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1/12 Little Armory (LA026) MP5SD6 Type (Plastic model)
C4phunk : 2020/08/31 3:41:55
Combine this with the polymer buttstock from MP5A4/A5 series, it'll become MP5SD5 version..
German Tiger I Mid Ver. `Invasion of Normandy 70th Anniversary Kit` (Plastic model)
Rafa_Leal_B : 2020/08/16 9:02:18
Great kit!!! It was really fun and easy to build (quite similar to Tamiya's). Unfortunately the kit comes with a few track parts to be used as armor, so you'll need to get some from other models.
I'm looking forward to build academy's late and early versions of this outstanding deathmachine.
British Centurion Mk 5 (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/07/25 12:22:09
AFV FV4005 in green vs Amusing Hobby FV4005 in beige. Isn't it strange both products have almost the same details and matching dimensions?
FV4005 Stage 2 Self-Propelled Gun (Plastic model)
COPYCAT AmusingHobby : 2020/07/11 17:32:15
The chassis parts are almost illegally copied from AFVCLUB
Shame on you, Amusing Hobby
1/12 Little Armory (LA052) Hecate2 Type
RD : 2020/07/11 1:39:57
This is probably my favorite rifle in the armory. The bolt moves towards the stock like the real deal! I love it. Just wish it came with more magazines!
1/12 Little Armory (LA050) Mk14Mod0 EBR Type (Plastic model)
RD : 2020/07/11 1:32:37
I love this. EBR in light aluminum chassis theme is just awesome. Scope is a bit loose you may need to glue them. Handguard rails are tight and works well with the accessory kit.
1/12 Little Armory (LA042) AS VAL Type (Plastic model)
RD : 2020/07/11 1:29:05
There is a small part in the scope that is quite difficult to attach. You may need glue to attach it if you accidentally cut the pegs. Overall, it is an awesome gun. I just wish the stock came pre-colored like the one in the picture.
British Army Husky TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle) (Plastic model)
Evandro.Ebert : 2020/06/23 1:07:18
The kit has excellent quality, has no injection marks and the fittings are perfect. The instructions are well explained and contain no errors. Model is very good. Highly recommended
Battleship Yamato Type 94 46cm Main Turret (Plastic model)
Red Roo : 2020/06/19 9:04:34
I have just opened the box containing all the parts for the construction of the Yamoto's turrets and simply put.
AMAZING detail on everything I see.
I have no idea of how long this project will take as I can't read Japanese, but the exploded view drawings are well detailed and should be rather easy to follow, having a basic knowledge and knowing that there will be huge amounts of reference material on the net to download and study.
M-ATV M1240A1 (Plastic model)
Evandro.Ebert : 2020/05/22 5:31:38
Finally finished. An excellent model, which gives us great pleasure to work on it. Congratulations to the Rye Field company for the model. I intend to make a diorama with it and I am studying how it will be done and the elements that will compose the scenario.
1/12 Little Armory (LA063) XM2010 Type
Mr. BigBud : 2020/05/16 6:01:21
You can never have enough sniper rifles.
Who knows. Maybe they'll release SVD, SVU, SR-25/M110, or 417/G28 soon.
Piper Cub T-41 `Mascelero` (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/05/13 0:45:42
The main heading for the ad states this is a Piper Cub. The description which follows below the box-art picture correctly states this is a Cessna 172 reconfigured for military use.
The Piper Cub was a tail-dragger with tandem seating for only two.
1/12 Little Armory (LA062) M14EBR-RI Type
Mr. BigBud : 2020/04/10 15:15:00
Just what i needed. Still waiting for more semi-auto shotguns, though.
Detail Set for German Navy Battleship Bismarck (for Tamiya 78013) (Plastic model)
No Name : 2020/03/28 2:42:11
Hello, HS. Please tell me, for Bismarck, Tamiya, TAM 78013 which set of photo-etching is better to get:

1. VF350003 from the manufacturer Very Fire: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10479034,


2. TAM25181 from the manufacturer Tamiya/Pontos: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10453946.

Which of these sets is more detailed, accurate, high-quality ?.

