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Dakimakura Body High Quality `Dream Master` (Anime Toy)
Gary : 2011/08/13 5:58:04
Much more filling, thus more thick, the filling is clearly of a higher quality and does not tend to clump together building bruises and bumps. Best body buyable! Too sad there isn't a 160cm version of this.
A&J Feel Smooth Dakimakura 1600*500mm (Anime Toy)
Ron : 2011/08/13 5:50:47
I bought this based on the above recession. I have to say: I am disapointed. The body is really flat, it measures only about 16cm (and in thus, even more flat then a regular low budget dakimakura). I hoped for a body that's like a "160cm version" of the "Dakimakura Body High Quality `Dream Master`" (25cm thickness), and was in fact disappionted. This one is not better then any other body like cospa's. The only thing that might come in handy is the zipper.
Micro Beads Cushions `Shobon` (Anime Toy)
dust : 2011/08/13 1:19:25
Bakemonogatari Plushie Series 06: Araragi Tsukihi (Anime Toy)
so effin cute : 2011/08/08 13:25:39
Im a guy and even I want to snuggle and hug her while I sleep if I dont sound too wierd
D4 Naruto Rubber Key Ring Collection Vol.2 10 pieces (Anime Toy)
Kuuchan : 2011/08/08 4:45:45
I bet the mystery one is Madara. :D
If only they sold them seperately... =.='
Rosario + Vampire Ura Moka Solid Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
kakak99 : 2011/08/06 2:17:39
Anyone know what materials the mouse pad is make of? good?
Soul Gem Silver Pendant Top Tomoe Mami (Anime Toy)
IrkenEvangelion : 2011/08/05 8:32:37
Not a big fan of the color but since it's Mami's... I saw that Sayaka's was already closed. I wish I could buy them all but.. that's not practical.
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Lappy Paral Plush (Anime Toy)
Yoshis95 : 2011/07/29 15:13:57
I Wish they had the phantasy star zero rappy
Nitroplus Plushie Series 03: Super Sonico ver.3 (Anime Toy)
i love plushies now : 2011/07/26 11:46:05
I didnt collect plushies becuase Im a guy but I fell in love with her and so im buying it!!!
Nitroplus Plushie Series 02: Super Sonico ver.2 (Anime Toy)
OMG!!! : 2011/07/26 11:44:45
She is so cute and pretty...Im not going to lie....Im a guy and I dont collect plushies because I think their too "girly" but this is going to be my first anime plushie! As soon as I saw her, wow I just had to have her becuase of her charm.
Gundam Char Zaku Mono Eye Phosphorescent T-Shirts French Red M (Anime Toy)
jojo : 2011/07/26 3:59:21
Great shirt, just not sure about how I should wash it without the glow fading. Anyone know how to wash glow-in-the-dark shirts?
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kaname Madoka Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Punynari : 2011/07/24 0:56:42
Preordered just so Homura will have someone to keep her company. I'll just sleep on the couch. (;
Nurarihyon no Mago Nura-gumi Messenger Bag (Anime Toy)
hiraga_saito : 2011/07/22 11:47:06
simple... yet cool
Super Sonico Tapestry (Anime Toy)
mith : 2011/07/11 11:13:07
I love this tapestry. Restock please :)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Akemi Homura Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Punynari : 2011/07/09 9:09:35
Finally I can sleep with the 2D girl of my dreams. I've actually been checking back nearly everyday for a Homura dakimakura and then today, here she is! :3

My initial thoughts on the Homura dakimakura were that it's a little on the conservative side (as expected). Also, that Glasses Homura (with the partial removal of stockings) is going to be my preferred side....of course.

Hopefully Madoka and Mami ones are on the way as well. :3
C Mofumofu Lap Blanket Key Visual 2 (Anime Toy)
Hinagiku : 2011/06/28 6:42:21
looks hot
Beelzebub 3D Mouse Pad Bel-bou (Anime Toy)
dabuh : 2011/06/27 12:16:17
heyy bel bou...
