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Mirage C04-Atlas Foxeye Ver. (Plastic model)
av : 2024/07/07 4:42:56
just stop....let bandai handle with super quality and price
30MM Extended Armament Vehicle (Tilt Rotor Ver.) (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/07/06 8:35:02
nice model soft plastic
Smart Daughter Eos/Moon White (Plastic model)
Rue : 2024/06/25 12:24:17
Low quality, brittle plastic. Parts snapped in half during the construction process.
Plamax Naked Angel: Suzume Mino (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:23:18
what i can do make mei nagano debut jav?
YF-19 Battroid `Macross Plus` (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:19:25
copycat bandai?
GA GAN01 SunShine L (Plastic model)
av : 2024/06/16 19:16:59
just stop make ac lol...just let bandai make it boom!!!
Snake-eye Reconnaissance Type Seapig (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/05/29 8:05:09
re-issue surprised its not got a pair of hands version (same as the prowler version) and still no normal 1/20 prowler fireball SG version either (had to make my own & inc this with hands looks better)
Cross Frame Girl Gaofighgar (Plastic model)
exia 2.0 : 2024/05/21 16:08:31
waiting bandai 30ms cross frame for this
Mega Man X Zero (Plastic model)
Av sod create : 2024/05/21 2:23:33
what the ..... bandai where are your frs?
MODEROID SIDE:R Blitzschlag (Plastic model)
Av : 2024/05/18 19:46:09
tgis this crazy price
bandai this time for take it
Lineark White-Glint (Plastic model)
av : 2024/05/10 18:15:50
no one will buy it....waiting bandai 30mm white glint!!!!
bye bye koto😂 your price so expansive
YF-19 Battroid `Macross Plus` (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/04/13 9:16:27
bandai 1/72 scale have not made a YF19 or VF19 or the NIGHTMARE & delta wing in a variable version ? plastic kit
MODEROID SHIKON (Dual-pilot Model) (Plastic model)
Av : 2024/03/02 2:29:53
waiting bandai...gsc meh
Figure-rise Standard Amplified BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER (Plastic model)
No Name : 2024/02/20 6:23:48
Gold is a mix of transparency and deep reflection, very easy to clean up with Nanofile, to get a shining result. Same with midnight armor, has dust flakes within. The fastest and cleanest model kit to tool with, thanks to innovative injected (metal-like) PS mixture!
Cyber Forest Fantasy Girls FF0119 Mad Wolf (Plastic model)
skyounkin : 2024/02/19 10:50:46
LOL- Cute Guts picture.
MODEROID ED-209 (Plastic model)
Rod : 2024/02/11 17:01:27
Really nice kit! Excellent quality. It's big! :-D
SDF-1 Macross Forced Attack Type w/Prometheus & Daedalus (Plastic model)
sebguill factory : 2024/02/02 19:11:12
SDF-1 Macross w/Prometheus & Daedalus (Plastic model)
sebguill factory : 2024/02/02 19:10:44
Regult (Reconnaissance) `Macross` (Plastic model)
sebguill factory : 2024/02/02 19:08:48
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman G Mech Set (Plastic model)
sebguill factory : 2024/02/02 19:06:44
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman God Phoenix (Plastic model)
No Name : 2024/02/02 19:05:44
Soltic H404S Mackerel (Plastic model)
paul : 2024/01/13 0:30:37
unusual that this stated as a 1/72 its 120mm tall (i had the original kit back in the 1980's and scaled at 1/20 and was 120mm tall same as an SF3D kit)
Number 57 Manhunter Wander Soul w/Initial Release Bonus Item (Plastic model)
xXx_fishguy_xXx : 2023/12/29 22:14:18
fish :)
V.F.G. Macross Delta VF-31A Kairos Makina Nakajima (Plastic model)
Rorch : 2023/12/02 19:51:09
Hope we get the full Walküre lineup this time
MODEROID Yu Brain (Plastic model)
Kincaid : 2023/11/30 8:12:58
Looks good but the joints are very brittle especially in the legs department. Knee joint broke while applying the flight effect. So be very careful. Now on to applying that bond to repair it.
1/144 Takemikaduchi Type-00R (Plastic model)
J-AV : 2023/11/05 18:57:34
I suggest using hg gundam barbatos for custom hand and leg joints... you can see the review on youtube
Gale Hound (Plastic model)
Wth : 2023/10/25 14:05:49
The price is crazy.
