09:12
Very poor quality material used for the T-shirt... If you don't wash it, then it's fine but keep in mind that this is White t-shirt.
[Jujutsu Kaisen] Petit Bit Strap Collection (Set of 10) (Anime Toy)
Alibab : 2020/12/13 4:14:55
Official Jujutsu Kaisen Merch: https://jujutsukaisenshop.com/
[Jujutsu Kaisen] Petit Bit Strap Collection (Set of 10) (Anime Toy)
Nhsna : 2020/12/13 4:14:08
Perfeect.So nice. ^^
The Journey of Elaina Clear File Elaina (Anime Toy)
Daffa : 2020/12/12 13:09:43
Love Live! Sunshine!! Tera Jumbo Sprawled Plush `Riko Sakurauchi` (Anime Toy)
Tom : 2020/12/11 5:29:22
I couldn't be happier with this product. The delivery was fairly quick and hassle-free and the product itself is of fantastic quality. Great addition to my existing collection.
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Nezuko`s Box (Anime Toy)
Jyn : 2020/11/03 3:08:43
Box is very flimsy. Cannot store books in.
Rewrite Huge Can Badge (Anime Toy)
Xheco : 2020/10/19 13:40:43
I love it
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime [Mokonui] Rimuru Plush (Anime Toy)
Anonymous : 2020/10/04 10:18:31
When will be back in stock?
[Made in Abyss the Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul] [Especially Illustrated] Usagiza Nanachi Marulk Mug Cup Vol.3 (Anime Toy)
GRINGO : 2020/09/22 16:53:21
NieR: Theatrical Orchestra 12020 T-Shirt [Lot] (Anime Toy)
passerby : 2020/07/03 18:14:46
@No Name:
errr... dude, thats item package size you are looking at.
NieR: Theatrical Orchestra 12020 T-Shirt [Lot] (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/07/03 17:53:46
wtf, 33 x 24 x 1 cm is for gnomes
[Bungo Stray Dogs] Clear Pouch/A Yuru Palette (Anime Toy)
D.N : 2020/06/28 23:11:21
I bought this for my sister a while back, but forgot to leave a review. I would provide a picture; however, I don't have the pouch with me. The product is small and cute, and of high quality with clear images and a good material. I recommend this BSD pouch once more is in stock!
Girls und Panzer das Finale Pravda Girls` High School Rolltop Backpack (Anime Toy)
Nonna : 2020/06/11 9:38:36
No Game No Life [ ] `Kuuhaku` Never Loses Zip Park Mix Gray L (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/06/10 13:51:37
Can i use your image for comercials equipment?
JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Kurutoga (1) Giorno (Anime Toy)
apileofwater : 2020/05/29 17:56:55
I've been looking for this pencil for so long! and it's exactly as it's shown in the photos :')
Kantai Collection Kongo Kai-II Hei Double Sided Full Graphic T-Shirts XL (Anime Toy)
TeitokuMRJ : 2020/05/23 6:45:16
Any chance of getting this shirt in a larger size than just 1XL?
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Too! Draw for a Specific Purpose Life-Size Tapestry Yukino Yukinoshita Y-shirt Ver. (Anime Toy)
value : 2020/05/08 2:16:03
3.2 ft x 2.3 ft in terms of size. Great quality and I like that it comes with two strings that are already attached to the pvc pipes. Has the type with the capped ends for a cleaner look. I recommend utilizing both strings on this one if you have it in the radius of a ceiling fan.. possible to get some wrinkling towards the bottom if you leave it loose and it's flapping in the breeze constantly.
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu [Especially Illustrated] Yukino (Uniform) Big Tapestry (Anime Toy)
value : 2020/05/08 2:11:04
Great quality on this item. It's super long, for my fellow Americanos it's 5.2 ft long by 2.3 ft wide. Two pvc pipes and one string as described but it's the tie your own rather than built in to the pipe.
GJ-bu Amatsuka Mao Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
passerby : 2020/05/05 17:13:28
@No Name:
easy there, have you tried contacting customer support if there was a mixup with your order? there is no point in posting on the product comment...
GJ-bu Amatsuka Mao Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/05/05 4:26:03
The Demon Girl Next Door Canvas Art Shamiko & Lilith (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/04/08 5:22:27
Same with this one as well, love the art, but a tapestry scroll would be better.
The Demon Girl Next Door Canvas Art Shamiko & Momo (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/04/08 5:21:29
Great art, but I'd much rather it on a B2 tapestry.