A&J Feel Smooth Dakimakura 1600*500mm (Anime Toy)
NanbuKaguya : 2011/06/24 19:39:50
This is the best pillow I have ever purchased, not only is it very thick and smooth, it has a zipper on the bottom for replacement of the filling inside if necessary.
`Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni!` OP Theme `Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de JUMP!!` / Larval Stage Planning -First Limited edition- (CD)
hobbysearch : 2011/06/23 13:45:40
thank you very much for pointing it out.
Two Dimension Cospa Original Dakimakura Body for Smooth (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/06/22 18:08:31
it should be like 5,000yen for shipping to the US.
Dakimakura Body High Quality `Dream Master` (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/06/22 17:11:42
better quality, it seems
Dakimakura Body High Quality `Dream Master` (Anime Toy)
no name : 2011/06/17 0:41:36
What's so great about this one that it has to costs so much more than the others?
[Pop Master] / Nana Mizuki (CD)
Kitty-chan000 : 2011/06/16 7:29:12
Nana Mizuki is an excellent singer!! The best!!
Sotogawa Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mobile Case for iPhone4 Kyubey (Anime Toy)
Miu : 2011/06/15 5:04:45
Please, restock!
To Love-Ru Mikan Smooth Jumbo Cushion Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/06/14 11:01:33
I missed the first release. I will definitely take this one. Mikan looks awesome is Darkness's outfit. Nicely done Cospa :D
Dakimakura Body High Quality `Dream Master` (Anime Toy)
Gary : 2011/06/13 18:34:26
I Wish they would produce a 1600 size too. The 1500 is really great.
Super Sonico Dakaretemakura (Dakimakura Cover with Mini Pillow 2 pieces) (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/06/11 9:58:43
Well I like the idea, but I'm not sure how well that would work. lol.. good luck to those who order this.
Chara Mofu Maid Sama! Ayuzawa Misaki Plush (Anime Toy)
ro-chan : 2011/06/10 22:16:56
when will the new stocks arrive? :(
To Aru Majutsu no Index II Miska Mikoto Carabiner Case (Anime Toy)
mchenlee : 2011/06/08 7:26:40
Beautiful. It even fits my Iphone 4 (with hardcase) with no problem!
Tales of Vesperia Plush Overdrive Researcher (Anime Toy)
fchicken : 2011/06/02 3:52:09
cuteness overload. x3 Yuri's plush is awesome so I'm definitely getting her and Flynn too.
Tales of Vesperia Plush Overdrive Warrior (Anime Toy)
f.chicken : 2011/05/30 5:30:13
He's insanely cute, looks even better in reality than in the photos.
Two Dimension Cospa Original Dakimakura Body for Smooth (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/05/27 7:51:02
How much will this costs to ship to the U.S.?
A&J Feel Smooth Dakimakura 1600*500mm (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/05/27 4:42:38
Has anyone tested these out before? Are they nice?
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey Face Cushion (Anime Toy)
Kel : 2011/05/21 14:09:55
Great punching bag
*shiver* that evil thing...
Strike Witches 2 Boxer Pants Sanya V.Litvyak Size : L (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/05/21 8:05:17
This boxer pants is very nice to wear and comfortable. The only issue I have with it is the Strike Witches tag on the back of it, on the inside of the black elastic strap. It is very rough and pokes you around the end of your spinal area near the butt. What I did was just to remove it though. The boxer is well sewn so if done carefully, removal won't damage it.
Rosario + Vampire Ura Moka Life-size Tapestry (Anime Toy)
Revassin : 2011/05/19 21:51:46
Your not the only one slayer I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want this too.
Iam hoping that the company that made it does a re-print of it but I srly doubt it.
Nitroplus Plushie Series 03: Super Sonico ver.3 (Anime Toy)
lol : 2011/05/13 17:29:02
Where did those gigantic bewbz of hers go?
`Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni!` OP Theme `Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de JUMP!!` / Larval Stage Planning -First Limited edition- (CD)
stestema : 2011/05/12 22:25:50
"Release Date:3000/01/01 (May. 6, Pre-order start.)"

I'm sure my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson will love this!
Super Sonico Puni M Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
Anonymous : 2011/05/12 21:05:42
If she was wearing shimapan, I would definitely get this.
The World God Only Knows II Hakua Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Anon : 2011/05/07 1:45:24
It's nice to see some dakimakura's that aren't "ecchi" style. She's cute and mellow. Very nice Cospa. *Thumbs up*
Freezing Satellizer Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Dflowen : 2011/04/28 15:00:13
This is just beautiful.
planetarian Tapestry A (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/04/23 14:22:46
This hangs very proudly in my computer room- Excellent quality !
Nitroplus Plushie Series 03: Super Sonico ver.3 (Anime Toy)
Chizuru1 : 2011/04/18 21:22:55
I think she forgot to put a skirt on... :D
Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls Tokugawa Sen Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Dewi Sukarno : 2011/04/16 12:07:54
dat ass
Nitroplus Plushie Series 03: Super Sonico ver.3 (Anime Toy)
Anonymous : 2011/04/15 1:05:42
OMG she's just way too cute! She seems to be missing something, though...
Bleach 3D Mouse Pad - Rangiku (Anime Toy)
da collector : 2011/04/08 22:57:05
Oooh gonna order this delicious Rangiku mousey pad for sure.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder Kisakinomiya Chihaya Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/04/07 10:55:42
So it's a trap?
K-On! Nakano Azusa T-Shirts White L (Anime Toy)
listen to me : 2011/04/05 12:04:07
I will wear this shirt with pride
One Piece Trafalgar Law T-Shirts White XS (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/04/04 4:00:47
I think an "E" is missin' in "harts", ne?
Angel Beats! Yui Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Raymond : 2011/04/01 9:47:19
A must buy for Angel Beats Fans
To Aru Majutsu no Index II Accelerator Long Sleeve T-shirt White M (Anime Toy)
Ivan_from_the_steppe : 2011/03/28 18:28:57
is the back of the t-shirt plain white?
I'm asking because there is no picture about it.
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Panty & Stocking Tin Clock (Anime Toy)
PenPen : 2011/03/25 7:35:19
Oh, the numbers (words) on this clock is great!
Zero no chukaima yochien nano! Rubber Strap Tabitha Ver. (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/03/24 14:40:14
Already pre order 2 :D
Dragon Crisis! Rose T-Shirts Banana M (Anime Toy)
PenPen : 2011/03/18 8:17:04
The sentence on this shirt just made me laugh hard. Excellent way to remember Rose!
One Piece W Mascot 12 pieces (Shokugan)
donnie : 2011/03/13 2:00:51
this is figure or keychain?
Ho-kago Tea Time II / Ho-kago Tea Time -First Limited Edition- (CD)
Mika : 2011/03/09 13:42:32
How could a miss something like this? If it's limited will it ever restock? Something tells me that no((
Nendoroid Plus Plushie Series 27: Mio Akiyama - Winter Uniform Ver. (Anime Toy)
Zetsubouwalker : 2011/03/09 10:09:54
I bought this about a month ago, it didn't take too long to show up.
The quality is outstanding, the hair stays put very nicely, and the body has very good structure to it.
Possibly one of the best online purchases I've ever made.
Final Fantasy XIV Kuplu Kopo Plush (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/03/09 8:01:48
PSP Decoration Sticker Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1 (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/03/04 19:07:14
This was awful.
Well the front skin was.
It was the wrong shape and wouldn't stick properly.
The back was fine however.
Sora no Otoshimono Forte Solid Mouse Pad Nymph (Anime Toy)
Anifan : 2011/02/20 2:59:56
Re-release Please!