Thank you, waiting for an answer.
Ansett Australia Boeing 727-200 (Plastic model)
djonzy : 2020/03/24 0:15:16
Light Tank M24 Chaffee w/Tank Crew (4 figures) (Plastic model)
ale17 : 2020/03/05 4:48:21
hi do you have the instructions to build this model?
Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 (Plastic model)
Derek : 2020/02/27 23:34:23
1/12 Little Armory (LA060) AK74M Type
Mr. BigBud : 2020/02/15 23:00:32
Nice, i'd say.
Put the AKM type mag and you got yourself an AK-103 (sorta).
1/12 Little Armory (LA034) G36 Type (Plastic model)
Iryuknite : 2020/01/22 6:18:33
I love the toy model of the gun it's f...ing cool.
US Navy P-3A Orion (Old Revell) (Plastic model)
Joe : 2020/01/08 8:26:36
Kit has NO clear parts for the holes where the windows are.
Water Bus Himiko (Plastic model)
Railtunes : 2019/12/08 5:27:52
Sensoji temple model is No. 20 from Fujimi model buildings line. These models have varying scales. The Sensoji model is close to 1:500 scale, but is often listed as "non-scale".
F-4E Phantom HAF 338 SQ 2017 Air Tattoo (Decal)
No Name : 2019/12/07 17:29:16
IJN Destroyer Shimakaze Final w/Flag, Ship Name Plate, Photo-Etched Parts (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/10/31 9:58:02
The reference drawing is inaccurate. Shimakaze never sported a number on her bow, and she was completed much to late to ever have her name in katakana lettering on her hull. (The latest pic I've seen of a destroyer having it would be a pic of Akizuki on trials, dating from early May 1942).
IJN Fast Battleship Haruna 1944 (Sho Ichigo Operation) (Plastic model)
juldas : 2019/10/30 18:22:12
Please check the complete parts, purchased products, without 4 parts, and there are no answers from the manufacture
Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Late Production/ Pz.Beob.Wg.IV Ausf.J w/Workable Track Links 2in1 (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/10/28 14:48:58
MiG-31 FireFox (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/10/18 1:20:42
It is from the Movie Firefox with Clint Eastwood!...
MiG-31 FireFox (Plastic model)
wut : 2019/10/01 14:04:03
MiG-31... say what? 200% not mig-31.
Jagdpanther G2 w/Workable Track Links (Plastic model)
zwARRog : 2019/09/24 14:17:13
Jagdpanther G2 w/Workable Track Links (Plastic model)
zwARRog : 2019/09/24 14:16:12
1/12 Little Armory (LADF01) Dolls Front Line QBZ-95 Type
Mr. BigBud : 2019/09/02 13:49:02
She has a Little Armory gun, and a figure too, and yet, she has little to no role in the story of GFL itself.

Still a beauty, though.
Kawasaki T-4 J.A.S.D.F. (Plastic model)
Pawel : 2019/08/16 19:23:14
Great kit! It was a great pleasure to make this model! I used a small, dedicated photoetched set, which enriched result.
HMS Type 23 Frigate Montrose (F236) (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/08/11 6:13:08
Wonderful news about this "New" rescaled Trumpeter kit.
A excellent addition to any 1/700 scale collection.
1/12 Little Armory (LA055) M870 Type Hard Wood
Mr. BigBud : 2019/08/08 20:35:08
I'm looking forward for them to make the Benelli M3/M4, or maybe the SPAS-12 in the future, if they have the licensing.