Dance in the Vampire Bund Mina Tepes Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2020/02/27 6:35:37
They're sold out...
Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demon Battlefront: Babylonia FGO Babylonia Ereshkigal T-Shirts Black XL (Anime Toy)
Eresh Numba wan : 2020/02/04 13:02:16
Eresh for President 2020
[Sakura Trick] Can Badge [Kaede & Yuzu] (Anime Toy)
Nya Nya Rin! : 2019/10/31 1:23:42
Can you please tell meh when you'll restock nya?
Zombie Land Saga Franchouchou Rib-less Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black L (Anime Toy)
Jorge Molina : 2019/10/23 12:02:08
My shirt arrived today!! 22/10/19 The delivery was fast and the package arrives without troubles. I'm so happy with the purchase. I love it!! A very good product of my favorite anime ZombieLand Saga
Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Symphony Music Box [Stormblood] (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2019/10/03 18:47:01
You can see the preview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLThUO5ukk4
TV Animation [Ensemble Stars!] Mechanical Pencil / Trickstar (Anime Toy)
Akehoshi Subaru : 2019/09/09 3:48:20
Excelent product
JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Potekoro Mascot 2 (Set of 6) (Anime Toy)
Someone random : 2019/06/25 18:06:34
If I buy a specific set(of six) will I get six different characters?
If I order all 3 sets will I get The entire 18 characters?
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! [Especially Illustrated] Mouse Pad [Aqua] (Anime Toy)
Patricia : 2019/06/07 3:44:58
very slippery for mouse pad which is not my thing. it's made of plastic (not matte). it smells really chemically too. but the image quality is high if anything. this is more of a collector item rather than for functionality
D4 Fire Emblem: Awakening Acrylic Key Ring 11. Lucina (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2019/05/30 6:33:52
Yurucamp Trading Ani-Art Colored Paper (Set of 5) (Anime Toy)
David : 2019/04/25 3:23:11
First of all, these look really, really nice.

There's one problem with them, though, which is that the 12x13cm size makes it very awkward to frame them. The best I've been able to do is put them in a 5x7in soft plastic sleeve just so I can look at them without accidentally damaging them. (They come in opaque packaging.)

They would probably fit in a 5x7in acrylic frame with strong magnets, but with very uneven margins.
[Joker Game] Smartphone Cleaner Design 08 [Jitsui] (Anime Toy)
indeath : 2019/04/06 3:16:00
[High School DxD Hero] Bed Sheet (Rias & Asia & Himejima) (Anime Toy)
J Loewen : 2019/02/25 15:25:54
This bed sheet look good on my coffee table. Put a class cover up top the sheet. A DxD coffee table. :)
No Game No Life: Zero Petitcolle! Acrylic Key Ring Schwi (Anime Toy)
jamie : 2019/02/18 14:01:12
its really good but on the big side compared to my other one. 9/10 good but big
Pop Team Epic Anti Sticker Set Anti Popuko Set (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2019/02/11 9:44:01
very bad. i am going to buy all of them and burn them.
Overlord II Especially Illustrated Dakimakura Cover (Albedo) 2 Way Tricot (Anime Toy)
Doffazuki : 2019/02/08 9:14:28
Yes, Albedo, Love Her so much on this beautiful dakimakura cover, the 2way is so much greater than the others, I love the feels like human skin. very great, just like, she is next to you :-)
High School DxD Hero B2 Tapestry B [Rias & Akeno] (Anime Toy)
J Loewen : 2018/12/28 16:17:45
Very nice :)
The best one.
Kiznaiver Rubber Strap Collection Buralink (Set of 8) (Anime Toy)
Mario : 2018/12/27 6:11:08
I really hope these charms get re-stocked soon
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Dakimakura Cover Lili (Anime Toy)
Potter : 2018/11/30 16:01:51
It looks like is now no longer available given the release date, but i'd buy it.
Gin Tama Trading Colorful Framed Paper Board (Set of 8) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/11/23 22:14:58
How Pommop missed Kamui for these?? Really shame..tsk tsk.
The Idolmaster Beach Goods Float (Anime Toy)
Con5959 : 2018/09/20 4:25:15
When do you think this will be back in stock? Thanks!
The Idolmaster Beach Goods Surfmat (Anime Toy)
Con5959 : 2018/09/20 4:22:55
When will it be back in stock? Thanks!
