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SDF-1 Macross w/Prometheus & Daedalus (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/04/10 13:05:19
MODEROID Dynazenon (Plastic model)
Might S. : 2022/03/03 16:59:12
Most of the times pre-painted parts will come chipped or bled out and you will want to just strip all the color off yourself. Bummer.
CFA-44 (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2022/02/17 17:47:23

The CFA-44 is my personal favs and i'm happy it's got a release.
CFA-44 (For Modelers Edition) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2022/02/17 13:27:14
Looking forward to this for a very long time.

Arsia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/02/03 0:10:47
Why do these kits always sell out so fast? I always end up having to pay double in the aftermarket :/
Arsia (Plastic model)
Raibaru Joe : 2022/02/02 19:08:11
Is this not a model kit? I thought it's a Frame Arms Girl...
Arsia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2022/02/02 16:08:24
One day Koto will be able to make more than 5 of these to be available ...
1/144 Shiranui Imperial Japanese Army (Plastic model)
Cibai jaga lubang : 2022/01/02 18:19:07
The problem is small and articulation limit elbow , knee and leg joint.... But design and weapon detail is perfect like in real life..... I give all star i have to kotobukiya perfect if action pose.... Please re-release 1/144 black widow 2
Metal Gear REX (Plastic model)
brice.mavillaz@gmail : 2021/12/10 12:11:09
DA beast. Best model i've ever worked on.
Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear [Beluga] (Plastic model)
LM : 2021/12/10 6:41:36
@Bob Bandai's transformable Macross VF kits. They are like 99.99% fully transformable (there's almost always some small parts which cover up holes/gaps), but they also tend to be very fragile and are sticker/decal heavy.
Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear [Beluga] (Plastic model)
Bob : 2021/12/09 17:30:34
Is this the first seamless transformable model kit in ages? Was there ever kit on par with this?
Plamax Naked Angel: Aika Yumeno (Plastic model)
Fatmama : 2021/11/26 15:02:41
Chaos & Pretty Alice (Plastic model)
Bames Rolfe : 2021/10/30 12:44:58
Ugh, another blonde+blue attire Alice that has been so redundant and over used...? Yet this kit unironically look super cool. I'll do it even just for the robo-rabbit with the clock shoulders, because as a curator of clocks, any hours beyond 5:40 simply means "No time!".
Chaos & Pretty Alice (Plastic model)
hue : 2021/10/27 19:54:17
'Tis gurl is mine!
(yeah i PO'ed her :D)
Nuke Matrix School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
Her nipples : 2021/10/10 10:09:39
They sculpted really big obvious ones.
Why I noticed?

Don't question it!!!
A.T.K.Girl Four Auspicious Beasts Azure Dragon (Plastic model)
yy/pia : 2021/10/04 0:07:49
I never have a problem with paying for figures from brands that are outside of my comfort zone for as long as they look good. Finally this ATK kit saw some design improvement and this is unironically the best out of the four. Their presentation and portion size has always been awesome, but they seriously need to chill out with those clear parts being LITTERED across the body of every single kits they released... better paint some of them opaque.
LBCS: Ji Banyan Tsugumi Kozakura (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/10/01 3:28:48
New to the club huh 🤭 They always tend to hold back with accessories but LBCS kits' constructions and scale are reminiscent to FA Girls, making them compatible.

The shoulders on Bandai Spirits' 30 minute Sis might also be compatible.