Asobi ni Ikuyo! Eris Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/02/16 15:41:10
Mmm delicious foxy lady
Moe Sheet Shakugan no Shana II (Anime Toy)
hoszex : 2011/02/11 22:54:44
what's a "moe sheet" ? what's the messaure ?
Rosario + Vampire Kurono Kurumu Solid Mouse Pad Ver.2 (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/02/10 19:04:47
Well for what is worth, she's my fav. character in Rosario.
Freezing Satellizer Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/02/10 19:02:25
Finally some real anime women for a change. I'm tired of seeing so many lolis and teens
anime dakimakuras. Not to say that i don't like them either. Just nice to see more these.
Super Sonico Puni M Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
Chizuru1 : 2011/02/07 5:52:55
I suddenly have a humongeous craving for whipped cream... ^_^
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Saten & Uiharu Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
A Certain Level Zero : 2011/02/04 4:35:56
Standalone dakimakuras of both Saten and Uiharu would have been way better :(
These girls deserves their own pillows like Misaka and Kuroko. This is failure!
No order by me.

Mitsudomoe Futaba Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2011/02/02 22:01:38
Totally deviant...
Fate/Extra Rin T-shirt Black L (Anime Toy)
gengar77 : 2011/01/29 20:36:59
the best looking rin tee shirt so far.....
Super Sonico Tapestry (Anime Toy)
Chizuru1 : 2011/01/28 6:21:38
Simply gorgeous tapestry!
Classy AND sexy!
Please... Restock this beautiful item!
Super Sonico Punimune Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
Chizuru1 : 2011/01/28 0:09:46
I'd savour this whipped cream ANYtime!
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Shirai Kuroko Dakimakura Body + Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Zain : 2011/01/24 17:26:19
The quality of this cover produced by ACG was, at first, hard for me to grasp.

I had no idea the actual proportions that were in store for me, so I'm providing pictures for everyone else that don't know. The iPod is just to get a feel of the size.

The cover itself is silky smooth and easily stretches to a snug fit onto the pillow with no slack. The official art quality produced by JC is nonetheless great as usual. A definite buy for big time Kuroko fans.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Pan-Sto Mug Cup (Anime Toy)
Anonym : 2011/01/13 14:00:36
Just ordered this. Should be amusing to imbibe tea from a mug encrusted with slime and/or Panty's snots.
Mitsudomoe Mitsuba Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Orland : 2011/01/13 9:19:15
extremely realistic. it reminds me of real japanese girls I saw in Tokyo.
Little Busters! Ecstasy Kudryavka Work Shirt Black M (Anime Toy)
alucard13mm : 2010/12/14 5:31:30
is this shirt embroidered? or just regular print? anyone know?
Kisaragi Gold Star Clear Sheet C (Nitta Ichika) (Anime Toy)
huh : 2010/11/23 1:56:40
what is a clear sheet?
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder Kisakinomiya Chihaya Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/20 13:17:09
I checked the game Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder. Chihaya never had a romo affair like Jun Watarase did. That's nice
Occult Academy JK T-shirt Black L (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/19 7:25:48
whoever bought this, make sure people don't think you are wearing what your face is printed on.
Occult Academy JK T-shirt Black M (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/19 7:24:24
oh hell... this is disgusting. a fat otaku smiles; who would like to get this?
Rosario + Vampire Kurono Kurumu Solid Mouse Pad Ver.2 (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/19 7:23:05
Kurumu = one of the most underrated female characters in manga's history
Rosario + Vampire Ura Moka Solid Mouse Pad Ver.2 (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/19 7:22:19
Ura Moka is awesome but i don't think this mouse pad could capture her charm.