*Bargain Item* SOL Hornet (Plastic model)
Sol hornet face part : 2023/10/10 14:25:11
Will you be selling face parts for the megami device any time soon?
I desperately wish to buy the face parts for sol hornet, but in US there’s no way to get these.
Could you sell these face parts please?
Plamax Rei Ayanami (Plastic model)
anon : 2023/09/29 15:47:19
would buy the built version, not gonna have the time or the mind to build her up from parts
Arcanadea Elena (Plastic model)
skyounkin : 2023/09/06 11:43:52
LOL- I was just wishing last night we had a female centaur figure like Centorea Shianus! Awesome!
Metal Gear Ray (Plastic model)
Petrol : 2023/07/08 21:07:45
I love it! This is my first kit ever and I had a blast while building it. Very easy to put together and easy to follow instructions. Looks really cooleven with out paint. My only gripe with with him is that the spot/joint that connects the uper body/torso comes off way too easly from his legs while posing, wich can be annoying but I can live with it <3 Here is a link to a better review https://hobbylink.tv/1100-metal-gear-ray-by-kotobukiya-part-2-review/
Fubuki (Plastic model)
KAINENG : 2023/06/24 18:15:15
i need 1/144
Fubuki Blast Guard (Plastic model)
KAINENG : 2023/06/24 18:14:24
are you ok koto? with this price cause version of color.better to sell the missile separately

waiting bandai make soon more better
Plamax Asuka Shikinami Langley (Plastic model)
Pukifee : 2023/06/11 21:16:45
Her face is adorably pretty!
HP-004 The Hunter`s Poem Swallow (Plastic model)
Ankaa : 2023/06/10 0:55:20
While the quality of the model is great, a lot of its joints are either hard to really put together, or are very loose. Sometimes both. Hard to pose with the heavier weapons without the joints failing to keep their position
Plamax HH-01 Ichi (Plastic model)
aliasangelalias : 2023/05/23 7:04:53
In my opinion, I build Kotobukiya still make better female model kits. The plastic from Max Factory seem a bit way more shinier especially for the hair and preprinted faces. The skirt should had been printed with that white line. Koto preprinted their SouSai Shojo Teien skirts for all of their female kits. Plamax ichi left leg skin color strap seem a bit out of place. When you are paying this much for a kit, mold in the black and allow us to snap on her leg would be a much better solution.
MODEROID Xabungle (Plastic model)
Zakuformer : 2023/05/21 0:51:28
This kit goes together beautifully with no problems! The instructions are very clear and color coded, and also lets you know when you are dealing with undergated parts. As long as the parts are cut cleanly, you will have no issues with fit. The pictures with this review are of the kit built (snapped together) straight out of the box! A beautiful kit of a long awaited updated model, I am very happy with this model kit!
Plamax JG-02 Gypsy Danger (Plastic model)
jose : 2023/04/28 3:06:31
hi an aunt gifted one of this to me but i lost the decals is it possible you can send me a image or scan of them in order to print it?
Plamax HH-01 Ichi (Plastic model)
No Name : 2023/04/20 18:55:06
Pre-printed part are very welcome for clean true material color build, but the winner here are her eyes! The build combination of eyes and face plate looks more depth and less plastic, compared to pre-printed one.
Plamax HH-01 Ichi (Plastic model)
Elijah : 2023/03/08 20:06:04
Skirt clashes with the legs so it makes more extreme poses with the legs not possible. Massive swords are always cool. Hope they make the rest of the Heavily Armed High School Girls line into model kits.
Riesen Panzer III [Late Production Dark Yellow] (Plastic model)
No Name : 2023/03/04 15:59:46
The plastic is quite brittle and prone to snapping. It’s easy to assemble and seams are minimal. Model is good looking but the plastic like i said is very brittle
Plamax VF-1A/S Fighter Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijyo`s Fighter) (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/12/27 8:29:35
No decals, only stickers. Deserves better for that price tag.
Ginga Hyoryu Vifam FAM-RV-S1T Torunfam (Color Resin Kit Ver.) (Resin Kit)
No Name : 2022/12/26 19:33:32
Color-coded resin cast = price *10 = crazy?
garage resin is a durty material, and now in colors...
Seven -Deadly Sins- Series SIN-01 Gluttony (Plastic model)
no : 2022/11/10 10:26:34
No... In alphamax' kit the figure is useless addition to the girl. In chinese kit the girl is useless addition to the figure.This is main difference and breaking point.