The medabot-esque torso on this kit is probably the biggest offender on whats otherwise a fantastic 2d illustration to 3d figure rendition...!
LBCS: Ji Banyan Tsugumi Kozakura (Plastic model)
holy f : 2021/09/28 17:54:13
cuteness overdoze.
i wish they add normal hands as well tho...
Space Pirate Battle Ship Arcadia (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/09/22 17:11:04
Magical Baselard (Plastic model)
Banjobbee : 2021/09/15 13:24:52
Sold out instantly. Feels bad
VF-1J Armored Valkyrie (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/09/07 19:06:57
scale 1/72 not 1/48
Kaede Agatsuma (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/08/23 13:33:52
Fnally seeing the kit that trailblazed AGA Collabo in person: amazing sculpt all around and tons of space for detail up (clearly for masking fluids) 1 note worthy point is that the way her bangs were framed around the face makes her eyes look sharper than her 3d models and illustrations Great for combat poses, albeit the only kit that have a bit resting b1tch face when unarmed. Give the hair a gradient + few coat of clear to the eyes to get a result that makes her live up to her name: my waifu
Gene (Stellainnosent Ver.) (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/23 1:09:45
Nice, a restock! Quite curious about such an absolutely ridiculously voluptuous fan service-esque character would fare as a character model kit. Official images were a little sneaky by not juxtaposing her next to a MD kit for size comparison. Still, can't wait to receive the kit to get started.
Alice Gear Aegis Gear Unit Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/09 1:15:18
Dont have original A2 Shitara, only her ace suit so cant tell how useful these new parts are. I doubt Ganesha will have ace color release so you'll need to paint it like I'm gonna do. The huge pegs make false assembly between parts easy. The legs are hefty, besure to adjust joint tightness before remove the seam. Gun is hard to hold with 1 hand without risking damage, and the spear is just impossible; please hold them with both hands.
Alice Gear Aegis Gear Unit Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/09 1:08:34
Gigantic; didnt look that big in the game nor prototype image so I wont be surprised if its upscaled a little. Master Grade size box, weights almost as much as MG Ex-S Gundam. Blaster+Spear (almost 1 ft long) =super long, super big, super fking awesome. Has reinforced wrist to hold them.
SOL Strike Raptor (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/07/04 2:17:08
The kit itself is the already awesome Raptor with a few more extra parts like having two sets of hair and tanned skin tone. One thing that I wanted to mention is the bonus code card for the Alice Gear Aegis game. Since I only received this kit from a month ago, the code should already expired from almost a year ago. I tried the code, and it still works, on window at least! Strike Raptor's code also covers a bunch of bonus stuffs that Raptor didnt. So yeah, it's a good deal.
Ayaka Ichijo (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/06/09 2:20:38
Mixing the colors to be accurate is probably the trickiest part of this kit; notably the red armor. The color guide suggests 95% Wine Red, 4% White and Russet at an extremely small dose of 1%. To make it simple, you absolutely have to use Wine Red and the other two colors are interchangeable with Cool White or Character Red.
Ayaka Ichijo (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/06/08 10:40:47
Cute character, cool gadgets style, and a very sharp silhouette all around; one of the best Megami Device kit released so far, albiet the toughest one to finish and retails for a Master Grade gunpla price that demands Master Grade efforts. It also has an O-plate with two spare blue connectors for replacing broken ones, although Kaede Kaiden was the first to have that, those are in red. These are readily available as replacements.
MATSUKAZE mdl.2 Base Defense Type (Plastic model)
No Name : 2021/06/08 8:34:14
Hi need a copy of instructions to build this kit Thanks
Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/05/31 10:41:37
Actually, that was a great point about the hair! Harken back to the Figma release of Hirasaka , Max Factory took into account of the hair design and cast it with a softer and more flexible PVC to avoid breaking and helped the articulations. Koto could've done the same for Kaede but oh well...
Sugumi Kanagata (Plastic model)
Koe : 2021/05/21 7:14:38
Oh hell yeah, hope Himukai Rin will get her release right after to complete the trio. There was the Desktop Army iteration but shes a bit too tiny..
Megami Device M.S.G 01 Tops Set White (Plastic model)
milhouse : 2021/04/19 9:57:21
not fully backwards compatable, I had bought this thinking I would be able to take the shoulder parts of the torso piece from it but they are a new sculpt entirely, you'll have to use the entire piece and replace the torso section completely, the shoulder piece of the arm is compatable but I had to shorten the connection peg to fit the arms I used (wism soldier sniper/grapple mecha arms), chest parts (breasts) seem fine but there may be issues with some specific sculpts fitting correctly.
Sousai Shojo Teien Madoka Yuki [Touou High School Winter Clothes] (Plastic model)
Kanoismywifu : 2021/03/09 21:53:06
Its retarded that none of the promotional descriptions tell you, or at least draw any attentions to the fact that she comes with a full set of empty faces as H plate, and that each of the 3 different hairstyles are individual heads that you can swap out easily or use seperately on other compatible bodies is just unbelievably generous consider how stingy they can sometimes be. I had my doubts when pre-ordering, but this is my new favorite branch of Koto kits and I can't wait for Koyomi's release
Sousai Shojo Teien Madoka Yuki [Touou High School Winter Clothes] (Plastic model)
oko : 2021/02/28 3:41:50
Alright, now is the perfrct time to make a Corpse Party paintjob.
Plamax GP-02 Guilty Princess Maidroid Alice (Plastic model)
whoa... : 2021/02/26 13:54:00
price is kinda... not fun for this simple kit: main body + skirt. also i guess there won't be prepainted parts except faces
A.T.K.Girl Arachne 2.0 (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:54
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
A.T.K.Girl Heracross (Plastic model)
Whip : 2021/02/19 10:24:24
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
MODEROID Fafner Mark Sein (Plastic model)
Kincaid : 2021/01/29 14:48:31
Moderoid is taking care of the stuff Kotobukiya and Bandai aren't doing.
Metal Slug X Assort Box (6 Types Included) (Plastic model)
Optimus : 2021/01/28 17:18:08