The Qwaser of Stigmata Harare Show T-shirt tomo White M (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/11/19 7:20:09
this can be offensive in Russia
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 2011 Calendar (Anime Toy)
kira yamato : 2010/11/16 11:50:30
Got it today. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Millennium Puzzle Pendant (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2010/11/14 13:20:28
too small
Sora no Otoshimono Forte Solid Mouse Pad Nymph (Anime Toy)
Ahobaka : 2010/11/14 1:34:05
And here I was hoping to get this one... ;_;

Any chance of a re-release?
Reborn! Chrome Dokuro Pattern Cushions Cover (Anime Toy)
Inugami Kotarou : 2010/11/11 4:39:32
I've had this pillow cover for over a year and it still beats all of the pillow/dakimakura covers I have. I wish there were more things with Chrome Dokuro, especially a dakimakura cover.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder Kisakinomiya Chihaya Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Rolanlex : 2010/11/08 14:32:41
yeah, he IS a man...
One Piece Ace of Fire Fist Windbreaker Black*White XL (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2010/10/27 21:32:30
bien recu content merci
Super Sonico Wet & Clear Dakimakura Cover (2 Way Tricot) (Anime Toy)
Hollywood Dave : 2010/10/27 18:31:15
sorry for Nitro+ but i really don't think Soniko is cute. She kinda looks like a scarecrow with dead-or-alive boobs and big ass. i know Nitro wants to make her case quite extreme, reminding me of Kanokon's Chizuru. But c'mon. Nitro's got so many nice girls already. I'd rather like to see Another Blood's pillow cover.
Rosario + Vampire Kurono Kurumui Life-size Tapestry (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2010/10/27 6:34:14
is it the whole body or just half of the body like the picture?
MM! Yuno Arashiko Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
hary : 2010/10/26 0:48:21
Nothing against Mio's Dakimakura Cover. Her insights were much more appealing. I hoped for an equality dakimakura of Yuno.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder Kisakinomiya Chihaya Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
generico : 2010/10/21 23:39:01
lol... i thought he was man! are they fake or... i am very confused.
Rosario + Vampire Ura Moka Life-size Tapestry (Anime Toy)
slayer : 2010/10/13 10:22:55
oh no. reservation ended already!?
I missed it this time too.
Plz restock~
Mayoi Neko Overrun! Serizawa Fumino Smooth Jumbo Cushion Cover (Anime Toy)
Fisheye : 2010/09/28 14:41:37
Good Question. It's practically a Dakimakura. So cute though. She should come in the next 2 days then I'll leave my star ranking on it
Strike Witches Rubber Key Ring Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke (Anime Toy)
Helma : 2010/09/21 6:15:21
Just picked my Minna keychains up. They appear pretty solid. I plan on using one and keeping the other in its packaging. My only complaint is that the rubber loop holding the chain looks somewhat thin, but for someone that plans on having it as a decoration rather than a 'working' keychain, that shouldn't be an issue.
Ho-kago Tea Time II / Ho-kago Tea Time -First Limited Edition- (CD)
No Name : 2010/09/18 4:48:13
just what any k-on fan need.
a full completed music album (minus op/ed) in a deluxe box, with a cassette souvenir (what anime toys you buy these days comes with a cassette?). I pre-ordered mine I suggest you too asap before you regret. amiami sold out of their pre-order spots in 2days for the limited edition.
[To Aru Kagaku no Railgun] Large Format Mouse Pad [Misaka Mikoto] (Anime Toy)
Anonymoose : 2010/09/10 10:25:49
155x230mm is certainly not 'large format'! Most standard mousepad size is at least 200x230mm or bigger!
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Anya Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2010/09/05 9:01:34
is there a chance this will be sold again some time later
Hayate the Combat Butler Hinagiku Perfect Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
sakura : 2010/09/04 14:24:51
CLANNAD Botan Plushie (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2010/08/29 16:34:25
can't be more happy to get this plushie.
life size. (and its perfect, not too big or small)
very very well made.
and it restocked ^^
[Highschool of the Dead] B2 Tapestry (Anime Toy)
whaaaa : 2010/08/29 1:04:27
is this a wallscroll
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