Figure-rise Standard Amplified Alphamon (Plastic model)
pro A runner fan : 2022/11/06 17:13:55
Like HG Infinitism, half of packeging is a waste. An possible A runner versus 7 runner, saves not only volumen, delivery costs is the real deal.
Gimmick Unit 03 LED Sword Blue Ver. (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/11/01 20:20:14
Sadly after ordering the red and blue swords. Neither of the light units worked. Very dissapointing
Seven -Deadly Sins- Series SIN-01 Gluttony (Plastic model)
rorch : 2022/10/12 1:40:10
huh....isn't this just Dark advents isis.....
MODEROID AV-98 Ingram (Plastic model)
Jon : 2022/10/09 20:22:29
Lousy quality plastic, shoulder joint broke easily during assembly.
Weird Tails Night Stalkers Ver. (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/08/31 0:39:43
Bought the original white version and was very disapointed with the VERY limited number of runners. A significant amount of work is needed to make it look like the box art (none of the brownish" cables" are parts for eg, you have to paint them yourself; the clear blue "screen" part seen on the product pictures doesn't exist, etc...). First time I've been this disapointed with a kotobukiya kit, they were really lazy with this one, just way too expensive for what it is.
Plamax Naked Angel: Yu Shinoda (Plastic model)
Fatmama : 2022/08/24 12:22:21
Plamax Naked Angel: Nami Hoshino (Plastic model)
Fatmama : 2022/08/24 3:14:38
Plamax Naked Angel: Hibiki Otsuki (Plastic model)
Fatmama : 2022/08/24 3:10:09
The figures are good, but requires a lot of work!
Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 50 Select Series Cinderace (Plastic model)
The coconut man : 2022/07/13 9:19:10
Worth it.
Price depending where you live
Quality: Good
Downside: Dont scratch the sticker.
Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 47 Select Series Greninja (Plastic model)
The coconut man : 2022/07/13 9:17:36
Worth it.
Price depending where you live
Quality: Very good
Downside: Dont scratch the sticker.
MODEROID Windom, the Spirit of Air (Plastic model)
Might S. : 2022/05/31 22:29:54
Thank you for the photos and scans
MODEROID Dynazenon (Plastic model)
Might S. : 2022/03/03 16:59:12
Most of the times pre-painted parts will come chipped or bled out and you will want to just strip all the color off yourself. Bummer.
CFA-44 (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2022/02/17 17:47:23

The CFA-44 is my personal favs and i'm happy it's got a release.
CFA-44 (For Modelers Edition) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2022/02/17 13:27:14
Looking forward to this for a very long time.

Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 47 Select Series Greninja (Plastic model)
The coconut man : 2022/02/12 7:22:24
Interesting price, worth it.
However the total price will vary depending where you live.

Quality: Same as the description and authentic.
Delivery: A lot of method and can be chosen when we pre order.
Communication: okay I guess but can communicate in case of FAQ.
Arsia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/02/03 0:10:47
Why do these kits always sell out so fast? I always end up having to pay double in the aftermarket :/
Arsia (Plastic model)
Raibaru Joe : 2022/02/02 19:08:11
Is this not a model kit? I thought it's a Frame Arms Girl...
Arsia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/02/02 16:08:24
One day Koto will be able to make more than 5 of these to be available ...
Nyuren (HG) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2022/01/18 14:01:51
AFTE's main AMAIM. I think it'll go well with the Tieren kits from Gundam 00 with green paint.
1/144 Shiranui Imperial Japanese Army (Plastic model)
Cibai jaga lubang : 2022/01/02 18:19:07
The problem is small and articulation limit elbow , knee and leg joint.... But design and weapon detail is perfect like in real life..... I give all star i have to kotobukiya perfect if action pose.... Please re-release 1/144 black widow 2
Reginleif (Raiden/Theo Use) (HG) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2021/12/25 19:58:06
Wehrwolf's Support Reginleif and Laughing Fox/Theo's Standard Reginleif.

Raiden/Wehrwolf's machine has an autocannon to suppress Legions and destroy plenty of Ameise & Grauwolf (small Legion footsoldiers) at close-range.
Mailes Byakuchi (HG) (Plastic model)
Dvd : 2021/12/15 17:58:46
Excellent articulation! This cartoon is okay and Episode 5 is classic!