Is the whole kit paintable ?
Gene (Stellatears Ver.) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/11/24 8:41:25
I dig this kit, honestly. The sizes are just right for me.

In a world full of petite/teen body-type model kit figures, this could give way to more "full-figured adult women" model kit figures in the future, imho.
Mega Man X Rising Fire Ver. (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/11/22 11:56:37
I get what they are going for, but it's such a peculiar choice of X's special weapon color. Given that this is also the body color of X2's fire weapon and X3's spinning blade thingy, perhaps theres some value to it. I think when X uses his flaming Z-Saber in X6, he is also in this color....??
Mega Man X Zero (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/11/22 7:18:22
After two months of delay, finally Zero is here! I'm glad that each individual manipulators have their own ball joints, unlike their previous Megaman kits. Although the way they snap together still looks retarded for us that removes the seam, I'm still hyped to put it together and paint it up. Will post a short review as soon as I'm finished painting it to help others who are hesitating.
Alternative Sneak Sight (Plastic model)
Walter Alexander : 2020/11/18 11:57:49
My order arrived on November 3, 2020 and took 7 months to deliver (tracking code: CL060247752JP). Site support did not help because it took too long to deliver the order. The website support sends only repeated messages I think it took a long time due to freight in the city of Kanagawa, but he stayed in that city of Kanagawa four months later to go to Brazil. I really liked the product I received. I will buy other products.
Sitara Kaneshiya [Tenki] Ver. Karwa Chauth (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/11/12 1:05:13
Adding in to what I've said before; this is one of the few, if not the only kit so far that has a pair of spare arms in the truest sense. The unused pair of arms were left over from Kaneshiya's normal D plate and they can be a life saver to those that needs them for repair.
ADFX-01 (For Modelers Edition) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/11/10 16:04:35
Slim chances notwithstanding, i look forward for a CFA-44 model in the future.
Sitara Kaneshiya [Tenki] Ver. Karwa Chauth (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/11/01 15:45:14
Still want to get a second one because the base model was so good. I actually like the color choice because while the original's deck tan armor looks great in flat finish, Tenki's midnight blue looks better in a gloss coat. It creates an awesome finish contrast when you place them next to each other.

Tenki's unarmed legs look surprisingly good on 04 Ayaka.

Koto could have also included the cleavage part from the original, what a shame.
Sitara Kaneshiya Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/10/27 10:36:17
I can't believe Kotobukiya is already milking this one character already, with 3 releases that were dated so close apart!

I'm more interested in those expansion parts for Kaneshiya's main body, wish they can sell them seperately apart from the armor bulk. Looks cool, but its just too bad that from my past years of experience dealing with Koto's kit, any movable joints are guaranteed to stiffen and break over time if the builder didn't shave them loose pre-emptively...

Ayaka Ichijo (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/10/27 10:29:20
I'm skipping 03 for this one instead; as a sword and shield main in MonHun, there is a certain level of belongingness in this model. Painting the details is going to be a massive pain, I just can't resist those purple parts begging to be in metallic color!
MG-01 Zhao Yun x Joukou (Plastic model)
nutz4PVC : 2020/10/10 20:24:13
gunpla x saint seiya
ADFX-01 (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/10/08 17:17:04
"This twisted game needs to be reset!"