[Steins;Gate] Big Bath Towel (Kurisu Makise) (Anime Toy)
JkC : 2018/06/25 17:07:57
85 dollars for a towel? What?
Disney Characters Pile Up Mascot (Shokugan)
AnaRaquel : 2018/06/11 2:06:05
Estará disponible de nuevo este kit??
Date A Live Original Ver. Trading Mini Colored Paper Vol.3 (Set of 12) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/05/28 21:57:36
Ic thx 😊
Date A Live Original Ver. Trading Mini Colored Paper Vol.3 (Set of 12) (Anime Toy)
Kirito-kun : 2018/05/28 17:05:53
@No Name:
its 135mm×120mm cardboard with gold rims.
With cute illustrations on them.
Purely for decorational purposes.
Date A Live Original Ver. Trading Mini Colored Paper Vol.3 (Set of 12) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/05/28 15:26:00
So what is this exactly? Note pads, construction paper, notebook paper?
Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody Clear File B (Anime Toy)
Risu : 2018/04/04 22:27:20
Dat Ass. A+
Pop Team Epic Anti Sticker Set Anti Popuko Set (Anime Toy)
Bunny : 2018/03/30 19:41:33
Best anime
Made in Abyss Curse of the Abyss T-Shirts Heather Gray L (Anime Toy)
Volcano21 : 2018/03/27 15:16:56
This is literally the greatest invention of clothing since clothing itself.

Wonderful product, 5/5 Nnaa-'s, would absolutely recommend!
[Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond] Pen Holder B (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/03/16 18:23:37
Not exactly what i expected i got mine off of Ami Ami it isn't a "pen holder" it is more like a slip cover for a pen
Still pretty cute though....just need to learn how to attach those damn chains to my bag....
Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel Creamy Mami French Tunic Natural Girls Free (Anime Toy)
Adriana.Salviato : 2018/02/13 3:34:36
Good evening, I am deeply in love with the shirt of Creamy: "Creamy Mami the magic angel, french tunic" that unfortunately you have sold out. Are you planning a restock or do I have more hope? thanks for your attention, see you soon.
Dragon Ball Kai Capsule Corporation Sweatshirt Mix Gray XL (Anime Toy)
Frank : 2018/02/12 16:22:31
I really want this is there any possible way I can get this?
Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel Creamy Mami French Tunic Natural Girls Free (Anime Toy)
Adriana : 2018/02/10 3:01:51
Ciao, sono italiana e vorrei sapere quando sarà ancora disponibile questa t skirt...
Axia Canvas Art Series No.038 High School DxD [Rias Gremory] Original Ver. Part.2 (Anime Toy)
CrimsonArcAngel : 2018/02/08 10:01:10
this looks great but had figured with the price to be @26inx24in or reduced to maybe @18inX22-24in since the use of canvas over Silk. To be as little as only @9inX11in is no more than the size of a sheet of paper and the with way the add looks, the actual picture is actually deceptively much smaller.
Pop Team Epic Anti Sticker Set Anti Popuko Set (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/01/30 0:40:03
who would want to get rid of this anime?
Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann Yoko 120cm Big Towel (Anime Toy)
GD : 2018/01/10 7:26:00
So good, huge size and soft to the touch. The image is of nice quality as well with great colour. Makes for a nice piece that can be hung up or used as intended.
Sailor Tote Bag L (Daily Use Goods)
No Name : 2017/12/11 16:16:00
it's beautiful
TV Animation [Keijo!!!!!!!!] Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Proctja : 2017/11/16 14:05:00
I had to order this since it is on sale.
Osomatsu-san Ichigeruge Plush Dakimakura (Anime Toy)
Skully : 2017/10/04 13:06:00
Best plush EVER. He is huge and soft. So well-made! I know that this review is late (because I didn't knew you could made it) but this has been one of the best products of Oso san that I had ever.
Your Name. B2 Tapestry Ver.2 Katawaredoki (Anime Toy)
Komo : 2017/07/27 10:00:00
Please re-stock this T_T I really want it!
[Fairy Tail the Movie: Dragon Cry] Bocchi-kun Acrylic Charm Erza (Anime Toy)
Dogan : 2017/06/14 10:17:00
I bought 2 of these and they are better than the description pictures. It is just awesome. Packing was so nice too.