Figure-rise Standard Magnamon (Plastic model)
Yamato : 2021/12/14 17:15:00
They should at least give him another pair of open hands. Kinda underwhelming tbh
Metal Gear REX (Plastic model)
brice.mavillaz@gmail : 2021/12/10 12:11:09
DA beast. Best model i've ever worked on.
Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear [Beluga] (Plastic model)
LM : 2021/12/10 6:41:36
@Bob Bandai's transformable Macross VF kits. They are like 99.99% fully transformable (there's almost always some small parts which cover up holes/gaps), but they also tend to be very fragile and are sticker/decal heavy.
Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear [Beluga] (Plastic model)
Bob : 2021/12/09 17:30:34
Is this the first seamless transformable model kit in ages? Was there ever kit on par with this?
Figure-rise Standard Metal Garurumon (Plastic model)
Yamato : 2021/12/05 18:38:39
Very good kit. But still can't beat the Metalgarurumon Amplified. Also the belly stickers are useless because they already molded and separated in color anyway.
Plamax Naked Angel: Aika Yumeno (Plastic model)
Fatmama : 2021/11/26 15:02:41
Full Mechanics Mailes Kenbu (First Limited) (Plastic model)
Kincad : 2021/11/19 10:08:55
This is what a FM should look like.
30MS SIS-A00 Tiasha [Color B] (Plastic model)
milhouse : 2021/11/17 3:40:06
review pros&cons featured on photo
Chaos & Pretty Alice (Plastic model)
Bames Rolfe : 2021/10/30 12:44:58
Ugh, another blonde+blue attire Alice that has been so redundant and over used...? Yet this kit unironically look super cool. I'll do it even just for the robo-rabbit with the clock shoulders, because as a curator of clocks, any hours beyond 5:40 simply means "No time!".
Chaos & Pretty Alice (Plastic model)
hue : 2021/10/27 19:54:17
'Tis gurl is mine!
(yeah i PO'ed her :D)
Nuke Matrix School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
Her nipples : 2021/10/10 10:09:39
They sculpted really big obvious ones.
Why I noticed?

Don't question it!!!
A.T.K.Girl Four Auspicious Beasts Azure Dragon (Plastic model)
yy/pia : 2021/10/04 0:07:49
I never have a problem with paying for figures from brands that are outside of my comfort zone for as long as they look good. Finally this ATK kit saw some design improvement and this is unironically the best out of the four. Their presentation and portion size has always been awesome, but they seriously need to chill out with those clear parts being LITTERED across the body of every single kits they released... better paint some of them opaque.
LBCS: Ji Banyan Tsugumi Kozakura (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/10/01 3:28:48
New to the club huh 🤭 They always tend to hold back with accessories but LBCS kits' constructions and scale are reminiscent to FA Girls, making them compatible.

The shoulders on Bandai Spirits' 30 minute Sis might also be compatible.

The medabot-esque torso on this kit is probably the biggest offender on whats otherwise a fantastic 2d illustration to 3d figure rendition...!
LBCS: Ji Banyan Tsugumi Kozakura (Plastic model)
holy f : 2021/09/28 17:54:13
cuteness overdoze.
i wish they add normal hands as well tho...
Space Pirate Battle Ship Arcadia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/09/22 17:11:04
Magical Baselard (Plastic model)
Banjobbee : 2021/09/15 13:24:52
Sold out instantly. Feels bad
VF-1J Armored Valkyrie (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/09/07 19:06:57
scale 1/72 not 1/48
Kaede Agatsuma (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/08/23 13:33:52
Fnally seeing the kit that trailblazed AGA Collabo in person: amazing sculpt all around and tons of space for detail up (clearly for masking fluids) 1 note worthy point is that the way her bangs were framed around the face makes her eyes look sharper than her 3d models and illustrations Great for combat poses, albeit the only kit that have a bit resting b1tch face when unarmed. Give the hair a gradient + few coat of clear to the eyes to get a result that makes her live up to her name: my waifu
Gene (Stellainnosent Ver.) (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/23 1:09:45
Nice, a restock! Quite curious about such an absolutely ridiculously voluptuous fan service-esque character would fare as a character model kit. Official images were a little sneaky by not juxtaposing her next to a MD kit for size comparison. Still, can't wait to receive the kit to get started.