Pixy's final plane, for his duel against the Demon Lord.
Crest CR-C89E Oracle Ver. (Plastic model)
Brice Mavillaz : 2020/09/30 21:05:26
I was pleasantly surprised by this kit. Originally bought it to lower the costs of shipping doing a bulk order. First Armored Core kit I did and they're much more stable than Frame Arms. TBH, when unpainted more than a few pieces tend to fall off by themselves. However, painting the kit makes it really solid. I wasn't really impressed by the color scheme, however painting it with realistic colors makes it really worthwhile. Adding extra decals (not included) also really helps. A 4/5 IMO.
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
part5 : 2020/09/22 3:17:32
this website needs to get rid of the 500 character limit for making comments on products
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
part4 : 2020/09/22 3:16:02
conclusion: if you can find this kit in stock for a good price I would say get it, it's a 2 for 1 deal regardless of the price you pay.
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
part3 : 2020/09/22 3:15:32
bad part: the bigger sword is hard to pose with as it is fairly heavy and is huge (looks awesome though), the instructions (it tells you to reference the armored head for the parts numbers when building the unarmored head but the parts are on two different runners (the A runner and the M runner) and of course the english isn't correct (right hand? no, it's the right arm, life hand? did you mean left arm?)
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
part2 : 2020/09/22 3:13:42
not so good part: the armored body is extremely delicate having very thin connection points for the armor, also I would advise putting the neck joint into the head (A9 into A27 for the armored head and M1 into M5 for the unarmored head) before assembling the hair parts or putting the face plate on for both bodies as it is a fairly tight fit (even with sanding it), rubbery hands (the wrists feel like they might tare off if you aren't careful (this might just be me though))
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
part1 : 2020/09/22 3:13:00
good part: great deal, you get two complete kits in one box, double jointed elbows&knees (great articulation), original design, you can mix parts between the two bodies, not too much leftover/unused parts (you can choose flesh or black (clothed) toes for the unarmored feet so you'll have spare toe parts either way)

meh part: the stands are slightly off, the bottom length is longer than the top length
Sitara Kaneshiya Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
. : 2020/09/20 17:49:39
oh look, Dendrobium cosplay.
Sitara Kaneshiya Ver. Ganesha (Plastic model)
GunCritic : 2020/09/18 21:50:23
I love this mode even better! Gigantic elephant-legs are more beastly and majestic.
Megami Device M.S.G 02 Bottoms Set Skin Color A (Plastic model)
GunCritic : 2020/09/13 12:15:24
@Alvin Indeed worth an upgrade for the old parts with this nice, new parts set. Love the new range of movement though.
Megami Device M.S.G 02 Bottoms Set Skin Color A (Plastic model)
Alvin : 2020/09/10 12:45:37
Yes!! new buttocks for my asra archer aoi :)
A.T.K.Girl Four Auspicious Beasts White Tiger (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/09/05 20:14:10
Doyusha isn't a manufacturer of this product.
This product is make by Chinese company named Eastern Model.

Doyusha is authorize dealer for this product.
A.T.K.Girl Heracross (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2020/09/02 22:28:17
Is this a Kabuto reference?
Gene (Stellatears Ver.) (Plastic model)
Alvin : 2020/08/29 14:55:20
biggest boobs and butt in plastic model right now
Plamax SG-03: Machine Caliber Avalon Guard (Plastic model)
Brice mavillaz : 2020/08/21 22:26:00
Excellent kit, perfect fits, lots of undergated parts, awesome articulations. Decals, on the other hand, are REALLY hard to apply and pretty aweful. Managed to get them kinda right but it was really the worst part. That being said, probably the best kit I've done so far
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/08/21 21:55:01
@rey, because the china buyers prefer 2 bodies.
Plamax MF-35: Minimum Factory Protect Gear with Special Investigations Unit Patrol Vehicle (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/08/17 20:39:41
too shame there is NO painting guide in the instruction!!!
Mega Man X Rising Fire Ver. (Plastic model)
Kincad : 2020/08/04 8:41:39
So you have to "Collect them all" to acquire all of the gimmicks. Therefore unarmored X is going to be kept in production by these acquired powers versions then.
XZM-011 Solidea (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/07/30 5:36:09
Artwork and ms design really reminds me of the moon gundam series. Looking very cool.
The Tale of Shinto Nana Oda (Plastic model)
rey : 2020/06/19 13:09:55
yes its contain 2 body type w/o sharing parts except face' expressions. its not a blatant copy of megami device. its use some ideas, but that chinese company tried develop frame in thier own way (like did Wave' with thier cat robot).
good point is color separation for that price. koto should learn about that stuff...
little rant:
1.why second body needed? if she were even cheaper than now she would have even more sales.
2.girl body design is roughly compared to fgirls and mds.
Gene (Stellainnosent Ver.) (Plastic model)
fistagon : 2020/06/15 8:06:48
took me over 4 hours to build it, didnt come out very good.
parts seemed inconsistant on quality.
Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] (Plastic model)
GunCritic : 2020/06/01 17:29:50
It can't be helped that hair-strands are not very poseable. Unless the material is soft pvc like Figma Mio or somethin.