[Attack on Titan] Wooden Strap Design 02 (Mikasa) (Anime Toy)
Dogan : 2017/06/14 10:13:00
I bought this to my friend. And it's so cute and well packaged :)
Shin Godzilla Second Form T-shirt Black M (Anime Toy)
edgar : 2017/06/13 2:12:00
Great Quality and it fits perfectly, very confortable and 100% cotton, the brand tag is a little itchy.
Shin Godzilla Second Form T-shirt Black S (Anime Toy)
edgar : 2017/06/07 11:36:00
great quality print on a 100% Cotton t-shirt.
Fuka Dakimakura Cover Fuka Akitsuki (Anime Toy)
2-3d otaku : 2017/04/16 5:46:00
Not bad, but it really has to be from Seo Kouji to get it right.
Kemono Friends Hashibirokou Blindfold (Anime Toy)
名無し : 2017/04/14 4:08:00
Brave Witches Dakimakura Cover Takami Karibuchi (Anime Toy)
Drangus : 2017/02/15 12:36:00
Woah. She is beautiful.
Gochumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Chino Spoon & Fork Set (Anime Toy)
Mario_ArtaviaCR : 2017/01/26 13:16:00
I love the design on the spoon and fork but unfortunately the printing has been erasing each time I wash it. It wasn't the quality I expected.
Dance with Devils Cushion Badge Rem Kaginuki (Anime Toy)
peony : 2016/11/06 7:59:00
cushion badge how much

can i use debit card to order it
Dance with Devils Cushion Badge Rem Kaginuki (Anime Toy)
peony : 2016/11/06 7:59:00
Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Collection Light (Anime Toy)
chinabayou : 2016/10/04 14:16:00
Very nicely designed and sturdy card but, the collection is incomplete. The manufacturer TakaraTomy messed up. Did anyone else get 2 'the freeze' card and is missing 'the shot' card?
Love Live! Sunshine!! Frame (Anime Toy) (Jigsaw Puzzles)
No Name : 2016/09/04 22:07:00
why limited to 1??? :(
Osomatsu-san Ichigeruge Plush Dakimakura (Anime Toy)
Lilly : 2016/07/29 2:37:00
This plush toy is HUGE. He's soft, well-made, and wonderful to hug. It was worth the wait from the April pre-order!
Hatsune Miku Racing ver. 2016 Mouse Pad 3 (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2016/07/07 8:46:00
This is not a mousepad, it's a shitajiki. It's a small 2mm-thick piece of plastic with no padding underneath, and the surface is rough and is uncomfortable to move a mouse around on. I'm quite angry that I was charged $20 in shipping for this. There is no way shipping for such a tiny light item could possibly cost that much. In total, I paid $25 for something I can't use at all. Not a mousepad. Lousy product.
Character Mechanical Pencil Hyperdimension Neptunia High School Vert Ver. (Anime Toy)
Vert's Husband : 2016/04/13 22:53:00
This is going to be the best pencil ever!
Pikuriru! Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Trading Acrylic Key Ring Vol.2 Set of 6 (Anime Toy)
Drangus : 2016/03/07 1:14:00
Sanya makes the whole set worth ordering.
San-X Series Rilakkuma Egg Kitchen (8 pieces) (Anime Toy)
fah : 2016/02/21 21:47:00
you have product.
Hamatora Ballpoint Pen Art (Anime Toy)
ThatAwesomeNerd : 2016/02/14 14:26:00
I was wondering when this would be stocked again I really would love this!!
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Wristwatch (A) Archer (Anime Toy)
gurakshun : 2016/01/29 4:08:00
beautiful watch that can be used for formal/classy wear while still carrying several designs reminiscent of Archer (red strap, swords for hour marks, gears for the miniclocks, and finally the "unlimited blade works" inscription itself).
Non Non Biyori Repeat Koshigaya Komari Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Dai Loli : 2016/01/22 12:57:00
It is so damn soft and huggable, you guys.
Best dakimakura cover I ever got.
Himoto! Umaru-chan Clear Desk Mat (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2016/01/22 6:54:00
2 months and nothing :/

2016 Character Calendar Hyperdimension Neptunia Wall Type (Anime Toy)
Nickname : 2015/12/06 22:30:00
I hate this calendar. Too much Neptune and not enough of other characters.
Syroh CALENDAR 2016 (Anime Toy)
nuri : 2015/11/29 4:19:45
anyone looking to buy these type of calendars... HS just charged me EMS for it bringing it over 4,000 yen. weird because i bought these types of calendars before in SAL :/ cat girls....
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