The LA line-up needs more semi-auto shotguns.
1/12 Little Armory (LADF02) Dolls Frontline UMP45 Type
Mr. BigBud : 2019/07/29 20:04:28
It would be nice for them to release C-MS (CBJ-MS) as well. They just need to modify the MAC-11 mold from their latest water gun release.
Royal Navy HMS Cornwall (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/07/18 22:13:49
The Trumpeter 1 350 scale model iof HMS Cornwell assembles extremely well. I found all parts fit well, and instructions easy to follow. I assembled the kit in sub assemblies, finishing each sub assembly and painting as well. This gave easy access for painting. My model is about 85% complete in 11 days
MiG-25 RB/RBS Foxbat (Plastic model)
ahmad : 2019/06/23 3:19:23
M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier (Plastic model)
No Name : 2019/06/03 18:11:28
Any idea when this will be back in stock?
JMSDF Escort Ship DD-115 Akizuki (Plastic model)
Great JMSDF Akizuki : 2019/04/04 10:10:12
This model is expensive, but well worth it. It's the only 1/350 scale version of this very capable JMSDF destroyer class that I'm aware of. It's VERY well molded and comes with lots of extras. The resin, additional brass, plastic and photo etch parts can allow you to make a museum quality model if you are careful and take your time. I have a video on my youtube channel, and a Out of the Box and Build Thread on Fine Scale Modeling's forum. I wish Arts Technic made a 1/350 scale Izumo.
1/12 Little Armory (LA039) P90 Type (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/03/24 20:08:28
Prettiest cover art i've seen. Solid gun too, being a high-capacity PDW and all.
One can only hope that Claire Preston (the cover girl) would be a figma like Miyo, Rikka, Maria, or Ena. That would be nice.
1/12 Little Armory (LA052) Hecate2 Type
Mr. BigBud : 2019/03/24 6:09:20
Shino "Sinon" Asada's weapon of choice.
F-16CG Block 40 (Plastic model)
Stalker6recon : 2019/03/23 17:21:14
If you are going to give a score of 2 stars, at least do us the courtesy of why you rate this so low, otherwise your two cents isn't worth 2 bolivars from venezuela.
1/12 Little Armory (LA050) Mk14Mod0 EBR Type (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/03/19 7:24:39
I don't want no teenage queen, I just want my M14!
1/12 Little Armory (LA054) Water Gun C2 (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/02/16 20:23:10
Glad that they finally released MAC-11. And i didn't expect them to release the obscure IDW, but at least this IDW doesn't squeak like crazy.
1/12 Little Armory (LA047) PS90 Type (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2019/02/16 20:19:47
Change the PS90 long barrel with the short/suppressed one in the original LA P90, and voila! You have a black P90 TR.
HMS Ark Royal (1939) (Plastic model)
JCole : 2019/02/14 2:28:25
Over the years I have built many models by Academy,Revell and Tamiya,and I had doubts about Merit (They make toys dont they?) My doubts were without foundation,the qualityand fit are up there with the best.
Panther Ausf.G Early/Late w/Full Interior (Sd.kfz.171) Clear Turret & Upper Hull Parts Limited Edition (Plastic model)
PanzerV : 2019/01/17 2:48:31
It’s a nicely detailed kit with little to no issues when building, the included workable tracks and clear parts add nice touches to the kit
British Special Air Service Jeep (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:30:25
Russian T-62A Tank (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:25:59
British Mk.II Matilda  (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:23:21
Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:22:25
Russian Army T-72M1 Tank (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:17:34
Russian Tank T34/76 1942 Production Model (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:16:18
U.S. M3 Tank Lee (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:11:20
U.S.Half Track M21 Mortar Carrier (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:09:01
U.S. M577 Armored Comm. Post Vehicle (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:06:54
U.S. M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 7:01:26
U.S.21/2-ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:58:02
U.S. Tank M41 Walker Bulldog (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:53:24
U.S. Muliple Gun Motor Carriage M16 (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:52:19
U.S.Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun Late Production (Frontline Breakthrough) (w/Weathering master)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:48:19
US Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Waiting Sortie Set (w/Weathering master) (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:46:19
German Panzer Mk.II Ausf.F/G (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:35:34
Schwerer Panzerspahwagen (8Rad) Sd.Kfz.232 (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:28:12
Horch 1a w/2cm Flak38 (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:24:49
German Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.L w/Panzer Grenadiers (Plastic model)
Rat Noir : 2019/01/15 6:15:42
Very good kit!
TBM-3 Avenger (Plastic model)
No color guide : 2018/12/18 15:15:53
This is a nice looking model but I am unable to assemble it because Trumpeter left out a list of colors required. I If it's possible for you to send me something with a list of Tamiya paints that I could order from you, please do. Thanks.
PzKpfw II Ausf.L LUCHS (Sd.Kfz.123) (Plastic model)
Awong : 2018/11/24 12:24:19
Actually, according to "scalemates" site this is a rebox of Maco's 2016 tooling. Not new mold
IJN Battleship Yamato(Last Ver.) Full Hull Model Deluxe Version (Plastic model)
Yamato : 2018/11/19 18:58:20
Britten-Norman BN-2A (British Airways) (Plastic model)
Joe : 2018/11/16 6:00:51
Tamiya IL-2
KingTiger Late Production s.Pz.Abt.506, Ardennes 1944 (Plastic model)
Panzerkampfwagen : 2018/11/01 22:27:26
Thank you, Hobby Search.
[Kantai Collection] Fairy & Type96 25mm Triple AA Gun (Plastic model)
Kyo : 2018/10/24 11:04:19
Do you ship to Canada?