Interestingly the Ace Suit from the game adds more wardrobe, both Sitara and hers. I hope those suits fit well for other updated Actress girls in different eherm sizes. hehe
Bullet Knights Executioner (Plastic model)
GunCritic : 2020/06/01 17:23:25
It's definitely a Side Cloak MSG.
I totally agree Capes are hard to pose, i wish there is some kind of extended joint mechanic parts for extreme cape poses.

I expected wrong about a third Bullet Knight unit adding both Lance and Launcher weapons. hahaha
Bullet Knights Executioner (Plastic model)
kitbash : 2020/05/28 13:56:15
Cape. I hate capes.
Also I wish kotobukiya make new parts for that armor/weapon but not kitbash with existing MSGs. Meh. This is not some hobbyist' work this is company' product.
But the good is new ass' design... I mean... pelvis. Right step to upgrade outdated frame of MD.
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
ADMIN : 2020/05/27 11:15:30
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School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
Alert : 2020/05/25 20:44:51
@paper monkey
That is where I feel suck on.
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
paper monkey : 2020/05/25 18:22:21
cos the bee armor is an original design, which is over half the kit's content.
the girl body is also in different color, so you can't exactly call it a pirated version.
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
Alert : 2020/05/25 14:59:22
What the hell is going on?How come pirate version's model can be sold in Jp?
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
paper monkey : 2020/05/23 18:52:16
Kotobukiya may not have copyright on girl models, but the mold used for
the body section of this model strangely resembles that of megami devices.
The knee joint, the ugly pad behind the shoulder, the breast plate,
thighs connecting directly onto the robot leg, and of course, the butt cheeks.
These are some of what makes Megami Devices and FAGirls look characteristic,
and this company looks like they just copied their mold.
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
No : 2020/05/23 14:08:23
it's not like they have a copyright on girl models, besides, there are dozens of competitor's to koto now, competition is good as it means that they have to try harder to make a better product.
School Shock-B.E.E. Liuli (Plastic model)
hmmm : 2020/05/20 18:29:02
I wonder what aspy and kotobukiya thinks of this chinese 'copy' of megami device.
Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki (Plastic model)
o : 2020/05/12 15:31:37
New face expressions are good addition. But no straight looking face... meh.
Ass design is bad. Really bad.
2 big hair parts are bad. Hair design on back too. Those pieces will annoy whenever you try to pose her.
Gene (Stellainnosent Ver.) (Plastic model)
Alvin : 2020/04/23 17:13:25
dada sama burit terbesar untuk mokit saat ini
Abysscrawler (Plastic model)
bricemavillaz : 2020/04/23 9:48:11
Cool kit that deserves work.
Weapon Unit 06 EX Samurai Master Sword [Jagdfalx Image Color] (Plastic model)
Kamen Writer : 2020/04/14 5:27:19
This would look so good in shf zero one's hands
`Crusher Joe` Cordoba (Plastic model)
none : 2020/04/13 5:04:04
I am having avery difficult time ordering items. this has gone on for days,I DSPERATELEY NEED HELP.SINCERLEYJOHNBATTAGLIA.
Multi Purpose Humanoid Robot `C.A.T.-00` w/Bonus Itemm (Plastic model)
Una : 2020/04/10 22:32:18
This kit is hell
Plastic feels brittle and too light. Model herself consists mostly of questionable designer choices, and is prone to breaking. Wrist joint broke before i could install it, and the neck snapped when i tried to turn her head. Also, she has only one 3mm hole, so kitbashing is impossible.
Overall, this kit feels like a waste of money and time to me. Better buy one of the Kotobukiya's FA girl or Megami Device, if you're looking for mecha musume kit.