Alice Gear Aegis Gear Unit Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/09 1:15:18
Dont have original A2 Shitara, only her ace suit so cant tell how useful these new parts are. I doubt Ganesha will have ace color release so you'll need to paint it like I'm gonna do. The huge pegs make false assembly between parts easy. The legs are hefty, besure to adjust joint tightness before remove the seam. Gun is hard to hold with 1 hand without risking damage, and the spear is just impossible; please hold them with both hands.
Alice Gear Aegis Gear Unit Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/09 1:08:34
Gigantic; didnt look that big in the game nor prototype image so I wont be surprised if its upscaled a little. Master Grade size box, weights almost as much as MG Ex-S Gundam. Blaster+Spear (almost 1 ft long) =super long, super big, super fking awesome. Has reinforced wrist to hold them.
SOL Strike Raptor (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/04 2:17:08
The kit itself is the already awesome Raptor with a few more extra parts like having two sets of hair and tanned skin tone. One thing that I wanted to mention is the bonus code card for the Alice Gear Aegis game. Since I only received this kit from a month ago, the code should already expired from almost a year ago. I tried the code, and it still works, on window at least! Strike Raptor's code also covers a bunch of bonus stuffs that Raptor didnt. So yeah, it's a good deal.
Ayaka Ichijo (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/06/09 2:20:38
Mixing the colors to be accurate is probably the trickiest part of this kit; notably the red armor. The color guide suggests 95% Wine Red, 4% White and Russet at an extremely small dose of 1%. To make it simple, you absolutely have to use Wine Red and the other two colors are interchangeable with Cool White or Character Red.
Ayaka Ichijo (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/06/08 10:40:47
Cute character, cool gadgets style, and a very sharp silhouette all around; one of the best Megami Device kit released so far, albiet the toughest one to finish and retails for a Master Grade gunpla price that demands Master Grade efforts. It also has an O-plate with two spare blue connectors for replacing broken ones, although Kaede Kaiden was the first to have that, those are in red. These are readily available as replacements.
MATSUKAZE mdl.2 Base Defense Type (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/06/08 8:34:14
Hi need a copy of instructions to build this kit Thanks
Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/05/31 10:41:37
Actually, that was a great point about the hair! Harken back to the Figma release of Hirasaka , Max Factory took into account of the hair design and cast it with a softer and more flexible PVC to avoid breaking and helped the articulations. Koto could've done the same for Kaede but oh well...
Sugumi Kanagata (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/05/21 7:14:38
Oh hell yeah, hope Himukai Rin will get her release right after to complete the trio. There was the Desktop Army iteration but shes a bit too tiny..
Megami Device M.S.G 01 Tops Set White (Plastic model)
milhouse : 2021/04/19 9:57:21
not fully backwards compatable, I had bought this thinking I would be able to take the shoulder parts of the torso piece from it but they are a new sculpt entirely, you'll have to use the entire piece and replace the torso section completely, the shoulder piece of the arm is compatable but I had to shorten the connection peg to fit the arms I used (wism soldier sniper/grapple mecha arms), chest parts (breasts) seem fine but there may be issues with some specific sculpts fitting correctly.
Sousai Shojo Teien Madoka Yuki [Touou High School Winter Clothes] (Plastic model)
Kanoismywifu : 2021/03/09 21:53:06
Its retarded that none of the promotional descriptions tell you, or at least draw any attentions to the fact that she comes with a full set of empty faces as H plate, and that each of the 3 different hairstyles are individual heads that you can swap out easily or use seperately on other compatible bodies is just unbelievably generous consider how stingy they can sometimes be. I had my doubts when pre-ordering, but this is my new favorite branch of Koto kits and I can't wait for Koyomi's release
Sousai Shojo Teien Madoka Yuki [Touou High School Winter Clothes] (Plastic model)
oko : 2021/02/28 3:41:50
Alright, now is the perfrct time to make a Corpse Party paintjob.
Plamax GP-02 Guilty Princess Maidroid Alice (Plastic model)
whoa... : 2021/02/26 13:54:00
price is kinda... not fun for this simple kit: main body + skirt. also i guess there won't be prepainted parts except faces
30MM Extended Armament Vehicle (Space Craft Ver.) [Purple] (Plastic model)
LordAaronus : 2021/02/21 19:18:02
can I just say I love how they made a body block you could do stuff with. and I know some folks out there will find a use for the four wheels. yes, there's wheels.
A.T.K.Girl Arachne 2.0 (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:54
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
A.T.K.Girl Heracross (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:24
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
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