Thank you!
F-15E Strike Eagle Dual Roles Fighter (Plastic model)
C_4_Conspiracy : 2018/09/21 11:29:42
Legend =D
HMS Exeter `Battle of the Java Sea` (Plastic model)
No Name : 2018/08/24 7:18:29
Thought this is an excellent ship model. I used the wooden deck sheet, but not the PE. Also have the HMS Dorsetshire to build and waiting for the HMS Exeter "convoy" model with the 2 corvetts. These go good with my other British WW 2 ships.
1/12 Little Armory (LD020) Guns Accessory A (Military Carbine MOD) (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2018/08/10 1:18:15
Basically, custom parts to make our mini guns more tacti-cool.
German Pilot & Grand Crew (Plastic model)
ktm510 : 2018/08/01 6:25:54
here's a link, a kit preview ; once can see pics of these figs ...
somewhat hastly painted.
German Pilot & Grand Crew (Plastic model)
ktm510 : 2018/08/01 6:17:47
Revell had re-boxed the former ICM sprues ;-)
ICM ref = 48082 ; REVELL's one = 02621
1/12 Little Armory (LD019) Concealment Case A (Plastic model)
Mr. BigBud : 2018/07/12 21:32:19
Suppressed pistols. Finally.
Mirage IIICJ (Plastic model)
Dassault : 2018/07/04 2:46:31
Thank you, Hobby Search.
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Plastic model)
kuky76 : 2018/06/28 16:17:10
AJ-37 Viggen `Natural Metal 2016` (Plastic model)
Viggen : 2018/06/24 6:16:46
Raised panel lines. Plain exhaust. Fun weekend project.

+ EDUARD Photoetch for Heller EDU72345
Russian Navy Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (Plastic model)
Nikolay Kuznetsov : 2018/06/07 5:53:17
Thank you, Hobby Search.
1/12 Little Armory (LA032) M249 Type (Plastic model)
Kirito-kun : 2018/05/28 13:06:23
...what are you expecting from a 1/12 model...? these are just miniatures for decorational purposes...
1/12 Little Armory (LA032) M249 Type (Plastic model)
Solo : 2018/05/28 7:49:22
Hi, may i know , all your selling product available to shoot?

If yes...

Type of bullet ? and the size bullet ?

Long distance can shoot? And speed _ _ _ fps ?

Target accurate ?
Semi auto ?

Thank you
`Ace Combat` Shinden II (Plastic model)
Shinden : 2018/05/23 15:00:03
So much fun.
Destroyer Marceau (Plastic model)
carlucho38 : 2018/05/05 6:10:44
Do you know if heller made a new kit of marceau rebuild?
Carlos Noronha
MiG-29 `9-13` Fulcrum (Plastic model)
Fulcrum : 2018/04/25 7:32:55
Good details and fun build.
A-6E Intruder (Plastic model)
1/72 Hasegawa A-6E : 2018/04/18 1:02:47
A-6E Intruder (Plastic model)
1/72 Hasegawa A-6E : 2018/04/18 1:02:34
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Plastic model)
No Name : 2018/03/26 3:52:29
Everything fit perfectly!
IJN Aircraft Carrier Shoukaku (Plastic model)
dego1545 : 2018/03/20 13:39:57
I'm looking for the instructing manual for this model
Itsukushima Shrine (Plastic model)
Dien Cai Dau : 2018/01/28 1:15:32
Saab JAS 39C Gripen (Plastic model)
Saab : 2018/01/18 17:37:51
Fun build. Installed eduard cockpit PE.
French Armored Car AMD35 `1940` (Plastic model)
napadaanlng : 2018/01/06 13:04:00
pls include instruction for the kit so people can see more information
M4 Shaman (Plastic model)
carlosrego : 2017/12/30 2:57:00
Nothing special about Revell made, better get Dragon, Tamiya or Asuka. If we look for something ol' then Revell will fulfill what we need. But if we like detail just forget it, we can go to Asuka, Dragon or Tamiya. Italeri even better than Revell.
Battle of Midway First Carrier Division Akagi/Kaga 2nd Carrier Division Soryu/Hiryu Set (Plastic model)
potchip : 2017/12/13 9:06:00
what's the point of calling this midway set when the deck marking decals provided are still 1941 ver?
[Area88] Kfir C2 `Saki Vashtal` (Plastic model)
Lion Cub : 2017/12/11 22:54:00
Fun and easy. Excellent decals. Good fit. Thanks Hobby Search.
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Plastic model)
kuky76 : 2017/11/26 22:09:00
Fantastic kit!
MiG-31B Foxhound (Plastic model)
Mikoyan : 2017/11/08 6:11:00
Kit isn't good, but fun to build. Some fit issues. Subtle recessed panel lines. Good shape. I added leftover PE to cockpit.
F-16 ThunderBirds (Plastic model)
Nasir Jaffry : 2017/10/11 23:31:00
The kit needs no putty..decals are simply great
F-16 ThunderBirds (Plastic model)
Nasir Jaffry : 2017/10/11 23:31:00
360 Posts ( show 1-100 )
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