Sitara Kaneshiya [Tenki] Ver. Karwa Chauth (Plastic model)
q : 2020/03/10 15:39:18
i like previous color scheme more. and previous price even more... -_-
Mega Man X Max Armor (Plastic model)
Kincad : 2020/02/20 13:13:22
Can we just say this is an amazing kit. Unfortunately, they want you to buy unarmored X to get the shot effect.
Hitekkai Ginkei [White] (Plastic model)
GroBeu : 2020/02/17 22:25:38
Superbly detailed kit, really great job from Kotobukiya. I wish there where more weird-looking kits like this one out there. Come with lots of really small parts, a kickass looking dedicated stand, and a decal sheet. The decals are a little thick though, you might need to use microsol to have them stick as close to the surface as possible (some of the decals run over "ridges"). Other than that, a really great looking kit!
Multi Purpose Humanoid Robot `C.A.T.-00` w/Bonus Itemm (Plastic model)
dolph : 2020/02/16 5:38:19
1. wrist joints are fragile (mine snapped like it was nothing), can easily replace them with a spare set from a kotobukiya frame arms girl (I used a set from innocentia)
2. gun will require glue as it falls apart easily (the grenade launcher and sight fall off a lot)
3. leftover parts for a gun you don't get (a section of barrel and a scope),
4. plastic quality (it isn't top teir but it's decent and sands very easily, be careful not to oversand parts)
5. weird engrish on box
Gene (Stellatears Ver.) (Plastic model)
Alvin : 2020/02/11 13:39:14
dada sama burit terbesar untuk mokit saat ini
Mecha Supply 04 Propellant Tank (Round) (Plastic model)
Tran Khanh Duy : 2020/02/08 15:08:55
It's appropriate to 1/144 gunpla kits.
LBCS: The Emperor Sophia Katakura (Plastic model)
w : 2020/02/06 15:40:50
This one-piece hair doesn't look good. Also weapon would be just blank black color, as well as side skirts w/o second color too. And price... Meh.
Gene (Stellainnosent Ver.) (Plastic model)
MoyToy : 2020/02/01 1:44:37
This would of been great if this was done in scale too, that pose is amazing. Instead we got the sucky one with her sweater on.
Bullet Knights Lancer Hell Blaze (Plastic model)
ADMIN : 2020/01/27 10:19:23
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Dekatanpopo `Jumbobo` (Uncolored Kit) (Plastic model)
Cat-Dad : 2020/01/06 10:10:58
Beautiful casting, only slight mold lines to clean up. Figure stands on it's own very well, so does not need a base for display. Only one design of head/face provided (the smaller version has two). Highly recommended!
Type Jaeger Edelweiss (Plastic model)
yua : 2020/01/05 15:08:33
This kit has one of the best unarmored mode, basic body structure. The only draw back being the huge price tag that it commands. However, one thing that is unique to this kit is that it actually has two C plates; and C2 and C3 are the two highly fragile waist joint on all Megami Device kits. The spare parts on the secondary C plate can definitely come in handy, for those who needs them.
Weapon Unit 07 Twin Link Magnum (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/11/14 16:00:24
Interesting. Handgun-type additional weapons are my favorite.
Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] (Plastic model)
well : 2019/11/07 17:38:01
well her hair still not fixed. i.e. there is hard plastic used for her hair make her head almost non poseable.
Frame Arms Girl Materia White Ver. (Plastic model)
tubacabra : 2019/10/24 4:51:01
The model itself is very pretty and I enjoyed my time building it. However, I have 2 major problems with it. First is quality of plastic used to make it. For this price it's an actually garbage. It's super brittle and I'm afraid I'm going to break it while posing it. My second problem is connected to quality of plastic. Some joints are extremely tight and some are extremely loose. I can fix loose joints easily but it's hard to do so with knee and elbow joints and these are the tightest.
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